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Principal back in school after being assaulted

A principal is back in school after being assaulted by one of her students. Early Wednesday morning, students at Williston Middle School were in the gym to get out of the cold. School officials said a 13-year-old seventh grade boy began acting up. When the principal asked the student to stop, that's when officials said he tackled her to the floor. The student's name has not been released, but WWAY was told he is been charged with assault. The school will also be taking appropriate disciplinary action against the student.

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For those defending this

For those defending this thug....I bet you think he was innocent in all those incidents where he was suspended as well? And I just wonder how long it will take before we can quite using the race card. Heck, it's even used when it's a black on black issue. It's really getting ridiculous


After reading these comments I can see many people on this blog understand the true seriousness of this child's actions regardless of how big he is or his age. Andrew Rhodes blog of questioning the character of the teachers involved is the exact reason why many children believe they can act defiant to adults within the school system! People who question the methods used by teachers to restrain the young male who attacked a WOMEN in front of hundreds of students need to stop and think before they say or write something ignorant. Also stop putting band-aids on the situation and making up excuses for these children. Adults need to set an example and put the blame on the children when they are in the wrong and hold them and their parents accountable for their child's actions. The race issue....I know the man personally being ACCUSED of restraining this student. The mother believes it was a race issue. This man has taught there more than a decade and has coached hundreds of students and helped many regardless of their race and backgrounds. I challenge the media and all those who question his character to question every single one of his student/athletes and ask them if he is a racist. I played for him and will vouch for him. He gave love and compassion to every one of his student/athletes. You can start by interviewing me first and my all my fellow teammates. In time, the truth will come out and people will realize they owe this man and the staff an apology for their negative untrue and unresearched statements about the physical attack on the female principal of the school.

I agree

I do not know the Principal or the other staff member. Were I either of those folks, I would be moving from Willston as quick as my attorney could arrange a settlement for the pain I suffered during the attack. With the shortage of teachers, there is no need for any public school teacher or administrator to undergo such abuse and disrespect. If Willston has such a negative reputation as Andrew and others have posted, perhaps it should be fenced in and National Gaurd posted at all entrances. It's unfortunate the resource officer was not on the scene with his taser. I say again, the School Board should consider combat pay for every teacher and administrative person at this school.

Again, a gender bigot

Once again, we see the gender bigot in their sociopathic habitat. Once again, we see dishonorable, unethical individuals supporting the dehumanizing of individuals based on gender. I suspect you are one of those sociopaths who cheered when the child molestor Lafave was given a light sentence and given overwhelming sympathy for her plight as she so happily sexually molested young boys. When we tell kids they will never be believed because they are all liars, we set them up later in life for continued abuse. Guess what? YOU are the reason there are so many adults who don't report various abuses. You've mentally molested them as children into believing that it's ok to be abused because no one will ever believe them. The authority figures can never do any wrong. Question the students about the coach? Sure. Let's find the ones who have COMPLAINTS about him and let them speak freely. It's very easy to seek out his supporters. But when you avoid those who have had problems with him, racially, gender-wise, or other problems. Seriously, seek psychological help. Teaching kids that it's ok for them to be abused is a sign of serious mental illness. We should be teaching our kids not to hit ANYONE and that NO ONE has the Right to hit them. Andrew

And YOU are the reason we

And YOU are the reason we have kids that do things like this.....because they know they can get away with it. They know they have someone like YOU to support them. Thanks for making life harder on the rest of us

Attends the school

When the truth comes out we wont need to say sorry to anyone becuase what we (STUDENTS AND I) saw resulted in no apolgy to anyone.

Public Babysitter System

Take a walk around every public school in the nation and you'll find little genetic copies of the people that produced them. Having corralled them in large buildings together, these little genetic copies begin to mimic their parent(s) and non-school environment. Throwing all the money in the world at them will not change the "learned" bad behavior. The fact that so many of the nations middle and high schools feel they need an armed police officer on their grounds is a sobering reality. The fact is that in school after school, a minority of students who routinely challenge legitimate school rules and authority are preventing the majority of students from learning and teachers from teaching. Teachers too often must operate in a culture of challenge and second guessing that is affecting their ability to teach and maintain order. If a child demonstrates behavior that is noticeably different from that expected in school or the community, that child should be taken out of the school at that instance and the parent(s)immediately notified of a consultation with the teacher and principle before the child is allowed to return. Too many more problems after that is child neglect and the parents should be charged with it. Quit subsidizing the baby making factory, lazy, won't work, deadbeats and you'll see the problem start to get better in schools.

