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Program aims to get more people online

WILMINGTON -- A new program designed to get people online who may not be able to afford the internet is one step closer to becoming a reality. Wilmington City Councilman Earl Sheridan helped design the plan for the e-Tech advisory committee. Wilmington was officially designated an e-community by the e-NC Authority. The plan would bring computers and wireless internet access to people who otherwise would not be able to afford it. Sheridan said, "We'll have to get grants and other funding though to help pay for that." If you want to learn more about the program or possibly serve as a member of the technology advisory committee you can go to the Wilmington City Council chambers Tuesday at six p.m. The president of the e-NC Authority will be on hand to answer questions.

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Free Computer Access

In most areas, get a library card and you can access the computers in the public library for free. Heaven forbid they might read a book while there. What's next? A free Yugo or Hyundai? It's one thing to assist in helping those who lack the bare necessities of life. But computer access? No wonder taxes are high; local government can not afford to maintain inadequate sewer systems; and the streets and schools are unsafe. Maybe local government should also require Elijahs, Roy's Riverboat Landing, and the Pilot House to accept Food stamps. How about 2 free weeks at Wrightsville Beach? I'm certaiun the Blockade Runner would open their doors? Wake up

How about fixing sewers

How about fixing sewers instead of handing out free internet. At least the telecommunications part of the infrastructure works!

When are paying customers

When are paying customers going to get our handout?


How poor do we have to be? I think I am finally tired and maybe at this point jealous seeing others get the freebees. People across the street have a free house, free computer and ISP, meals on wheels, nurses aide for the grandmother and healthy grown people living in the house...doing nothing. Up the street two Habitat for Humanity houses complete with concrete driveway, ramp, sod and flagpole have just been completed. I am 69 years old and at a job interview today, I was asked by a snob with a job, "Why do you want to work?" For starters to help my dear husband pay the bills,get the driveway put in, carpets on the carpetless floors, food in the kitchen,and maybe upgrade our 7 year old computer and pay for our $10.95 ISP! Not to mention supply the grandchildren with a Christmas gift or two. My husband works hard to bring home a check. The Habitat for Humanity houses and yards put him over the edge!


Wow, not only do I have to pay for others housing with my tax money, groceries....and most eat better than we do, heath they can get better health care than I I have to pay for their computer access to the internet as well...Shucks..lets just go ahead and get them HD TV, a Belks or Dillards unlimited gift, if I am going to pay taxes to support them, I might as well have something to show for it. I can drive down the road and say, "Hey...I adopted all those people so they could live better than me". This county sucks! Yes, you can say it...because as soon as I get done supporting everyone else, I am going to move out of this county!

Internet access

This has got to be the most ridiculous thing EVER !!! Access to the internet and personal computers is a privilege NOT a right. US NORMAL people work and pay for our computers just like we work to buy our TV's, stereos, cars, homes..... whats next?? Everyone gets a free TV ,car and stereo because the free housing is already there for them. City Councilman Earl Sheridan YOU NEED to worry about the other (MUCH larger) group of voting people in Wilmington, this idea frankly stinks. Do you think the people with their new PC's will look for employment or education online? NO they will more likely be looking for porn and PC games to bide their time while they collect their checks from the government or the PC will be pawned for cash. I seriously HOPE PC's will not be handed out in this humanitarian act of yours. FREE internet access is already available to everyone at the library. Children have it at school.


Great another handout to those who are unwilling to help themselves, why don't we provide them computers too? Here's a novel idea get out and get a job like I have to pay for internet access. If you can't work what good is the internet going to do?

Save a little

I completely agree...I work my butt off so I can get the extras I want. If there is something I really want I will save up until I have enough to pay for it. It's ridiculous that someone too lazy to work a little harder and save a little will just be given these things.

Life, liberty, and Internet access?

When did computer and Internet access become inalienable rights? Here's an idea: If you want to have a computer and get on the Internet, work hard, save your pennies, buy a computer and sign up with an ISP. Don't play Blanche DuBois. Don't be dependent upon the kindness of strangers. Take responsibility for, and manage your own life. The rewards are that much sweeter when you achieve them yourself.

Life, Liberty and Internet acces

Commonsense you are attacking the basic indoctrination philosophy of our public school system and their goals. Who wants to let freedom reign; that takes work and sacrifice!