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Proposed landlfill sparks heated debate

READ MORE: Proposed landlfill sparks heated debate
BRUNSWICK COUNTY-- Concerned, frustrated, and angry are words to describe Northwest residents in Perkinsville Baptist church Monday night. Dean Byrd of LDG properties met with residents and told them that the proposed landfill is not like Hugo Neu. "If it were a standard landfill I think there would be a lot of opposition but this is a C and D landfill which is construction debris, which is not sanitary trash, it doesn't have the typical problems that a sanitary landfill has". The proposed site would be off Mt. Misery Road just two miles from the Hugo Neu property. Only building materials like brick, concrete and shingles will be accepted in the landfill. Developers say the site will add features like recycling, more jobs and more income into the city. Mark Roberts of Cape Fear Citizens for Safe Environment was at the meeting. Roberts felt residents questions were left unanswered. "I think they have laid out the general plan but the details are still forth coming". February 26, City council will meet to decide whether or not they want to annex the proposed site in to the town of Northwest. A new chapter begins as Brunswick county residents fight to keep another proposed wasteland out of their neighborhood.

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We all will fight

I agree that is unfair to only let the people of Northwest speak out at this meeting tonight. It will impact all of us in Brunswick County within range of this landfill. The company can SAY there will be a barrier, liner for water run off, etc. anything that will convince the town to approve of this monstrosity, when in fact, we all within a certain distance of it will hear it, smell it, and lose property value immediatley. Some of us live in the "country" to avoid having to live a hussle bustle lifestyle and want a peaceful community to raise our kids in and retire in. And how in the world will truckloads of debris being hauled in every day benefit our roads, kids, drivers, traffic??? Let ALL those who come tonight speak out!

We just won't to dumo here

These people have no future. If the tax base is raised because of new homes they have no future to pay higher taxes. They lose their homes. If a new house development is built here they still cannot pay their taxes. A dump will depress their community so that the taxes will be less for longer. But they will never sell that land for jack crap! They cannot win, we will dump on them no matter what. The town council has that already in mind.

New Monday 11th Meeting

There will be a new meeting at the town hall in the town of NorthWest on Monday the 11th of Feb at 7PM. This coming MONDAY! A special meeting has been called. The public is invited to attend. This meeting is for the council members to make a move to push forward with this toxic dump plan and get the ball rolling on the destruction of the community. They want to destroy the futures of the children of that community to make a few lousy dollars now. Greed is at the root of the problem. The meeting rules are set to only allow the taxpayers of the NorthWest community speak at this meeting. Being that the land is still part of the un-town-annexed area of Brunswick County at large and NOT part of the NorthWest town, how can they specify that only tax payers of NorthWest speak? They are trying to stiffle the opposition to this dump by limiting the free speech of the citizens of Brunswick County. Every one that owns property inside of Brunswick County pays taxes on what they own and that money is divvied up in the general fund and distributed to the towns in Brunswick County. So, every Brunswick County taxpayer has the right to speak at the meeting at the town hall this coming Monday night! Our money all, or in part, is distributed to the town of NorthWest and therefore gives us the concerned public the right to speak at this open "public" (as defined by them) forum on the C & D dump they are pushing forward. Everyone come and SPEAK! And anyone that lives elsewhere and would like to do something, please come and lend your presence in the defense of the environment, a whole community of people being railroaded by a rogue town council, against big greedy dirty business and FOR the support of the brave souls that are prepared to speak out with the faith that what they represent is true. Thanks to all!


STOP BUYING NEW HOMES! Then there is no need for the landfill or cutting down all the trees. Wake up and start saving our environment before it's too late.

Old stuff

I wonder about the old stuff that is torn down and landfilled. What about the old lead paints, treated lumber? Plastics and electrical insulation? House insullation?

Dump in your own yard

Where exactly is this dump going to be located? If this is supposed to be construction debris why not make the developers build an area into their plans within the properties to dump this stuff. Waterford and Brunswick Forest are huge, Surely there is enough room for a dump there. Money doesn't give anyone the right to dump it into someone elses backyard.

Right by the Cape Fear River

The landfill will be right by the Cape Fear River so that when the ground water is saturated with poisons the water will be able to flow into the river and then downstream. I wouldn't want to be a local crab or oysterman making a living off the river. Or a local citizen eating any either.

I guess with all the

I guess with all the construction debris that Brunswick county is generating as being one of the fastest growing counties in the nation. They would rather ship all of their waste off to other counties.

Don't dump on us!

How can someone say that a dump of this magnitude would be better than a new community of houses? It is insane to think that a dump made up of toxic old building materials and various other refuse could be a more productive economy base than a whole new community. These people that want to build this C&D dump just want to have their private dumping ground to put their own construction waste and whatever else into. Later they will be taking waste from anywhere and making obscene profits from it that will not get passed on to the town of North East. Even a council member stands to gain a large amount for his participation in bringing this here, but of course these details are private. He is making money on the backs of all the other members of the town! Your homes will all lose value, no matter what their numbers say. All around the country this has never increased ONE property value. And if this thing burns there are so many bad chemicals and toxins that will be released right into the lungs of the people and citizens of the town and county. After years of water sitting here and leaching through the piles, the poisons will be in the ground water that the future generations will have to utilize for resources. If you have kids and grandkids that live or will live in this area, you cannot be for the dump coming into poison their futures!

