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Print postage from home and avoid the lines at the post office

READ MORE: Print postage from home and avoid the lines at the post office
You may never need to wait in line at the post office again. A website called allows you to buy and print postage directly from your computer. Hunter Ford said, "I've got a little surf and skate shop on 5 North Front and I've also got an online store. We sell a lot of skateboard bearings, wheels, surfboard apparel, surfboard accessories." So Hunter has to spend a lot of time at the post office. "I probably send out about 10 to 15 packages a week and I come down here to the post office for all of them." Like Hunter, many would like to find a way around the lines at the post office. may be a helpful alternative. The website allows you to get your mail ready to send off, right from your desktop. You can print official United States Postal Service stamps and shipping labels directly from your PC and printer. The service costs eighteen dollars a month, which includes software to create the postage and a scale to weigh your packages. That way, you know the exact amount of postage needed to send your mail. That postage amount is automatically deducted from your account. You can also personalize your stamps with a family photo or business logo. Once your letter or package is ready to go, give it to the mail carrier or drop it in a mailbox. You can add insurance to protect your valuables. Priority mail includes free delivery confirmation. Hunter said he is ready to skip the post office and give a try. "There's one lady in post office that’s rude to me every single time I come in there, and just by default, I always end up in her line even if three windows are open. I'd be glad to do all my postage at the house and not have to walk down here to the post office." Right now, has a four week free trial, but they require a credit card number. The company says you can cancel it at any time before the four weeks end and you will not be charged. If you like the service, do nothing and it will continue automatically.

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Sounds great!.....NOT.

Wonderful! Pay the USPS $18 per month to save THEM money on printing ink and adhesive paper costs. Makes perfect sense to me! -_- Sort of like the "makeup stamps" they used to sell every time the price of a first-class stamp was jacked up, charging the customer 50¢ to deliver a dollar's worth of 1 or 2¢ stamps. It got where they never had any in stock at the postal counter window -- why would they, with an automatic, effective 50% markup with online orders? It'll be interesting to see when the next postal rate increase will be. I'll bet not too long from now.


Beware of This is a subscription service, meaning once you "sign up" to print a few stamps, you will be charged a monthly fee of around $18.00, even if you don't print any postage. This is not clearly stated in their website/advertisements. They will not issue refunds of the monthly fee, either. Their customer service is terrible. So, unless you use over $18.00 per month in postage and can't get to the Post Office, this is not a good service.

Forget the stamps.....

Forget the stamps, forget the lines, forget the rude, "I don't care" attitudes of the postal clerks and forget the unreliable postal service to get your bills and packages there on time. Use on line banking and bill pay. It is much easier to manage, much more reliable and can reduce the amount of stamps by 90% or more. Sorry, postal people. You did this to yourselves! We have choices and alternatives now.

No More

I've just about switched all my bill paying to online services. Good bye USPS and all the junk mail associated with it.