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Property owners now responsible for graffiti

WILMINGTON -- If a vandal spray-paints your wall with graffiti who should be responsible for cleaning it up? As of Monday in Wilmington: you. Property owners are now solely responsible for removal of graffiti. City officials say approximately 50 Wilmington property owners will be notified by mail that they're in violation of the ordinance. If the graffiti is not removed or covered by the property owner within 15 days, the city may issue a $100 per day fine.

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Well well, what will the city come up with next? BETTER idea........ let the innocent property owners rest and get a crew of prisoners that sit on their azzes all day together to clean it up. This idea the city has does not even sound legal? Has anyone looked into that? Are they just targeting the people who own property in the ghetto areas? Will the people who painted the graffiti still be charged if they can be identified?

Just another way

Just another way to fine, tax and frustrate those people in Wilmington. I know it doesn't look pleasent, but an old person scrubbing a wall and dying of a heat stroke doesn't look good either.

Where's the money going?

It's a joke. I wonder if the money the property owners are fined is going to be used for the removal of the graffiti or is it going into someone's pocket

What makes the graffiti

What makes the graffiti illegal? This will cause more graffiti downtown...people will get upset about getting fined and turn around an put graffiti on City buildings. Oh well, they will get what they deserve

Unfair to property owners

This ordinance blames property owners for the graffiti painted on their property. No responsible property owner is going to willing allow anyone to paint graffiti on their property. Property owners are made the scapegoats for the crimes of vandals. What is the city doing to help property owners recover the cost of the damage done to their property by this vandals.


Thanks for all the help City of Wilmington. I hope no one grafittis your police building or vehicles... it might not be easy to get it off in 15 days and then you'll have to start fining yourselves. Now all you need is some city employees to go spray paint some nice properties and you have a new revenue stream (tax).

Do you just write to make yourself....

.......feel better or are you retarded? Seriousley, You write some of the dumbest comments ever posted on WWAY. The point of the new City Code is to have property owners attempt to keep their property clean so that the entire city dosen't look like Camden NJ. I may not agree with fines against the owners but they give you 15 days to fix it. But going back to you just being an idiot, why would you even say that this is a new revenue generating scheme and that City employee's will be the ones painting the Grafitti? Dumb as Dumb gets. Thats Justin America for you. (I'm going to feel really bad if your like this 60 year old with the mind of a 13 year old and your paraliyzed from the neck down and have to move the mouse with your chin and you type with your nose.) Please have your gaurdian start proof reading your post's Capt. America.