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Provision removed on raising NC cigarette tax

Members of a House committee have removed a provision that would raise North Carolina's cigarette tax by 25 cents per pack. The House Finance Committee agreed Tuesday to delete the cigarette tax increase contained in a proposed $940 million tax plan. That would reduce the package by $123 million. The decision means less money available to restore cuts in the proposed $18 billion spending package for next year.

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missed the point

The tax was not supposed to help people quit smoking. It was supposed to help save educator jobs and help our children keep school programs they need to be successful. All in all, I guess it was a good thing it didn't pass through. When our kids drop out of school because they didn't get an education they deserved, they'll need those low cigarette and beer prices for when they are home collecting government help.

They just

set the groundwork to raise the gasoline tax -- which everyone who works or goes to school needs for commuting and no one is outraged at that. Cigarette smoking -- both primary and secondary cigarette smoking -- has been proven deadly. So leave the cigarette tax alone. Stands to reason. The tobacco industry must have had its lobbyists working overtime.

What is all the hype about

What is all the hype about cigarettes? Alcohol causes more deaths every year then first hand or 2nd hand smoking does. But you don't hear them raising the taxes on alcohol or wanting to get rid of it all together. Thats because our Goverment enjoys a drink. So shhhh!! be quite dont say anything about alcohol because they NEED that drink. BS

Just let me smoke until Jan

Just let me smoke until Jan 1. and leave me alone.

Raising Cigarette Tax

I feel that cigarette taxes do not have to be raised - if we would just stop growing tobacco in the US. That seems so simple to me - because it is unreal what people have to pay for a pack of cigarettes now. Cigarettes have the same affect on a person that crack cocaine or any other drug has. Once you start smoking the nicotine hooks you and it is hard to quit smoking. I gave up the habit December 1997 and have not smoked since - thanks to God's grace. Breaking this habit can only be done with God's help.


My husband smoked for 20 years, he quit cold turkey 5 years ago. He did this with no help at all, he's atheist.