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Prospect of offshore wind turbines causing a stir

READ MORE: Wind turbines could soon be coming
The prospect of offshore drilling raises concerns about the beauty of our coasts. The idea of wind turbines brings up similar issues. The North Carolina Coastal Resources Commission will meet tomorrow to discuss offshore wind energy options for our area. Andy Wood, Education Director of the Audobon Society and supporter of wind energy said, "Generating electricity from wind is sustainable because we aren't extracting coal from the ground or oil and burning those things, producing carbon dioxide gas and other pollutants and causing havoc on the land by extracting those resources." The benefits are fairly convincing for groups like the Audobon Society. But the size and location of the wind turbines has potential of causing some anxiety among others. Harry Simmons does not like the idea of offshore wind turbines and he works for the NC Beach Inlet and Waterway Association. "They have issues on where they will be placed, and the impact they may have on what may be the golden egg that is our coastal tourism. One of the detractions is that people could see these possibly, it depends if they are located within say 11-15 miles off we might see them, but you would really have to look to see them." Experts say the turbine blades could be up to 100 feet long each and once they get going their arc can be up to three hundred feet wide which could possess a concern for area birds. Wind energy seems to work in places like Palm Springs, which is why groups like the Audobon Society, Division of Marine Fisheries and N.C. Sustainable Energy Association feel the need to talk about it further. The meeting to discuss issue of wind energy will take place tomorrow in Sunset Beach at the Seatrial Convention Center.

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Wind Turbines and Birds

Before the Audobon Society endorses offshore wind farming they better demand some environmental impact studies be done to make sure these trubines don't interfer with migratory bird travel.

You mean as the water tanks do?

Go look at any of the coastal water tanks in Spring or Fall, and count the dead birds piled up at the bottom of the tower. The red lights confuse them on foggy nights. They think they're flying toward a rising Sun, and KA-BAM. Should we take down the water tanks, too? Everything has a trade-off. These windmills WILL kill some birds. It is a fact of life. But they won't kill ALL the birds, and they will provide a lot of reliable electric power. Plus, don't think of them killing birds. Think of them saving polar bears. (If you believe all the global warming hype.)


Is this an open meeting? And if so, where and when? I would have thought the loudest opinions (from both sides) would have shown interest and already asked this question. If someone has this information - please share.

wind power

I have seen wind turbines both on land and at sea. They are actually very graceful looking and I don't consider them an eyesore at all. We need the clean energy they would provide.

They're grotesque!

Have you ever entered the Coachella Valley from the West on I-10? Wind turbines as far as the eye can see. YUUCCHH! But you know what? They generate a LOT of electricity and we need the ugly monsters. One thing people shouldn't be expecting however is CHEAP energy from these. In hostile environments (such as the Coachella Valley or in the ocean) the maintenanace costs rapidly eat up most of the fuel savings. Dust or salt air take their toll.

Thin the flock

Drill Drill Drill, More Nukes Less Kooks! Coal, Hydro, Gas, Wind, Geothermal, etc. should all be developed as economically feasible. The Ozone Al Gore groupies have been clogging up the works for too long. Why don't we see dumb birds splattered by the millions on the sides of mountains, buildings, cars, trucks, and even the oh so environmentally friendly (do they forget where the electricity to charge the car is generated?) hybrids? Thin the flock.

Wind Turbines

It's time to make a change in the way we produce energy. "Green Jobs" are on the rise & creating jobs & pay very well. I would definitely rather see wind turbines then oil rigs. I've been to coasts that have offshore oil rigs & there's a line of oil residue on the shoreline, couldn't even go swimming, nasty. Just think what a sight like that would cause to our #1 industry-tourisism. We need to expand our horizons & become an area that reaches to everyone & provide a clean environment.

Would you PLEASE stop telling that whopper

You show up on every board about offshore drilling, telling us about this mysterious line of oil you saw. The only thing you've changed is that you originally claimed it was in Central California, but when I pointed out that all the drilling takes place off Southern California, you made the fib more vague. Do you think none of us have visited the Gulf of Mexico or the North Sea? There is no "line of oil" washing ashore from offshore drilling.


