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Promotion company considers suing Lil Wayne

WILMINGTON -- After disappointing hundreds of fans at New Hanover High Sunday, gangster rapper Lil Wayne may be developing a reputation. It turns out Sunday wasn't the first time Lil Wayne was a no-show for a concert in North Carolina. Nearly three weeks ago he was supposed to perform at West Craven High School near New Bern, but he never made it to town. He did play in Fayetteville the night before he was scheduled to perform in Wilmington this weekend. Former concert promoter Joe Montanti says unreliable entertainers can be bad for business. "It's like he's setting a pattern," Montanti said. "Maybe he's trying to be this tough guy rapper but it's going to end up messing up his career. All this negative publicity and nobody's going to want to touch him. He won't be able to get a venue in order to perform in." The lawyer for the promotion company says his client is considering suing Lil Wayne for not performing Sunday night. If you had a ticket for that show you can get your money back by bringing your ticket stub to Dr. Stylz on Market Street this coming Monday.

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Whatever stupid person said

Whatever stupid person said he does not have talent probably just dump Lil Wayne's trash. Well I just went to his concert on 10/20 and it was awesome!!!! Singers and Rappers cancel concerts all the time get over it they are human!!!!

If you would like to sue Lil

If you would like to sue Lil Wayne, call BR-549

Beware folks.... His next

Beware folks.... His next level of targeting is the kindergarten level!


Yo, any of you posers ever listen to his rap? The man states the FACTS--he a bad dude and you're gonna get played, not PAID, suckers. Has he lied? NO. He say he's a playa and a thug and a gang banger and you know what? He is! He told you he was the type to rip you off. Quit whining already-- he got the benjamins and you got the SHAFT


He's so big and bad. He's a punk that could not even show up for a school of high school kids. Real cool guy, it's unfortunate he has people that listen to his crap. He's so poor he has to wait till he gets enough people to show up? Hum...he must not be selling to many cd's huh? He's crap just like his music, put his ass in jail where he belongs!


I say if you were dumb enough to fork over $30-$40 a ticket for this no talent clown you deserve to have your money taken. Save that money and go buy/see some real hip hop like Jay-Z, A Tribe Called Quest, or something local like Brown Co., you will be much happier/smarter for it in the end.

Little Boy Whine

Poor lil rich whine(or maybe wanna-be-rich). He's such an idol, I can't believe what the "man" did to prevent him from dissing his idiotic "fans". Never mind not showing...he's a victim like everyone else who's too high to understand reality. Let's all sue...for whatever feels right...even if we're dirtbags who are wrong.


It's about time someone decided to stand up against this thug and do what is best for everyone involved. Lil Wayner is not concerned about stopping any violence...he just wants his money. I guess he isn't as popular as he thought he was. A good artist wouldn't need a week to sell out a concert. A great artist could do it in a day or two