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Presidental candidates healthcare plans

READ MORE: Presidental candidates healthcare plans
The presidential election is just weeks away, and many people believe the new president will be vital in changing and turning this country around. Some people feel that the candidate’s plan on some crucial issues are unclear and has left them with more questions than answers. For many people the future of our health care system is one of the main issues of the election, but unfortunately how the candidates will handle health insurance can be confusing. For Bronwyn White, wife and mother of two, the future of health care coverage is one of the main issues that will impact her vote. "It's important to me that the cost not be so high and that you get what you pay for. People should not have to go around begging for money so their children can get the car they need to survive. It is confusing and I don't have a clear picture of either of their plans for an overall health care system and what that would mean for me." Political Science professor, Greg Arey agrees that the plans are confusing, but is able to break down the candidate's basic ideas. He said Obama plans for everyone to have health insurance by making it more affordable, by regulating insurance companies and forcing the insurance companies to lower premiums. "From Barack's plan, the idea is to reduce the war in Iraq and eventually eliminate it and have funds available to fund the people who still won't be able to fund the insurance." McCain's plan will not force everyone to be insured, but encourage it with incentives. His idea is that if you have insurance, you get a $5,000 tax credit. The other part of his plan is that you are going to be taxed on that. He also wants to make medicine more affordable by making sure that drug companies stop marking their prices up 300 percent. Arey said both Obama and McCain's plans are unclear as to how much health insurance premiums will cost and on how all the plans will exactly be funded and work. "With the way the economy is, it's going to be hard whoever is elected to keep the promises that they're making right now." Aery said Obama's plan is to use the government to get people insurance and McCain's plan is to use less government to get people insured by giving people incentives.

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Both plans are nuts!

You can't dictate insurance premiums without seeing a reduction in services or a bankrupted industry. You can't dictate pricing on drugs without seeing a sudden loss of interest in R&D. You're not so naive as to think they're developing new drugs purely to help sick people, are you? 5 out of 6 Americans HAVE healthcare, and if either of these lunatic plans take hold, we will simply screw up the healthcare for everyone. Want to cut healthcare costs? First: Start letting people customize their insurance based upon the coverage they need. There should be no "mandated coverages." A couple who has no intention of having a child should be able to waive pre-natal and obstetric care and receive a discount. Someone with no history of cancer in the family should be able to opt out on cancer coverage. Young, healthy people should pay far less than old geezers like me. Now, I know that critics will point out that that raises the rates for people who DO need those other coverages, but guess what? THEY are the ones who will likely be using the coverage. They SHOULD pay more! Second: Start treating health insurance the same way we treat homeowner or automobile insurance. Routine maintenance is not included! When your water heater burns out, you don't put in an insurance claim. When you need a tune-up, you don't send the bill to State Farm. Why then, do we have our insurance companies pay for a routine visit to the doctor? Why don't WE pay for the routine issues, and have insurance for the broken bones, heart attacks, etc.? Third: Restrict ridiculous lawsuits and damages against physicians. The reason the doctor gives you $3800 worth of tests because you have a tickle in your throat is because he knows that if the tickle turns out to be that one in a billion case of Rift Valley Fever in Hampstead, you're going to sue him until he bleeds. A physician should only be sued when he or she is guilty of incompetent or negligent conduct. Simply "making a mistake" or failing to foresee a bizarrely rare outcome should not get you a dime.

Once again....

Once again you show that you know an awful lot about nuts and very little about health care, insurance and the cause/effect issues of such. Equating health insurance to automobile insurance is no less than assinine and a pitiful comparison to such a complex problem. The human body is a weeee bit more complex than an automobile. That's why we have highly degreed and skilled doctors providing diagnosis/treatment rather than the mentality of a body, paint and bondo man. One claim for a broken arm would get you cancelled, so what would happen if you were actually admitted to a hospital and received $10 aspirin or a quad bypass? You really believe that people that decide not to have children actually do not? Then how is it that so many mwomen get pregnant every year while on birth control? Is that a chance to take that is truly viable? Maybe in your PERFECT world, but not in the real one. What needs to be done is for you and I to stop having to pay for the "baby farmers", the people that refuse to work and pump out baby after baby. This applies to those legally here and especially for those that are illegal! The cost of illegal alien health care and welfare health care is absolutely staggering and it appears that will NEVER end! I'm all for reducing the expenses of reasonable health care and unnecessary Dr. visits, but the FREE stuff for 50 million people has to stop first! We all have had to pay our share. No pay....well, go figure!