The greeny weenies don't know enough to know how energy and its laws work...they think there should be energy just falling off the trees with ABSOLUTELY NO reprocusions from using it...that will NEVER happen...all types of energy production have by products or other reprocusions from making cant have a perfect world...even if the government says you can.

How can offshore drilling be

How can offshore drilling be OK and not offshore wind farms? That makes no sense to me. One is sustainable and his little risk for the environment. The other is limited and could be an environmental hazard. Like I said, it makes no sense to me if offshore wind farms are not allowed and offshore drilling is.

wind turbines

I'd much rather have wind turbines than oil rigs. Let's think about this folks!



Lookup tarballs and Texas, Beachbum

Hey Freddy BeachBum! Google "Tarballs and Texas" and see what they've done to their beaches. I've lived in Texas and Wilmington, and been to both beaches. Texas beaches have tarballs that cover your feet and stick in your clothes. As a born and raised Wilmingtonian, you don't know how bad you'll have it until it's too late!

Tar balls...

Tar balls can't be any worse than the "poop" balls and high bacteria levels caused by our do-nothing County Commissioners and failing sewer system.

Awwww, poor baby tarball

Awwww, poor baby tarball hater! Maybe having tarballs on our beaches will keep people like you from moving here along with the countless retirees from up north driving down hourly wages and upping the cost of living.

Neato, as someone who was

Neato, as someone who was born and raised right here in this very town, I can tell you that I have no desire at all to see our coast spoiled. Not for natives human or otherwise, and not for the tourists who we court to help support our economy. Poke fun all you like, but this is not going to be good for our area and shouldn't be taken lightly.


OBVIOUSLY you have NO clue what you are talking about...first, I have lived in the area for ALL MY LIFE..I am a TRUE Wilmingtonian, not some transplant yankee....these things would be SO FAR OUT you wouldn't even see how, exactly, would that ruin the coastline?

Not good for the area?

Do you have any idea how much roughnecks make out on thos rigs? Do you know how many jobs would be created in both building, servicing, and operating the rigs? Go down to the Gulf and tell them that it wasn't good for their area - they'll laugh you out of town.

Not worth it, Common.

Not worth it, Common.

Oh, great reply!

Except the multi-BILLION dollar oil and oil services industry in the Gulf makes the reply rather tepid. Most compelling of all? They still have a thriving tourism business! The fishing is actually better than ever, because the big fish like the underwater structures. But we're placing the cart before the horse. We don't even know how much oil is out there. So we study the area, drill a few exploratory wells, and it may amount to nothing. Or, it could make last year's deep-water Gulf discovery look like a puddle. Either way, you need to understand that the last major oil spill from offshore drilling was almost forty years ago, when the business was still in its infancy. We've learned a lot in forty years. Even if you are foolish enough to think that oil companies don't care about the environment, no one wants another Santa Barbara disaster simply because of the unbelievable amount paid out in lawsuits and remediation, not to mention the decades long ban we'd likely be facing again.

Sorry my brief reply isn't

Sorry my brief reply isn't to your liking, Common, but it's my honest opinion. Your arguments are generally compelling (when you dissect the clanging from them) but I remain unconvinced at the present time.

Are you still going crazy over tarballs?

Jeez! They're TARBALLS, not used hypodermic needles! Spray on a little 409 when you get home and they're magically gone!

Wind power-go for it

I would have to say that the idea of wind generators being placed offshore is an excellent idea. As for worring about birds, I think that most will feel the effects of the blades movements and will stay clear. The other side of this is the blades are not moving like a fan, there movement is much slower. I say go for wind power.

Wind Turbines

I am all for it as long Progress Energy is not in charge of it! It would be nice if the public could buy in to it and sell back to the power companies!

I like that idea!

I like the idea of making the wind turbines into a Co-op where the customers are the owners and receive a small amount of kick back from it. Not only is there energy being provided but you can earn enough change from it to buy lunch once a year.

Here's to the NIMBY Enviroloons!

No drilling for oil or natural gas! No nukes! No coal! No wind turbines! Stop them now or we'll all be shivering in caves and hunting the wild tofu.

as howard dean would say

as howard dean would say BYAHH