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Prime suspect ruled out of Foy and Rothen murders

READ MORE: Prime suspect ruled out of Foy and Rothen murders
There are new developments in the investigation into the murders of Allison Jackson Foy and Angela Rothen. Police have ruled out prime suspect Timothy Iannone. It was not too long ago when Wilmington detectives searched Iannone's home, looking for evidence linking him to the murder. For the Iannone family, there is a lot to be thankful for this holiday season. "It's one more than to thank God above for, which is what Thanksgiving is all about,” said Timothy’s wife, Susan Iannone. Foy and Rothen’s remains were found off Carolina Beach Road back in April. Nearly seven months later, after multiple search warrants and lie detector tests, Iannone is clear of any suspicions. "Your privacy invaded, your property searched, your items seized, that's scary, humiliating, and sure there were times when I was like ‘I'm tired’," said Susan. Maggie Bowden, Timothy’s daughter said, "We don't have to worry about who is calling or if someone has a video camera on us that we don't know. We don't have to worry about things anymore." Maggie reflected back on her relationship with her father. She said growing up with her dad was wonderful. "I knew that gentle man couldn't be capable of committing murder," she said. Now the Iannone family is looking for peace of mind after a rollercoaster of emotions surrounding the investigation. Being able to celebrate Thanksgiving together as a family is a step in the right direction. "We are an average, normal, loving family that goes to work everyday, and sits home and plays backgammon just like somebody else might do,” added Susan. Detectives said the investigation is now off in a different direction. But for now, the Iannone’s said they are relieved the truth finally came out.

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Now this sounds like a

Now this sounds like a legitimate sue job to me! Go get 'em Tim! Bunch of sorry ass detectives, they couldn't find their colon if they had their heads up their asses. It's sad that these two ladies' families still have to suffer the loss of their loved ones, but thats no excuse to accuse an innocent man of murder. Odds are he can't buy a gallon of milk without someone saying something awful about him behind his back, cleared of wrongdoing or not. How painful do you think that is?

He's hardly an innocent man...

Whether or not he commited the murders, he assaulted a girl. Only a bastard coward does that. So if he's suspected of murder it's because his own brutal past led police to believe he was capable of killing those girls. He has no one to blame, but himself.

Way to go...

What about INNOCENT until PROVEN guilty! WPD & the news media ran this guy through the mud, just to come back & say, oh, we guess it WASN'T YOU! Now he can have a nice Thanksgiving... WPD should go on camera & give this man & his family an apology, "Nearly seven months later, after multiple search warrants and lie detector tests, Iannone is clear of any suspicions." WOW, Happy Thanksgiving! We know who the real turkeys are....

gettin real....

I have been thru a relatively similar experience...TRUST ME when I say You CANNOT believe the MEDIA period........! The after effects of all the above effects everyones lives ...even those who come after the fact...!! God Rest their Souls...& may the individuals responsible burn in Hell!!!