Let's go over this slowly for you.

First, no one is comparing the human body to a car, so please don't be intentionally dense. The basic concept, of paying for routine maintenance, however, is just as sound for a human being as it is for your vehicle.Another poster gave a prime example of a policy that does exactly that via a high annual deductible. The problem is that they are only now starting to show up in corporate benefit plans. Too many corporate plans cover too much. Second, MANY people opt to skip cildren and don't have any. This is especially true in second marriages. Why should they pay to be covered for obstetric and pre-natal care? A person should be able to pick only those coverages he or she needs, and not have to pay for coverage they will never use. I understand your resentment toward Medicaid patients, but don't understand how you cannot see that "large pools" have just as detremental effect on pricing for everyone. Healthy people pay far too much for insurance to keep the prices fown for the unhealthy. Let people waive specific coverages they don't want and stop letting states mandate what services must be provided.


I both agree and disagree with some of what you said. I agree with the a-la cart portion. However, with the cost of a doctors visit...when I am sick it needs to be covered. I have a deductible just like I do with my home. I can nit pick EVERY thing that breaks in my home if I wish and pay up to the deductible...then the insurance kicks in which is the way health insurance works. UNFORTUNATELY, insurance in ANY flavor is becoming RAPE..prices are becoming UNFORDABLE for a lot of folks. I didn't take an EXCELLENT job once because of a health insurance issue. It was going to take almost ONE WHOLE paycheck to pay for it and I wasn't going to do that. I do agree with you on the attitude of the sue happy country we live in though....I wouldn't be a doctor for NOTHING today...people are suing so they can get something for nothing...the same people that want to vote for the presidential candidate that promises something for nothing...THOSE PEOPLE are this countries problem! The government needs to get back to what its job is instead of the things it has branched out to do OUTSIDE of what it is supposed to be doing! Education and health care are NOT guaranteed under our Constitution...but the give me something for nothing crowd is growing and this generation of young folks are the WORSE!

Good post...we already have some...

of what you mentioned. As follows: "Why then, do we have our insurance companies pay for a routine visit to the doctor? Why don't WE pay for the routine issues, and have insurance for the broken bones, heart attacks, etc.?" A high-deductible health insurance policy (HDHP) with a Healthcare Savings Account (HSA) You use your pre-tax dollar funded HSA to pay for the routine visits thereby lowering your insurance premium.


You know you are absolutely right about the High Deductible/HSA plans, BUT...most folks are completely in the dark about all of the different types of plans available to them and are concerned not about what they see but more about what they don't. Most folks that have insurance are probably overinsured because they are scared of the unknown. Did you know that someone who has gotten a DUI or lost thier driver's license may be considered uninsurable or may be rated up because they are considered high risk? Did you know that health insurance companies may check your credit score before writing you a policy, just like car insurance and charge you a higher premium because you defaulted on a credit card in your early twenties? These are the issues that need to be addressed by the new administration along with pre-existing conditions and 20-25% percent yearly premium increases. Along with the banking regulators the insurance company CEO's and analysts need to be brought to task before congressional hearings. Have each senator fill out an application for health insurance with an independant company and see how much their rates would be. Then they would see why so many americans choose not to have even basic health insurance. $750-1000 per month for a family of four when all the other bills have to be met is a burden that most families just can't bear. I had a basic policy for my family that covered 70% hospitalization and surgery and the premium was more than my house payment. We had no choice but to drop the plan and pay as we go. I know that it is dangerous and probably stupid but I have to put a roof over our head and food in our bellies before I pay the first dime to an insurance company. I know that we are not alone. My employer does not provide health benefits. This is where there has to be some effort put forth by these candidates, the folks in the gap. 47 million of us. I certainly am not for government sponsored health care, they have already screwed up everything else but I would like to see them set some federal laws regulating what insurance providers can increase rates for and that no one be denied truly affordable coverage. This only comes with sweeping law changes and strict oversight to protect the american people, not with favors to lobbyists and maintaining the status quo. Neither of the candidates health plans are without flaws and there is much work still to be done.