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Proposed federal rule for school bus seat belts, safety

MORRISVILLE, N.C. (AP) -- U.S. Secretary of Transportation Mary Peters is proposing new rules that would allow school districts to use federal highway safety funds to equip school buses with seat belts. Peters says the rules also would require higher seat backs to better protect younger children during accidents when older children or adults get thrown from their seats. Peters made the announcement during a visit to Morrisville Elementary School, which is among the first schools in the country to equip some of its news buses with seat belts. All new small buses would be required to include seat belts within three years of the new rule. Those buses are more prone to rollover accidents. Peters says if adopted, the new standards will apply to the country's 474,000 school buses. (Copyright 2007 by The Associated Press. All Rights Reserved.)

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Run some numbers on this.......

Maybe this is a make work proposal. Let's see here, the article says 474,000 school busses. Count 20 bench seats in a school bus with 3 students per seat. That comes to.....mmmmmm.....28 million, 440 thousand seat belts that have to be installed. Now at $50.00 per seat belt to include installation costs, we have a grand total of 1 billion, 422 million dollars to complete this task. Then consider that you organize, budget, supply labor and parts for a government run job on government owned equipment and you can triple the costs. So for a measly 4.5 billion dollars, we can put seat belts in busses. Now...let's look at installing water fountains and hand sanitizing stations in school busses......

Don't forget about...

Also don't forget that just because a seatbelt is installed a child isn't forced to buckle it. I know, we can pass a law. That always seems to be the answer, more laws.

seatbelt's on school buses

Unless the design of the body to chassis fastening on school buses has changed, this could get kid's hurt or killed. Test's were performed several years ago on the major 64 passenger buses, and the result's were disastruss.

So you're saying that if a

So you're saying that if a school bus gets into an accident that it is safer to have the children become human torpedoes? Why is it okay that my child gets on a bus every morning and doesn't get buckled in, yet I have to make sure we're all buckled up in our car or risk getting a ticket? I do my best to keep them safe while we're going anywhere and we always wear our seatbelts. Each and every bus in this country needs seatbelts installed. It's a sin that we don't keep our kids as safe as possible driving to and from school.


They are gonna need them when the state won't do anything to fix bad intersections these buses need to go through. How do I know, tried at OIB & Rt 17....NOTHING!