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Proposed bill could double car tax

READ MORE: Proposed bill could double car tax
NEW HANOVER COUNTY -- From gas prices to increased property taxes, many local residents will have some extra expenses this year. And if a new statewide bill is passed, you can add a new car tax to that list. That proposed legislation could more than double taxes paid by car buyers. "I just don't think that it's the time to raise taxes for the folks of North Carolina," Se. Julia Boseman said. Sen. Boseman is one of many who oppose senate bill 1201 -- proposed legislation that would raise the current three percent car tax to 6.75 percent on new or used cars. Sen. Boseman said, "I think a lot of us feel like we're overtaxed. We just had a re-evaluation here and a lot of people's property taxes are going up and I just don't think that that's something we can handle at this time and I'm not going to support raising taxes on cars or anything else at this time." Sen. Dan Clodfelter of Mecklenburg County sponsored the tax hike to support a multi-billion dollar shortfall in state highway construction and maintenance. The money would help improve North Carolina roadways. Still, Boseman opposes the bill, saying people can barely afford to fill their gas tanks nowadays and raising taxes is not the answer. Local car dealers agree. Stevenson Honda General Manager Patrick Koballa said, "We know we need to improve our highway system, but there's got to be some way to gather that money than just one source." The increases would translate to hundreds of dollars in taxes for car buyers. "Breaking that down to the majority, to the consumers, it could add another $20, $30, maybe $40 to a car payment, and that's significant," Koballa said. That means possible big changes for consumers and businesses. Local dealers say this bill would make cars less affordable to the general public. Sen. Boseman says if passed the proposal could take in about $900 million more in taxes each year. She adds talks of toll roads along the cape fear skyway bridge and roads in Raleigh could also bring big bucks.

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Double Food TAX

I went to my local H.T. grocery in the state of North Carolina, and noticed I was double taxed on my groceries, the notorious 6.75% and then just below I saw what seems to be a slip-in (2%) tax. Why is NC State trying to go this route? Why not be up front and just CHARGE US 8.75%......Talking extortion!!!!! If the genernal public (working people) have to take pay cuts and feel the bite of this new thing which is our economy, then the state has to feel the bite as well......RIGHT? .......STOP EXTORTING! Sincerely, The Extorted

car tax

I recently moved here from "Taxachusetts". They've got nothing over on North Carolina. In addition, everything I have purchased here has been costlier than there. (By the way, I am a native North Carolinian)