How about

after the first instance, on being reinstated to return to class, parents meet bi-weekly with student and teacher to ensure the message was received. should a second incident occur, let the parent sit in class with the wayward student to ensure parent understands this is not a racial thing. Third incident, give the wayward student a choice of permanent expulsion for the remainder of the year and regardless of grade status, a return to the same grade in the fall for a whole repetiton of the grade with students who are a year younger. OR 2 weeks in a juvenile detention center. Fourth incident, send them to Boys Town or some similar facility like the Masonic Home for Children in Oxford. Clearly after 3 failed attempts the child needs to be removed to a more stable environment that he or she is in at home. Oh, and no visits from the adults whose influence led to the waywardness. Obviously, if any of the incidents involved weapons, such as guns or knives, or drugs, let the Police and DA take over.

Illogical and unintelligent

Clones of their Parents? Hardly. Children in a school environment are actually exposed to a large number of influences within just the schools themselves. Other children (dozens if not hundereds per day) as well as the exposure to adults of varying beliefs and even opposing beliefs and treatment than what the child's own Parents may believe. Have a Parent (even two Parents) try to teach a child "You don't have the Right to hit anyone and no one has the Right to hit you". Send them out in the world, even just school, and see how long your reasonable, intelligent teachings last. See how long it is before they are exposed to the dehumanizing "Boys don't hit girls" bigotted philosophy. It's that very philosophy which has led to so many boys being sexually molested by other students and authority figures for so long. It's that philosophy which has allowed so many male victims of domestic violence to either go unreported or become comedy skits to the authority figures who the situations are reported to. Instead of dehumanizing ANY group, we need focus on the act itself. But will you hear that in school? No. Why? Because the clones the schools want made may actually be obscene, perverse, and immoral. Influenced by religious bigots who want your children abused verbally, mentally, physically, and/or sexually based on differing beliefs, the slones being created by schools, not the Parents, and being manipulated by religious hate groups manipulating our own government, we end up with kids who actually oppose their Parents honorable, ethical teachings. But, when the kid acts out what the hate mongers in the school system, students and faculty alike, have fed your child, who do THEY blame? They don't take responsibility for THEIR actions. They blame the Parent. They blame popular media. BTW, the "babysitting" cliche is baffoonish. Since a Parent, for whatever reason, cannot attend every single hour of every single day with their child at school to make sure their child is safe. The adults in charge of the school, the teachers and other faculty members, should be considered the legal Guardians of these children. Sadly, unlike "babysitters", Parents don't get to pick and choose the Guardians of their children in the public schools or even in private schools. Parents have to realize that they may end up with adults who will, very possibly, expose their children to verbal, mental, physical, and/or sexual abuse, either directly or indirectly (by allowing the abuse to occur through other students or faculty members). Sadly, Parents have the difficult task of correcting their children of the obscene, bigotted, dishonorable, and unehtical garbage that comes from others, such as those in the schools. I don't want my child to be a Fred Phelps or an Eric Rudolph or a clone of one of those sociopaths who fought against the Anti-Abuse (Anti-Bully) law this past summer. Unfortunately, I don't have control over who teaches him in school, or what authority figures he comes in contact with at school, or the other students at school. Andrew

Pervasive and Asinine

I'd bet my last dollar that you would find fault with anything, anyone has to say Andrew. Anyone that has a different view than you is inferior right? You sound just like that "buffoon" Theodore Kazinski.

Williston threats against staff

The media did not cover the fact that 21 sheriff's deputies and undercover officers were in and around Williston on Friday due to internet and text messages (by students and possibly parents) threatening a Williston staff member. Violence begets violence? Of course not! Combat pay for educators might not be a bad idea... (see prior comment from Surfcitytom)

Teacher NOT sent home...

