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Protecting your child from cyberbullying

READ MORE: Protecting your child from cyberbullying
Although not as physically painful as a black eye or sore lip, cyberbullying could potentially do much worse damage to a child in the long run. Two years ago, cruel remarks on MySpace supposedly drove a 13-year-old from California to commit suicide. MySpace and Facebook are popular sites students visit to socialize with friends.But they can also be a common place for cyberbullying. Messages on the sites are often anonymous, which can lead to more serious harassment. To combat all kinds of bullying, New Hanover County schools started a program called Stand Up, Speak Out. It teaches kids the importance of standing up to their peers and voicing their problems responsibly. Assistant superintendent, Dr. Rick Holliday, said cyberbullies are difficult to catch if students are not using the schools' computers. "More often than not though, it's coming from a personal device. They're doing it from home or they're using their own cell phones to text or even e-mail from the phone itself," he said. Sophomore Deshon Barfield said he feels safe on MySpace. "Truthfully and honestly, I feel like MySpace is not a bad place. Because people that I know that have MySpace, they're only on there for their friends to talk to somebody online," he said. But others are not so lucky. According to, 42 percent of kids have been bullied while online and 53 percent of kids admit to bullying others. If your child feels threatened by a cyberbully, tell school officials and notify police, and do not erase any hurtful messages, because they can be used as evidence. As technology advances, Dr. Holliday said New Hanover County schools will adjust their program accordingly.

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If parents would actually

If parents would actually parent their children you wouldn't have to worry about this problem.

Unplug the stupid thing for

Unplug the stupid thing for 2 weeks and watch this problem go away. Say your child can't go without their computer for that long because.......???? Unplug it and see! Whatever happened to children sitting down and reading a good book, or finding out information about the world without http://www. in front of it, or a cell phone stuck in their ear? Remember the Public Library???? As parents, it's your call.

Here's another thought

no cell phones in school. What possible use do they provide in middle or high school?

Cell phones in school

As a teacher, I know we have a no cell phones in school policy. We do our best to take phones away from kids during class, in the halls and anywhere we see them. The problem is, just because we say no cell phones, doesn't mean they aren't going to bring them or use them in restrooms or when we turn to write on the board etc. We do our best! This situation is a parenting issue. We do not have access to myspace, facebook or any other social website at school. Our computers do not allow access to anything of the sort. It is our job to handle bullying in schools and if it stems from the internet, then we do our part. What goes on at home, on a personal computer or cell phone, is something we can't handle.

More about cyberullying

Visit my website for a column about cyberbullying and more about kids and technological risks ..


"If your child feels threatened by a cyberbully, tell school officials..." Really...cyber-bullies? I don't go to "myspace" or any other's "space" online. But tell a teacher or call a cop if someone calls you a name?! Just another example of the continued wusification of America. Here's an idea if your kid is being "bullied" online...block the website.


How about parental control or even take the time to WATCH them online. How about no PC, or cellphones????