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Public forum held on redistricting for Holly Shelter Middle School

New Hanover County will have a new middle school next year. The opening of Holly Shelter Middle School requires moving students around. Three public forums are scheduled to discuss the issues involved. The first was Tuesday night at Myrtle Grove Middle School. More than 150 people attended. The majority of speakers shared a common goal. They want the school board to choose a neighborhood school option. “We have the right to select which schools our children should attend. We make that right when we determine where we live,” said Valerie Baars. "Now you tell us that our choice of school is suddenly going to change. That's wrong and not fair - toying with our emotions year after year by threatening to uproot our children by moving them to another school.” Many Ogden residents attended the meeting. One of the current options has Ogden students being bussed to the new Holly Shelter school. The next forum is Monday, October 19th at Noble Middle School.

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Get Real

I for one no longer have children in the school system here....thank goodness! It is sad that we are so worried about diversity, race, etc. instead of what is best for the children! How much time should a child spend on a bus let alone the safety of being on one longer. These people have no idea what they are doing and each time they get one of the expensive consultants to come in map everything out cost more taxpayers money. FIRE ALL OF THEM AND GET TAXPAYERS, PARENTS AND PEOPLE WHO KNOW WHAT IS NEEDED AND WANTED! I THANK MY LUCKY STARS MY CHILDREN ARE OUT OF THE SCHOOL SYSTEM.

Only Solution - Get out of Dodge!

The only real solution is to get out of Wilmington and North Carolina. This is a stupid, antiquated argument of increasing diversity by busing students. It only exists because North Carolina is inherently racist and the only way to bring children together, is to force the issue. After the last redistricting nightmare last year, I've decided to get the hell out of this backwards state and go where tax dollars spent give you access to your neighborhood school and no one can take that away from you. And ironically enough, it's a place where communities are naturally diverse.

Good riddance....bye!

Being pro-active rather that re-active is what gets results. We don't need quitters and whiners clouding up the problem solving process, "Don't let the screen door hit ya, where the good Lord split ya!"


See ya later. Don't let the door knob hit your rear.

Where's that previous poster?

I'd like to "get out of Dodge" too and would like to go somewhere that is run with more comprehensible logic.


Are the posted maps not the correct maps?... or is the reporter wrong?


It just doesn't make any sense to bus children across town. Has the board forgot about the price of gas.. Why should a child be on a bus twice as long as they have to be,,

Ogden Community

Not just one of the maps has Ogden students going to Holly Shelter, all 3 of the maps has the Ogden community going to Holly Shelter! We need new maps!


Apparently Miss Baars isn't very bright or should would realize that legally, when you buy a home it has nothing to do with school districts. Everyone knows it could be changed at any time so for her to rant on about her emotions is just sad. I would love for people to put forth a plan that would make everyone happy...point is...there isn't one.

Yes there is. Send children

Yes there is. Send children to schools closest to them. Parents are happy and as a taxpayer I am happy at spending less for gas. EAsy.


You honestly think that everyone would be happy if kids only got sent to schools closest to them. I would give it 1 year and Al Sharpton would be picketing every slum ghetto school downtown because it was nearly 100% African American students and they weren't getting what the needed. There is no WAY that neighborhoods schools solves the problem. I'm not saying i'm for or against either one, frankly I went to private schools. I am saying that only those in affluent areas that can dump money beyond public funding into their schools would be happy. The schools in the ghetto would be on the racial crime bus so fast our heads would spin. Anyone that thinks otherwise needs to call their proctologist to get help finding their head!