I am an employee of Williston. I'd like to clarify that a teacher was NOT sent home that day or any day since. Many students were interviewed Wednesday and the investigation continues. I'm certain all parties involved wish they could rewind the tape but it's over and we all need to take a breath and let the authorities handle the outcomes. The staff and students at Williston have handled themselves most admirably these past few days. Emotions need to be checked so that we can continue doing our jobs and the students can continue their education.

Zero Tollerance

I believe the bigotted stereotype of which you referred shows you are the one who has an issue with this. Of course any administrator (male or female) or faculty member "tackled" by a student should require another adult in a supervisory position to interven. The point here is that this student, wether provoked or not had absolutely no right to touch this administrator. Also, NHCo Schools has a "zero tolerance" policy that states no student may become physical with an adult or another student, period! As to the method used to control the student, your sarcastic use of the "REAL" method in attempting to control the student's behavior shows your own lack of respect for authority, or you are blantantly oblivious to the kinds of problems our school system deals with on a daily basis. This issue should be delt with as an individual case. Wether this student has a history of behavior problems, or is one of the "popular students" has absolutely nothing to do with this incidence. The child "tackled" the administrator - the child should be punished. We all want equal schools, but those of you who believe looking into the child's complex history should allow for less expectations in respecting authority are one of the problems our schools have today. Regardless of where a student comes from, he or she must learn how to cope in the outside world. Our school system has resources to help these students learn the appropriate responses to different stimuli, but there must be accountability for all students, and it must be equal! Lastly, parents need to be held accountable. If this is being done, there is no need to blame tv, movies, books, video/computer games or music. (I have never heard of a religion that condones this behavior.) It is the responsibility of the parent to know the influences affecting his/her child's behavior. I do realize this is a larage task for a parent, but if one makes it a top priority, it can be done. There are statistics that back this up.


"I believe the bigotted stereotype of which you referred shows you are the one who has an issue with this." The reference I made was because of another posters emphasis on the gender of the principal, showing that the poster considers the issue of gender to play a role in how it should be handled. Then, of course, the poster tries to backpeddle. But it was, after all, THEIR emphasis to begin with. "The point here is that this student, wether provoked or not had absolutely no right to touch this administrator." "As to the method used to control the student, your sarcastic use of the "REAL" method in attempting to control the student's behavior shows your own lack of respect for authority, or you are blantantly oblivious to the kinds of problems our school system deals with on a daily basis. " A teacher, or any other faculty member does NOT have the Right to physically assault a child, any child, that has yet to commit a violent act. Remember, I'm referring to the point after she asked him to calm down and prior to his tackling (which has been the word used in several stories initially but has since been updated) the principal. There was apparently no excuse for a faculty member to become physical with the child up until that point. You say I have a problem with authority? I could equally accuse you of being a supporter of child abuse. Wouldn't be that far of a stretch that you believe adults, especially those not the child's Parents, should be phsyical with a, at the moment, non-violent child. And there is plenty of evidence now that a cover-up IS occuring. See the WECT and WWAY news updates. A coach who uses excessive force AFTER getting the boy off the teacher, using retaliation and comments which could easily indicate a gender bigotted attitude based on prior training that its worse if a male hits a female. The truth is, it's wrong no matter who the victim is and no matter who the attacker is. "Lastly, parents need to be held accountable. If this is being done, there is no need to blame tv, movies, books, video/computer games or music. (I have never heard of a religion that condones this behavior.) It is the responsibility of the parent to know the influences affecting his/her child's behavior. I do realize this is a larage task for a parent, but if one makes it a top priority, it can be done. There are statistics that back this up." The treatment of children in the school by faculty members ALSO needs to be accounted for. If a child is being verbally, mentally, physically, and/or sexually abused in school and doesn't feel they can rely on authority figures at the school because of prior actions by the facutly members to the student or other students, or because of comments made by the faculty members, then a child will not report these acts. In addiction, placing authority figures so high on a pedestal that should THEY be the abusers, the child will have been taught that it must be ok to be abused by adults. In addition, various religions DO, in fact, advocate abuse. The evidence has long existed but was never so public than this summer when religious groups banned together to oppose an Anti-Abuse (Anti-Bullying) law because they felt it should be legal for them to verbally, mentally, physically, and/or sexually abuse children of a particular sexual orientation. Worse was that the government catered to the relgiious argument over the protection of children from abuse. As to your so-called statistics, don't waste my time with manipulated, uninformed, incompetently gathered materials. Decades upon decades of nonsensical claptrap of stats and studies have been used to mislead the general public based on such garbage. Whether it was comic books, TV, books, games, or whatever. It was always performed without regard to the individual or the complexity of the individuals involved. So none of it is realistic to begin with. Read more of the updates from the various new articles and you'll see that there IS a great deal more than what we've been told about. Andrew