I want more information

I was disappointed to hear a bunch of people who did not live in the City of Northwest and do not have to pay their taxes monopolize the discussion. Sure, this is serious business, but I have heard and read nothing about how Brunswick County and its residents are going to handle their own waste much less construction debris. I would prefer to have my county and town looking into the future to find a way to provide a sustainable environment that recycles buidling materials. I don't understand the accusation concerning the town council member, where is the proof? What is the connection? The Town of Northwest has quite an industrial base of businesses right now. Why does anyone think property values will decrease? Where is the proof that anywhere in the US, property values decreased with a C & D site? I want more information from these developers and business owners. I hope the next public meeting will allow for a better flow of relevant information and the following day's news media reports will have accurate coverage of the meeting.

Your comment

Your comment as follows, "I don't understand the accusation concerning the town council member, where is the proof? What is the connection? " Yes, what are the connections and the proof? It seems that those details are "CONFIDENTIAL" so stated by the company representative that was at the meeting. If you were there then you cannot deny that. I was there and I KNOW I HEARD IT. That is an ugly fact that the people of the town of North West will have to live not knowing, because neither the company of those standing to gain are really going to tell you. Kind of like the facts about what a C & D landfill can bring in misery to your small community. They are not going to tell you the truth. Do you want the future of your town traded for some undisclosed details in a business transaction between a ugly polluting landfill company and a greedy town council member(s)? If you like the sound of that then I have this San Francisco Bridge that I would like to sell you. North West needs a bridge!

Too bad

Too bad that some of the people that were there opposing this dump actually live closer to where this site is to be located than you probably do. Many more own property that is near there or live on the same roads that go into North West. Who the hell are you to think they do not have a right to be concerned when those trucks coming down the roads can kill their children and yours too. LetThemSpeak, you sound just like that bought-and-paid-for city council member that you spoke of. You want more information??? There have been over 60,000 Landfill fires in the US, those company guys didn't tell you that did they? NO! Here, cut-n-paste this link and start getting some more info!

You need more Info

Too bad that all that you are willing to look at or hear comes from those who are doing the selling. This is the exact same thing that was being sold in the Sandy Creek area under the Red & Fred landfill disguise. At least we had the good sense to put them out. We actually care about our kids futures.

So where should the waste go, Mister NIMBY?

Brunswick County is the fastest developing, "most constructing" county in the state right now. Where should all the construction waste go? Yeah, I know......anywhere else, right? No way that the county should have to put up with their own waste....


You sling that term like you think you know what you are talking of. If someone like you can be online all day and comment on every single thing then pardon us thinking you can't know every thing. You show yourself to be a provoking idiot by raising controversy where there should not be. Landfills are bad in lowland areas exposed to hurricanes and flooding rains. Make a value statement or just stick to stuff you know about. Your name is already in the idiot file under those that don't take time to think and therefore can never understand. Loser!

Nice to know my fans are still reading

Perhaps I'll tick you off even more tomorrow? Meanwhile, just accept the landfill and assume responsibility for the waste **YOU**are generating, MS. Nimby.


Brunswick County already has a landfill for those who know anything about the subject, utilize the space already there. And keep the crap out of residential areas....

size of existing Brunswick County landfill

Does anyone know the capacity of the current Brunswick County landfill? I've been told, but have not been able to verify, that the existing dump can hold trash for the next 40 years. Does anyone have the facts about the existing dump site? At the meeting, the developers publicly stated they'd make money on the site one way or the other. It is clear they don't care about capacity of the existing site nor about ground water and air quality in the Cape Fear Region.

The developers will make money?

How dare they be in business to make money! While investigating the capacity of the existing county landfill, take the time to also research how much faster it will fill up if the construction debris from the massive development in the county is tossed into it. BTW, do you have idea of the federal and state requirements regarding liners for landfills? Your water quality will not suffer in the least, and if the Sheriff anf Highway Patrol enforce existing laws, neither will your air quality.

Why should we in Brunswick

Why should we in Brunswick county have to put up with our own waste, when New Hanover never did. Nobody cares about Columbus county lets dump over there, where its just a few pig farmers.

Ship to Mexico!

Why don't ship all that crap down to Mexico in exchange for all the illegal aliens coming up here to work. Might as well?

works for me, thats a better

works for me, thats a better idea than mine

What sense do you claim?

Why would you put a dump like this is "Hurricane Alley? Do you think that a dump like this needs to be in an area near the river and at the water table so the leachate can run out of it in record rainfalls from the next Hurricane Floyd? Do you think your kids need to be playing outside and breathing the toxins off this thing when it burns and then smothers New Hanover County with smoke and ash? You have NO common sense!

what part of

what part of we don't want a you not get.

Try answering his question

Nice hissy fit, but you never answered his question. Where should the landfill go?

You seem quick

How about we start making it in your backyard? You seem to think that by stating an alternative might somehow make it a legitimate suggestion, so I make that suggestion now. Send us your address and we can start the application process for your little spot of trailer park backyard that you have. A little bit of somewhere is better than nowhere.

My back yard has already been taken

The pristine, unspoiled woods were cut down, and two story mini-mcmansions were erected. I have about 3000 new neighbors. Believe me, I'd much rather have a construction debris landfill there. Now, since my yard is out of the question, where in Brunswick County would you suggest this needed landfill be built? Stop whining and start offering some viable alternatives.

where should it go?

it should go where they are building all them homes.i live out near northwest and i don't believe it should be out there. how about magnolia greens!! those are the area's that are building up,not our little area with no city water or time warner cable. we may not have $300,000 homes but we do have rights!! we will stop this dump just like we stopped hugo nue landfill!

Welcome to reality

When land is selling for $35k a quarter acre in one location, and $5k an acre in another, guess where the landfill gets built?