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Protesters out Monday night for cement plant's last forum

There was a large turnout for the last information session Monday night on plans for a cement plant in Castle Hayne. But the crowd was heavily divided between supporters and opponents. About 60 members of the group Stop Titan showed up at UNCW's Executive Training Center to protest plans to reopen the Old Roanoke cement plant. Protestors of all ages were out holding up signs. Many are concerned the plant's larger impact will outweigh the benefits of the jobs it could provide. Cliff Cash, a member of Friends of the Lower Cape Fear, said, “Businesses as small as our library who create 90 jobs don't pollute anything. They don't tear down any wetlands; they don't pump mercury into the air.” Inside, about 100 locals made their way through the protestors to find out more from Titan itself. They left with plenty to think about.

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sometimes it is better to remain silent and be thought a fool

THAN TO SPEAK AND REMOVE ALL DOUBT! it is amazing to me the amount of hateful ignorant uninformed rhetoric that is being spilled by people who know nothing about the facts of this issue. FACT #1: titan protestors aren't table bussers or just college students. i am a business owner/real estate investor. others are scientists,coast keeper, river keeper, physicians, senior citizens etc. many are phd.s in marine biology and have forgotten more than you will ever know about environmental issues FACT #2: Roanoke emits thirty times less mercury than they are requesting permits for here and is not even closE to the same size. just because those people say "uh i caint see no polution" doesn't mean it's not there. you can't see carbon monoxide either but it will choke you to death in your sleep won't it? FACT #3: TITAN hasn't offered to take anyone to their Florida plant have they? is it because they have leaked benzene into the ground water and are involved right now in a huge environmental lawsuit? but you wouldn't know any of these things would you? because you make decisions on pure emotion and not science. you are exactly the kind of people that terrify informed americans. don't worry billy bob the environmentalists will protect your children for you. you are obviously unwilling to. PLEASE REFER AGAIN TO ABOVE QUOTE.

Titan Leave Castle Hayne NC

Thank you Ignorance is Bliss for clarifying the facts for those who obviously wish to bury their heads in the sand. I too was one of those people til earlier this year. Titan/CCC is NOT good for Castle Hayne growth, New Hanover or Pender nor any of our coast line. These people who disagree and rather just speak on line are those who are not willing to do the hours and hours of research that it has taken for us to stand against Titan and further pollution of our county, more destruction of our roads and railways, etc. I respectfully request ALL who do not want Titan to operate here SPEAK UP. . make signs and stand on your street corner. Raise more awareness, join in. Those who think they may be one of the ones hired out of the proposed 160 jobs (sure, but I don't think so), continue to think that the government will take care of us, just like they just did with the bail out which will cost us all in higher taxes.

Hey is ther anything I can say.... make you ANGRIER? We've heard all about Titan. We simply reject *YOU* as the duty expert. We'll trust the governmental agencies. That's the key issue here. The sensible people are saying, "We'll see. Let it go through the permitting process, and we'll go with their decision." You people, on the other hand, are a bunch of hysterical screaming hissy-fits on the hoof, DEMANDING that you have your way. You see, we're not "pro-Titan," we're "pro-due process" and "pro-adherence to the law."

You guys owe me a consultation fee for this brilliance.

I know how you Anti-Titans can win! It's a fool-proof plan. A plan that only a genius like myself could think of. Feel free to use it. Here it is: You should all dress up in your little hippy burglar outfits that make you feel so "counter-cultury" and "Che-chic" and break into Titan headquarters and free all of the imprisoned cement globs from their cages. Part one of the plan is over. Now for part two: you will need a clever way to sneak the cement out of the building by the sleeping middle-aged security guard. You should mold the cement into the form of boots and tip-toe out of the building. Part 2 is over. Now for the final act - part 3: You are going to need to hide these cement boots you are wearing so the evil Titan titans don't retrieve them from you. Don't bury them at your commune or at the Bonnaroo Festival - those are the first places they'll look. The best place to hide the cement boots would be at the bottom of the Cape Fear River. They'll never look there! So just jump in the river with your cement boots and lay low for about fifty years, then get back to us. By then, they'll have a cure for cement and maybe for water ingestion, as well. Trust me, I'm on your side. Time's a-wasting! Get started now before evil Titan builds another evil sidewalk or maybe even a fountain.


I bet one of the protesters will put in an Application!!!!!

Let the experts decide

We have the state environmental agencies, the federal environmental agencies, and the Army Corps of Engineers. THEY are legally tasked and empowered to decide on Titan. Picking up a sign doesn't make you an expert. Get back to bussing tables or studying for mid-terms.

censored again, common?

I see we both had our posts removed by the WWAY police. Seems that a news origination would have a better grip on that pesky freedom of speech thingy.

Actually, the person quoted above has is own business

It is funny how so many people assume that environmentally responsible students are hippies without any means, aspirations, or talents. It is called prejudice. I would much rather be called an enviro-loon that to be prejudice.


These "experts" from city hall, Raleigh and Washington have our butts in a sling now because money has been the motivating factor over everything and especially the environment. Go ahead a label me a tree hugger if you want but, when our estuaries fail after being poisoned, pour yourself another slab of concrete to go with your poison food.

So change the system

That's how it works in a democracy. You make your case to tighten up the laws. You don't declare yourselves as the ultimate arbitors and demand that the agencies legally empowered to make the decision be ignored, or bend to your will. The citizens of North Carolina and the rest of the United States, through their elected representatives, established the state and federal agencies who will make this decision. In other words, no one elected YOU (Stoptitan) boss.

Democracy or Republic?

The founders intended, and laid out the ground rules, for our nation to be a republic. "democracy" appears nowhere in the Declaration of Independence or the Constitution. By not speaking out and doing nothing makes me nothing more than a slave. Kick my dog in my yard and see if I call the law "experts" in Raleigh before I kick your... butt.

Thanks for the civics lesson

....but a republic IS a type of democracy, as power is vested in citizens who vote. Speak out all you want to, but when your side starts calling for us to ignore current law and pay attention to only their bullying, expect others to speak out as well.