Andrew, you seem to really care about the rights and well being of the children. I think you should put your "money where your mouth is" and become a volunteer with the New Hanover County School system. The schools are always looking for mentors for the kids. Sounds like Williston could really use your help. Then you could see first hand what the staff and faculty deal with everyday. The education profession is grossly underpaid for the "junk" they have to deal with, such as this. It is a shame this kid has gotten so much attention from the media. How about the kids who came to school everyday this week, behaved, did their homework, helped their fellow students, teachers, etc. and were a team player. Our schools are continuing to decline because more attention is given to evil than good.

True and true

The school report card speaks for itself, really. It has for several years. My son started 6 grade at Williston last year. I had put in for the Open Choice lottery to send him to Roland Grise (again looking over the report cards for the available schools) but didn't win so he had to go to Williston. He came home from time to time telling me of problems with other students and even teachers. I'd keep telling him the very rule that applies to adults "when you have a problem with someone, say 'no' or 'stop' and if they don't, report it". It's the same rule and policy most adults have to follow even in the workplace. Unfortunately, it's not just exposure to what I tell him that affects him. Seeing what happens to the other students by other students when reporting something or how authority figures react, prevented him from reporting most situations. I could tell of other incidents, but we all have positive and negative stories to tell and how do you really know who is telling the truth? Suffice it to say, there are many tales on both sides that can be shared. This year, I did the same with Open Choice and won. At the time, I had a way to get him to and from school (Open Choice doesn't have bus transportation and I can't drive for visual reasons). He loved Roland Grise. Unfortunately, other problems occurred (external of the school and nothing to do with him directly) and after mulling the options, he had to transferred elsewhere. Unfortunately, financially, I can't currently give up my job, having a child of my own. And no way am I going to get myself trapped on social security or welfare. One effect of keeping my job is that my son sees I WANT to work. That too is an effect on him. I don't sit around grumbling that I can't find a job. And because of the time involved in getting to work, working, and then getting home, physically being ANYWHERE to mentor isn't possible. But, what little local donations I make, ARE local. I believe in starting closest to home and then wokring your way outward when it comes to providing help. Doesn't seem logical to send help to far away places when there are problems close by you. Fix the problems locally, THEN work your way further out. If I had the time, I'd write and share more info to others, especially kids. My own blogs I barely have time for. I've tried to spread the word to Parents on how to get information on the various media products they and their children are exposed to. Not as ways to decide for them, but to provide them with resources to inform themselves and make their own decisions. Rating systems and consumer reviews and discuasions are more powerful tools than most people, even politicians, realize. I also try to write about how kids should react to certain situations. Not challenge authority, just question BAD authority. Just because some are in positions of authority doesn't mean they are automatically GOOD people. Kids need to learn that it's wrong to hit as well as be hit. Kids need to learn to communicate. If they have trouble verbally expressing themselves, then write it out. And they should feel free to express themselves verbally or in writing THEIR way. For example, if they are ticked off enough that they want to do something bad to others, then we should realize that they are REALLY REALLY angry (or frustrated or in pain). But what do we do? We have them arrested. We lock them up. Yeah, there was something that was going on before they got to that point and wither they didn't communicate it or we didn't understand it. Now, we're at the extreme point, and we're locking them up. Who cares what they have to say, huh? Let's just lock them up and protect everyone else. But who's to say that it wasn't because of "everyone else" that they got to be so angry. Nor should it be resonable or rational to US. It's the fact that it's resonable or rational to THEM that matters. Sometimes we can't anticipate problems. Medical or even psychological conditions can sometimes crop up. Or, changes in those conditions may suddenly reveal something and lead instantly (at least from OUR perspective) to bad things happening. I even write long posts because sound bites don't do squat for any situation. It bugs people, but I just don't like sound bits and I don't like "simple" answers because for life's problems, there aren't any. Who knows, maybe if I can ever afford a tiny MP3 recorder, I'll do podcasts as the Couch Potato Psychologist (from my Myspace page). Probably won't be a nit, and really, I write better than I can speak anyway. But, what the heck. I can record while I walk 15-20 minutes to catch a city bus. :: shrugs :: After all, mentoring doesn't HAVE to be done in person (and based on my oral communication skills, that's a GOOD thing. :) ) Andrew


