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Private developers could expand Brunswick County road

BRUNSWICK COUNTY -- It's an interesting way to have developers help pave the way for growth. In rapidly growing Brunswick County commissioners Monday night endorsed a plan to have private developers help the state build a four lane extension to long beach road. The state has plans to build a two lane extension in that area. But Brunswick County commissioners don't think it will be big enough and want to bring in outside help. Shelley Lesher is mayor of St. James -- a small town in Brunswick County near the intersection of Long Beach Road and Highway 211 "It is not peaceful anymore at that intersection. It is a zoo," Lesher said. Lesher is one of many in the area in favor of a four lane extension proposed by private developers. On Monday night the Brunswick County Board of Commissioners unanimously endorsed the proposal that would partner the developers with the state Department of Transportation -- a partnership that may be unprecedented. Brunswick County Commissioner May Moore said, "This is something that to my knowledge that has not been done." Developers' engineering consultant Gene Conti said, "It's innovative. There is some risk involved and we understand that. But we believe we can deliver a better project at a cheaper cost to the state." Conti says the state is paying twenty five million dollars to build a two lane extension. He says developers can build one twice the size and for the same cost. The question now is whether the state will be on board. Lesher said, "Anything that moves the traffic around more quickly will be a benefit to all of us." Moore said, "If we can move forward and get a four-lane road where we need a four-lane road in a few years, we're going to be very much ahead." The state's two-lane proposal is scheduled to break ground in 2009. Developers say if they get the proper permits they could start even sooner.

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The Yankee idea is not a bad

The Yankee idea is not a bad one, but might be hard to do. Relieving the congestion at Long Beach Road and 211 will be easier. I think the reason for all the turns in the proposed road is to protect the wetlands. I am not sure that even this will help the left turn problem. Somehow, those turning down the beach road need to either go over or under traffic headed toward Southport, similar to what they have when crossing the Isabel Holmes bridge in Wilmington entering the MLK Parkway, and get rid of the light. I am certainly not a traffic engineer, but if a way can be found to keep everybody moving, that would be a step in the right direction.

Another Plan

We could also ship out all of the Yankees. Our traffic problem would no longer exist. That would solve a lot of our problems.

Smart one there...

Yeah, you sure got that one right! Send all the Yankees back home. That way, the slight bit of quality that exists in your school system will leave the area along with any commerce (last time I checked there weren't too many people capitalizing on the sale of hunting dogs and rebel flags). Oh yeah, lets not forget what would happen to your beloved property value. All the Yankees leave and your beloved double-wide and the car strewn lot it sits on will be worth exactly what it truly is...nada!

I-117 around Surf City and Hampstead

We need a by-pass around the congested area around these bottle necks in the road. Who needs the income from a Walmart and a Harris Teeter for the cost of a few lives and the traffic and head aches we will face. Personally I would take a loss on prperty value, but would do so thinking my grandchildren would be safer crossing at school bus arrivals and leavings at the schools. I've already kicked the crap out of several marine recruits down at the local gas station for their antics on the road, but evermore Uncle Sam's Misguided Children are ging to be coming to the area and we need to offer them a safer way around Hampstead now!

you did that before in the

you did that before in the fifty

Okay Scarlett.

Okay Scarlett.

But Then

If the Yankees left, you Rebels would have no nice houses to rob, and no hot items to sell to buy you're crack

Why rob a dummy?

Trust me, there's no need to rob you. We've made enough money off of that postage stamp sized lot your house is sitting on. You know, the one you paid over 100k for in that neighborhood where every house looks the same, and are so close together you and your neighbor can high five each other out of your bedroom windows. Also to critique your spelling, "your" is possessive whereas "you're" an idiot. It's easy to see why you would pay 3 times what something is worth.

We could...

We could live in tents and ride horses but that would be stupid now too wouldn't it? Or we could ship out all the morons but that wouldn't be fair would it Steve? The State has a multi-million dollar surplus of our tax money and they should build big, wide, smooth roads with overhead street lights and shoulders big enough for cars everywhere, right away. Or... they should give us that money back right away.


Have you seen the line of mexicans behide you that are doing nothing for you? At least yankees are spending money you fool and how about all the worthless brunswick county residents sitting on their butts smoking crack having any amount of kids?

Oh please. If you don't have

Oh please. If you don't have anything intelligent to provide on the subject, just shut up!!!!!

Brunswick County Road

Somthing should be done as soon as possible to resolve the traffic issues at the intersection of Long Beach Road and NC 211. However building a new 4 lane road and connecting it to a 2 lane highway is not the answer. You just move the congestion from one intersection to another. Additionally, it should connect to Highway 133 just below Highway 87. This would allow traffic leaving the area 2 different routes to leave the area. A good plan that needs some additional thought and changes.

That map of the developer's

That map of the developer's route seems to have too many needless turns in it. Perhaps if they straighten out their road a little, it will be a more direct route to Highway 87. Hopefully SOMEONE will build a new road in the Southport area. There does not look like there has been a new road around here for 70 years. Good going NCDOT-you bunch of morons. Get rid of the DOT and let the Counties build their own roads. We know what we need better than a bunch of Suits sitting on their butts in their offices.