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Presidential candidates and retirees

READ MORE: Presidential candidates and retirees
With the presidential election only months away, some people still don't know who they are voting for. But, there are several key issues that will impact many people's choice in our area. WWAY spoke with one local veteran who has strong opinions on many issues -- from the war to the economy -- but he still doesn't know which candidate will be better for the country. Tom Walsh is a grandfather, a veteran, and a retiree. "I think I'm an average retired gentleman," said Walsh. "I've voted in every presidential election since I've been allegeable to." This year is no exception. Walsh said, "I think this is going to be a very interesting election. I think both men have a lot of qualifications. I haven't decided who I'm going to vote for yet." But there are several issues that he will base his decision on. Walsh said, "I'm a grandfather. When my son went to school, his last year cost $20,000. This same school -- it costs $50,000. So when you look at kids in junior high or high school -- will they be able to continue their education?" WWAY spoke with our financial expert certified financial planner Ross Marino to find out where the 2 candidates stand on several issues. "Unfortunately we're not seeing the candidates address the cost of college in ways that might control those expenses. What they're doing is talking about getting money to the students through extra student loans -- through other grant programs," said Marino. Walsh is also concerned about the future of Medicare and social security. "For social security what Obama Barack is proposing is to increase the limit in which people pay in social security tax," said Marino. "McCain -- we're seeing a proposal to offer privatize accounts." Walsh wants the price of fuel to go down. "Environmentalists have their own agenda. Don't drill in Alaska. We're going to have to start doing that stuff in my opinion," said Walsh. Marino said, "Obama Barack is talking about alternative energies, and we're also seeing some proposals from the McCain people on supporting those industries as well." But one of Walsh's main issues is the war in Iraq. "I hope they reduce the number of troops. I know we're going to have to keep some in there for a while," said Walsh. "McCain has talked about staying until the job is done. Obama has talked about pulling the troops out as quickly as possible." Even though Walsh still doesn't know who will get his vote, one thing's for sure -- in November he'll be casting a ballot. "If you don't vote, don't complain about what's going on. Everybody thinks their vote doesn't count kind of, but it does," said Walsh. As the candidates continue down the campaign trail, WWAY will keep you updated on where they stand on issues affecting people in our area.

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Social Security

Social Security was a government program started about 1936, which is to keep people from starving. It is not a program that is to make anyone rich and therefore privatization is a very bad idea. Those who think it will bring in larger amounts, should just stop and think what happens to it, when the stocks crash and then there is NO Social Security. Social Security was instituted to relieve the elderly who had worked all of their life. We are Republican but on this one the Democrat has it correct, as the limit on who pays into the program should be everyone and no limit, as again the poorest people pay into it in order to get something out of it when they are old. It was not meant to be a welfare program or a disabled program, or anything else. It was for when you had paid into it at least 40 quarters by working here and being a citizen here in order to qualify for benefits when one reached 62 or 65 years of age. It will not go broke as long as people are working and paying into it.

Try getting ALL the facts about Social Security

Neither Bush nor McCain advocates placing ALL your Social Security earnings into a private account. The proposal was to allow younger workers the opportunity to put PART of their FICA contribution into a privately managed account. It was also ENTIRELY VOLUNTARY. Anyone who wanted to could stay with the traditional system. You might want to reconsider your statement about Social Security not going broke. The problem is that there AREN'T enough people paying in to support the huge number of baby boomers about to retire. Social Security is projected to pay out more than it takes in in only nine years - 2017. Unless we do something to save it, Social Security will be totally exhausted and bankrupt by 2041. The only reason the Democrats are opposed to the Bush and Mccain proposals is that it dillutes their ability to use Social Security as the great Congressional slush fund, from which they extract billions every year, and replace it with IOUs. (T-Bonds) That's why the Republican Congressional support was so tepid, too. They're all worms! One-thirds of all Americans have no retirement savings whatsoever, and if they plan on Social Security being their saviour, they'd better plan on eating dog food.