get a grip on life. You must have better things to do then write diatrabes which lead one down a mindless road of dribble. Again, do not attribute statements to me which I did not make. There is no gender basis for what happened. Whether the student had been female instead of male and whether the Principal had been male instead of female, the fact remains the student broke the No Tolerance Policy. Students do not assault faculty or staff members. You related to this guy somehow? You sure want to stand up for him. With all of the focus on this, rest assured the hearing and results will be fair and fully vetted. I am confident also there are attorneys right now who have met or are meeting with the Mother to plan their lawsuits. Let's hope the Principal avails herself of those same rights against the student. Let's also hope Social Services looks into the home environment. But let's ask this question. If this is such a cut and dry case of a student being mistreated as you inply, why is he sitting in a detention center? Why has he not been released on bond? Let's ask this question also. If a faculty member over-reacted in removing the wayward, misunderstood student from off of the Principal, why has the Parent or Parents not filed crimminal charges against said faculty member? Why is the faculty member you refer to not sitting in detention or out on bond? Let's ask this final question. Why were so many threats phoned into the school on Friday? Does that speak well of the students and community?

Again you lie

You replied to jwlnruff, who posted on 21 November 2008 - 8:33am., your reply was on 21 November 2008 - 9:11am.. From that reply: "Let's be realistic. Do you think this 13 year old realized the error of his actions; stopped wrestling the FEMALE principal; helped her to her feet; and apologized? Or is it more likely someone had to pull the youth from off the Female Principal?" Emphasis YOURS and no one elses. You specifically identified the gender of the principal. To what end? Do you routinely refer to male principals as "male principal"? To what other end would it serve other than to imply a gender bigotted view? From the other WWAY article: "When asked to stop, school officials say he tackled Williston's principal, and other staff members jumped in to try and restrain him. " As you can see, they alternate between "tackled" and "wrestled". You'll also note this line: "That's when the coach came, and jumped on my son, when he was already down started punching him, kicking him, and was bending his arms and said ‘how does it feel boy’, said Crummy." Let's hope the police as well as state and federal authorities look into the home life as well as other aspects of the principal, coach, and other faculty members. It's time for a REAL accounting. Why is he sitting in a detention center? Are you implying that no innocent individuals have ever been arrested? Are you implying that given the choice, the police and others wouldn't put the Rights of abusive adults ahead of the children they abuse, especially when the abusive adults are in positions of power? I'm sure child abusers love to have power over children by holding such positions. After all, they can be nice to a large number of students, then get their rocks off abusing a few, and, hey, who's going to believe the victim? Lots of supporters come forward and say how nice the abuser really is. Must be nice knowing that abuse victims are created by the education system. Should be a class about it. "How to be a lifelong abuse victim." If you submit to the abuse, you get an A. If you die or commit suicide, you get an A+. If you take it and walk away a better person, you get an F. If you strike back, you become the subject of some ignorant study claiming it's because of the popular media or because of your Parents. Seriously, get a reality check there, Sparky. Just because someone is in a position of authority doesn't make them squeaky clean. Andrew

I can not agree

with you more on how the school system should handle this. a 13 year old teenager tackled and wrestled a Principal to the ground. There can be no tolerance of that. Suspend him while the case is investigated. Expel him, once the investigation is completed, should the case merit that. Hold the parents accountable should he be reinstated. Absolutely; who can argue with that. So many posts on this site call for accountable and involved parents. Andrew even noted the school has a rough reputation. Maybe the staff and teachers should draw combat pay.

get the facts

Did this 13 year old have special needs? I am not saying that is an excuse for what has happen. It isn't but, Maybe the kid felt threaten by the action of the principal. And where is the parents. it start has home people. If you try the best you can to bring your kids up right they won't act this way. Get all the facts. You are right on where were other adults that could have help in this


“Nothing in the world is more dangerous than sincere ignorance and conscientious stupidity.” Martin Luther King, Jr. quotes

Special Needs

How about for the Principal? She might need a cane or wheel chair after being tackled. I have not seen a cafteria floor yet which was covered with plush carpet and padding. A 13 year old tackles the Principal. No wonder we have problems in our school system. And apparently no wonder this school has such a severe reputation.

