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Prosecutors rest in Pierce trial

READ MORE: Prosecutors rest in Pierce trial

WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) -- The prosecution has rested its case, and we're now closer to knowing the fate of Anthony Pierce, who's accused of murder in the death of a Wilmington police officer.

The last bits of evidence were presented to the jury Tuesday as the prosecution's final witnesses took the stand. Wilmington police Det. Christopher Mayo testified first on Tuesday; revealing that Pierce had a shotgun at his home on the night he led police on a deadly chase in February 2009. The prosecution said it was illegal for a felon like Pierce to have a gun, proving his disregard for the law. Pierce's attorney argued the gun was not Pierce's, but his brother's.

Among the last witnesses, one we can't even show you because of his involvement in a pending federal investigation. The man is the drug dealer who Pierce and his partners allegedly robbed before the chase. He told the jury that he was supposed to sell Pierce and his partners five pounds of high-grade marijuana for $30,000, but Pierce and his partners in crime cheated the drug dealer, paying him a little more than $100 before they raced off.

Pierce's attorney tried to belittle the drug dealer's testimony by questioning his reason for testifying; asking him if he's expecting special treatment when he goes to court for a drug traffiking charge. The witness answered, "No, but I would like one."

Closing arguments are scheduled for tomorrow morning. After that the jury will begin deliberating.

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First of all why was this cop going 120mph on the streets of Wilmington anyways. I have lived here my hole life and have driven these roads for many many years and anyone from here or that visits here know how hard it is even going over 70mph due to the "millions" of stop lights that seem to be every 40 feet in this town. And wouldnt the cop have to slow down to make sure it was clear for him to keep speeding on. Im very sorry to the family that this happened to and to all the families that have lost a loved one that was killed in the line of duty. I do feel that this case was not taken care the right way and that the media of course only told us what they think the public only needed to hear, like this guys background history from another state to convince the jury that he is too violent to be put back on the streets. How about getting the rapist and killers and crack heads (all junkies) off the street for good before we turn into Leland.


You only saw what the news reported. You must not have gone to court to watch the trial, if you did you would have a different opinion.