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Progress Energy unveils plans for solar plant

Utility company, Progress Energy is trying to reduce it's impact on the environment. It's doing it with some help from the sun. The company's CEO unveiled plans for a new solar powered plant project at this morning's Chamber of Commerce breakfast in Wilmington. The solar powered plant will be built on ten acres near the existing Sutton Power Plant off highway 421. This plant is a push to meet state law passed in 2007 for utility providers to start producing renewable energy sources like solar energy. Progress Energy CEO Bill Johnson said, "This is carbon-free, free energy from the sun and that would be a great thing for our environment. So this is really a step in producing energy with the least environmental impact." Progress Energy's one 1.6 million customers won't see an immediate change in their bills. The solar power plant project is expected to be up and running by the end of the year.

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The enviroloons will be lining up to stop it

In Arizona they are threatening to file suit because of the "irreparable damage" a large solar array would cause to the desert wildlife in the area, especially the endangered desert tortoise.

No tortoise, no problem

Last time I checked there are no desert tortoises at Sutton Lake. I am the enviroloon, and I don't have a problem with solar power cells! It's a great idea. The existing fossil fuel power plant at Sutton Lake hasn't caused any enormous problem, but it would be great if the solar cells could help phase it out.

I only wish you were THE only one

There are obviously no desert totoises, but what about the wetlands? The nearby population of fox squirrels? The plants? C'mon - you guys will find some reason to hate it. It doesn't mesh with your goal of economically crippling the United States.

Prejudice = pre-judging

Interesting how we can't agree on this, even though I'd love to come to an accord. Makes it easy to shoot down a potentially helpful initiative. I'm guessing you're discouraged by the opposition to the Titan cement mine & Hugo Neu waste dump that we saw locally. But to jump out of the gate and say that the Enviroloons won't allow it- before anyone even raises a voice? Try to be a little optimistic. Have some hope for change. *wink wink*

At this moment, you and I DO agree

I'm a stockholder in PGN and anything that helps the bottom line is great in my book. Pal, I'm only judging environmentalists by their track record: No nukes. No windmills. (They kill birds and bats) No tidal vane systems. (They annoy fish) Clean coal is a lie. No wood burning at all, ever. Natural gas still causes global warming.... ....and, as we see from the reaction in Arizona, at the PNW installations, a solar array is Satan's own device. (One would think the tortoises would love it! "Largest, shadiest burrow I've ever SEEN, Elmer!") So if one of us decides to oppose this, the odds say that it will be YOU. I don't oppose anything until the red ink starts showing up. You'll probably start hating it when one of your MySpace friends thinks that it's ugly.'re most likely one of those anarchists with the black balaclavas that trash cities during WTO meetings....right? Like to set those police cars on fire? Lifetime member of FOE? Blowing up those SUV dealerships? Still have that Kerry-Edwards bumper sticker on your '87 Volvo......? (Okay, okay....I admit that I'm getting a little carried away now...)