I don't beleive he had to be

I don't beleive he had to be subdued by two adults and then kicked and punched while one held him down.

2 Questions

Were you present? Did you witness him being subdued by 2 adults? Or is your comment based on second hand information? Have you given a statement to the school investigators? How would you have handled it? I know that is Monday Morning Quarterbacking. But you did express your belief. Okay, I did not count; make that 5 questions.

A child and how many adults.

A child and how many adults. The child is wrong,but what provoked this and how is it going to be handled. Children as well as adults have a voice and rights. Other students saw what happened, what message is that sending. It is ok for adults to beat a kid if he or she is behaving badly.

I Agree-Cover Up

All these ignorant adults that are making comments based on what they read in the newspaper headlines are pathetic. Ask all the children who were in the gym who witnessed the Principal acting in an unprofessional manner. Under no circumstance should a professional stoop to a students level. NO ONE IS LISTENING TO THE CHILDREN WHO ACTUALLY WITNESSED THE WHOLE THING. I truly believe that inappropriate procedures were taken. The mother actually works in the school cafeteria, which was about 30 feet away from the incident. ZERO TOLERANCE should be on both accounts. Under no terms should an adult be allowed to poke, grab a student, and agitate a student because of inappropriate behavior. These so called professionals are trained to handle things professionally. WHEN ADULTS MAKE MISTAKES WE HAVE A GREAT ADVANTAGE OVER CHILDREN TO COVER THEM UP AND NOT ADDRESS THE REAL ISSUE. "The truth will come to light." Not was printed in the newspaper to protect the interest of a job. ALL PARTIES INVOLVED SHOULD HAVE BEEN SENT HOME UNTIL INVESTIGATIONS WERE COMPLETED. Nothing in the world is more dangerous than a sincere ignorance and conscientious stupidity. Author: Martin Luther King, Jr. LET'S SUPPORT ONE ANOTHER

Behaving Badly

Certainly you jest. He wrestled the Principal to the floor. He would not let go once she was down. Should they have waited for him to tire and rise voluntarily? What if the Principal had a heart attack while being wrestled down? Children and adults have a voice and rights. Quite true. They also have obligations. One of those is to respect authority. Other students saw what happened. What type of message does the performance send. What type of message is sent when the young man's mother is apparently present and stands on the sidelines rather than try to calm the situation down? If she was not present, I apologize for the misstatement; but every media report implies she was there. What type of message is sent when she has nothing to say until she is before the media? Let's hope one message is a better understanding of respect for the Principal, teachers, and staff, Let's hope they also get the message that the 13 year old is still setting in a detenction center for his misdeeds. Let's hope they also get the message that no staff members have been charged with crimminal acts. What kind of message does that send? Maybe a good object lesson would be for every student and their parents to visit this young man on Thursday if he is still in custody.

Spare the Rod

I am sorry but when I was growing up you didn't get the rod spared. Now days you can't discipline your children with out Social services getting involved. What they all need is to be taken out behind the shed and a a nice long "talking to". That would solve alot of these "childrens" problems.

I agree

I walked that path a few times; but never once did I get a licking. What I got was a talking to about morality, good behaviour and manners, working and studying in school, and accountability for my actions. There were times I felt smaller than a microbe after those talks. But the lessons set in. We never had social services at the door. We never had school resource officers at school. What we had throughout my 12 years of school were schools full of students who understood right from wrong. We had students who were more concerned with the reception at home than with the walk to the Principal's office. We were held accountable for our actions; and we did not have Parents or Grandparents trying to excuse our behaviour.

There is no excuse for what

There is no excuse for what this young man was accused of doing by any means because i believe children are suppose to respect their elders at all cost, but was there a teacher that was involved in this same incident other then the principle that also left school early for his involvement, i dont recall reading any parts of that in this article.