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President Obama comes to Lejeune, announces combat mission in Iraq will end

In his first visit to a military base since becoming commander in chief, President Obama made a huge announcement at Camp Lejeune Friday. The end of the Iraq war is in sight. "Let me say this as plainly as I can, by August 31st 2010, our combat mission in Iraq will end,” President Obama proclaimed Friday while at Lejeune. Marines, veterans and their families waited in anticipation for their Commander in Chief to make a monumental announcement. “It was a big honor to receive him. I know everyone who was in there was excited to hear him first hand,” said Marine Nathan O’Hara. President Obama said the end of the combat mission means the beginning of a transitional force. Many of the 142,000 troops stationed in Iraq will head home by 2010; 35,000 to 50,000 will remain to train, equip and advise Iraqi troops. The President's plan has all U.S. Forces home by the end of 2011. Mr. Obama's exit strategy includes building a diplomatic future across the Middle East including fighting Al Queda in Afghanistan. The President's remarks weren't all about the war. He said taking care of our military members once they're home is a top priority. Next month marks the six-year anniversary of the war in Iraq. President Obama said now, marks the beginning of the end.

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Can you believe what this man is doing to our country? He is determined to completely destroy our country as fast as he possibly can. The DOW is half what it was this time last year. I hope you democrats are happy you put this man in office. I also hope you republicans are happy you lost this election and ruined your party during the last 8 years. I wonder if Obama was the best the democrats had to offer? If so, their party is ruined too. Our country is screwed. We the people are screwed, so go ahead and bend over and get ready for what is coming next. I hope the Obama voters like what they are going to get, they asked for it, and they deserve it.

Obama at Lejeune?

That clown shouldn't be allowed to walk on that sacred turf.

It's a funny thing, he never

It's a funny thing, he never came to Camp Lejeune while he was running for President. So, now he tells the enemy when we are pulling out and even which strategy we will employ. Way to run a war.

Can someone explain to me

Can someone explain to me how the Democratic Party has any credibility whatsoever. Democrats in 2006 took over both houses of Congress on the pledge to get out of Iraq. They made no attempt and claimed they couldn't do it without the President's cooperation (a lie). Then Obama runs as the most anti-war candidate in history vowing to get out of Iraq. Obviously all he is doing is carrying out the Bush plan. Nothing more, nothing less. Is there any aspect of the "will of the people" left in our governmental system?

I am a Republican, but you

I am a Republican, but you guys are ignorant. Obama has not been anti-war and in fact has stated several times of the need for a smarter war on terror. That means more troops in some areas and less in others. Just because you don't like him does not mean everything he says or thinks it wrong. I suggest you educate yourself before you post in the future. Its people like you who give republican's a bad name. So please don't share your thoughts anymore or we will never have control of Congress or the White House again. Thank you


A smarter war on Terror has nothing to do with War itself. It's a term he uses work around the War issue.

Agreed, Republicans need to

Agreed, Republicans need to realize that this is the time to regroup and find its value base again. As far as the Commander in Chief being able to walk on sacred ground, the last time I checked, he is the LEADER OF THE FREE WORLD to include OUR ARMED FORCES. How do we expect those who have limited experience with war to not grow by embracing any hollowed ground?