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President talks with seniors about health care


SOUTHPORT, NC (WWAY) -- Today President Obama held a town hall meeting with senior citizens via telecast. Some folks in Southport came to the Brunswick Center to watch.

The meeting focused on the affordable care act. One of the first efforts to ease the cost of Medicare on senior citizens is a $250 rebate check for those who fall into the prescription drug coverage gap called "the donut hole." Sally Turner was glad to finally have some answers.

"I think it answers a lot of questions about the Medicare bill, the new Medicare bill," she said. "And it helps kinda clear up the air a little bit about what's happening to Medicare, what's happening to Social Security, what's going to happen to our children as far as Social Security and Medicare, and I was glad to hear the answer was positive."

President Obama also spoke about senior scams and fraud and promised to find and prosecute those who steal from seniors. After the president finished speaking he took questions from the audience in the room and across the country.

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Campaign mode

Barry 's health care bill will be the biggest fraud ever carried out against the American people. He is cashing checks with insufficient funds. American is technically bankrupt with the state of California leading the way. When California falls , it will snowball across America. California's collapse is upon us. Barry's rhetoric is like a cheap suit . It is starting to unravel. The way government is ran defies common sense. You do not operate your household in this manner. As government coffers continue to dry up , they will only dig deeper into your pockets with higher tax rates. They have no real solutions to our problems , only gimmicks to tie them over to the next election cycle.

Obama and Health Care for Seniors

Seniors will not fall for the false statements made by President Obama and AARP. This health care plan will cost the nation dearly, and will impact negatively on all Seniors. The donut hole rebate is simply an attempt to buy support for the plan. The losses Seniors will incur under Medicare will greatly over weigh any "benefits" from the plan.
AARP should be ashamed for selling out Senior citizens.

Re: Obama and Health Care for Seniors

The prior posting is a straight-up lie. As usual the tea partiers will say anything to trick seniors into believing their lying rhetoric.

The bill would bolster the existing Medicare prescription-drug benefit by addressing part of its “doughnut hole” problem.
Right now, after a senior has spent $2,700 on drugs in a year, coverage stops until that same person has spent $6,154 on drugs, when it starts up again.
Hence the “doughnut hole” nickname.
Beginning in 2010, people who fall into this hole will get $250 from the government to help. Thereafter, according to the bill, the US will gradually increase the percentage of drug costs it pays within this gap. By 2020, the US will pay 75 percent of senior drug costs between $2,700 and $6,154.
Medicare will also begin to pick up the tab for annual wellness visits.

"straight up lie?"

Hey wonky....what is the kool aid flavor of the day? You seem to think that anyone who opposes your point of view is a tea partier. (not that there's anything wrong with that--some of our finest Americans had the same love for country and spirit as the tea partiers.) But I think this is a case of the arrogance of the current admin. rubbing off. Here's a suggestion: Try not to believe your own hype.