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Property crime a growing issue in Brunswick County

READ MORE: Property crime issue in Brunswick County
Property crime is a growing issue for law enforcement in Brunswick County. Officials say the driving forces behind the problem are our struggling economy, and an increasing drug problem. Law enforcement officials are being proactive, in hopes of curbing the number of reports of break-ins, thefts and vandalism in Brunswick County. Employees at an Exxon gas station in Holden Beach said they are fed up with break-ins. "They came into the store and they went to the office. Busted the office door, went through the stuff up there, and found about a thousand dollars and got away with that," said Exxon cashier, Chantile Eller. Another attempt by thieves was unsuccessful. Detectives have not been able to solve either crime, or many other happenings in the area. "That is one crime that is common throughout our county," said Brunswick County Sheriff, John Ingram. Sheriff Ingram said property crimes have been a major problem for law enforcement for some time. He said a number of factors play into the problem. He said vacant homes can entice looters, as well as drug related activity. "We believe that a lot of the property crimes are directly related to the drug trade and that is another area we are focusing our efforts," said Ingram. The Brunswick County Sheriff's Office is teaming up with all the local police departments in the county to form an investigative task force. Updated crime information is loaded into a data base to highlight high risk areas so each department can share information on where to step up police presence. Ingram said, “We hope that our efforts can prevent it from spiking and hopefully reduce it overall." Sheriff Ingram would not say exactly which neighborhoods are being targeted by criminals, and now law enforcement. The new task force splits up the county into three sections, north, middle, and south to eliminate jurisdiction issues.

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There are a number of new

There are a number of new and interesting ways to combat property crime. LeadsOnline is a database that law enforcement can use to track all of the property that is pawned or sold at a thrift store in real time. The Cumberland County Sheriff's Office has solved numerous crimes using the program and has arrested a record number of people in the past two years. Go to their website and check out the news section to see how this program has helped agencies in NC solve crime.

Since when does Brunswick

Since when does Brunswick county have radar?

Brunswick County Sheriff's Department

Brunswick County has a lot of problems because the Sheriff Deputies are the ones breaking the law. It's not safe to drive down Hwy 17 because the deputies will tailgate you and one day these guys and girls are going to kill someone with a cop car...oh another law suit for Brunswick County

Perhaps the cops would be better off to focus less on...

...the people driving fast. There is nary a weekend day that you will not see 3 or 4 cars using radar on cars traveling on US-17. I do understand that it is high margin money for the county government though. For those that think that speed limits equals safer driving, actually there are fewer accidents on the Autobahn where there is no speed limit than on similar interstates in the US. Why? Because their cops enforce the rule of staying in the right lane except in the instance of passing. It is the slow drivers using the left lane (always in a state of oblivion), that causes people to try to pass on the right side.

leftlane drivers, better go

leftlane drivers, better go back to drivers ed, both lanes are 55or the speed posted. it is time people slowed down around here. we have limits for a reason, to save lives

I Agree

Refreshing logic. The law is the law. It is amazing how many times I have pulled in the left lane to either pass someone or position to make a left turn and someone behind me wants me dead. I travel right at the speed limit. It's funny how these same people fly off the handle when someone drives crazy in front of their house. I know several.

move over

And the signs also state "Slower traffic keep right" so if you are going slower, move your butt over.

i know what the manuels say,

i know what the manuels say, but in reality , how many people do that. people think they can speed in that lane and when they get behind someone doing the limit they get ill and flash lights etc.i think the cops need to crack down more on traffic enforcement in this area. if there is a cop on the hwy, it is like the pacecar for the bigrace.

You are one of them

I would be willing to bet you are one of the drivers that camp out in the left lane and force other drivers to pass you on the right. If you would just move to the right it will be safer for everybody. The lights are flashed to try to wake up the left lane sleeper.

no i am not one of them. i

no i am not one of them. i travel the right lane except to turn left, then i get in the left lane.

I hope you are not a cop Smoky....

Read the rules...left lanes are meant for passing. I quote from the DMV manual.... "The law requires you to drive on the right side of the road. Driving on the left side is legal only in some cases, such as on one-way streets and while passing." Page 51

Law enforcement can't be everywhere

They also can't dedicate hundreds of hours to solving any one particular property crime. There are far too many of them to deal with. People must start protecting their own poroperty and defending their own lives. If you don't have an alarm system on your home or business, you are begging to be a burglary victim. If you don't have the means and training to defend your life when needed, you are begging to be killed. Thanks to a criminal justice system that refuses to punish criminals, it really IS the Wild West out here, folks.

Brunswick County

As a life long resident of Brunswick County, just curious...Law enforcement knows where these "hot spots" are....and yet, they still are here.......smh.....Very disappointed in the justice system....