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Public forum scheduled on CFCC bond request

Cape Fear Community College wants over a $100,000,000 from the county to expand the schools facilities. Today, New Hanover County commissioners agreed to schedule a public forum on the matter. CFCC is asking the county for a $164,000,000 bond. The money would go toward adding two new buildings to the downtown campus and one to the north campus, and to handle the growing student population. If the public approves the bonds, commissioners say it would add 5 cents to the county property tax rate. That means if you have a $200,000 house, it would add $100 to your annual property tax bill. NHC Commissioner Bill Kopp said, "The first thing the voters need to understand is that anytime voters approve the issuance of bonds, they have to be paid back." A public forum is scheduled for September 2 at 6 p.m. at the New Hanover County Government Center. County commissioners have voted to put the bond referendum on the November ballot.

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I say yes...

I have read all of the posts on this topic, and collectively each of you have a valid point. Especially about neighboring counties helping foot the bill... However, your comment about the reason you moved here for lower taxes just pi**es me off. First of all, a community college system is for LOCAL people...sorry you chose to "retire" here, but I have lived here all of my life and feel that this could benefit alot of local people and give them an opportunity for prosperity. I just registered my daughter for fall classes and was pleasantly shocked at the low tuition rate. A community college system is designed to educate local people that can not afford the tuition of a 4 year institute. And yes, I feel that we the tax payers should pay for this. I have an idea, why doesn't GE pay for expanding programs...after all, they aren't paying any taxes to the local economy, and they have a curriculm designed especially for them...

You feel the taxpayers should pay more

I feel YOU should pay more. It's **YOUR** daughter who is going to the college, not mine. The simple fact that you were "pleasantly surprised" by the tuition rate speaks volumes about it being too low. Raise the tuition. Leave the taxpayers alone.

On the contrary, GE, Corning

On the contrary, GE, Corning and the Hospital are the three largest taxpayers in the county. Just the taxes on the land GE owns alone are astronomical because they own alot of it.

bond is good investment

I agree. You have to look at the big picture. It's an investment that will ultimately pay off for everybody. CFCC is the best deal going for local taxpayers. If you are going to invest in something, invest in something you can use. Community colleges are the key to a vibrant economy. Read this from USA Today: As for the crowding...I was at registration this week and it was packed. They need more classes and they need more space to do it.

$164 million is not "an investment"...'s spending borrowed money like drunken sailors, money that the taxpayers will have to pay back. Raise the tuition. Lay off the taxpayers. We cannot continue to be the bottonless well of money to fund a wonderful life for everyone. People need to re-learn how to pay their OWN way in this world.


The only difference is drunken sailors can only spend what is in their pockets.

CFCC Bond Needed to Keep Good Jobs Here

Cape Fear Community College turned away over 900 students last year alone because they did not have enough classroom space to meet the growing demand, especially in skill trades, and other vital services like nursing and health care professionals. For many students, crowding has delayed graduation and job placement. The proposed bond will provide funding to CFCC to build additional classrooms and labs to eliminate overcrowding on both campuses, and to provide space for important programs and essential student services such as financial aid, job placement, disability services and counseling. Cape Fear Community College’s enrollment is expected to increase well over 30% in the next five years. A recent study showed that CFCC has 40% less space per full-time student than does the average North Carolina community college. CFCC strong job training programs returned more state and local taxes annually than required to operate the institution, keeping our local economy strong by enabling businesses to locate and expand right here in our area.

Raise tuition

Let those who play, pay. Stop shifting the cost onto the shoulders of people who benefit very, very little from the college. One valid question - why are these bonds going to be paid back by only New Hanover County residents? Why is Pender County off the hook? Just the other day we were hearing about CFCC expanding into Pender County. Why isn't Pender County footing their fair share of the bill? This is a typical hair-brained, half-thought-out attempt to screw the taxpayers, something this county specializes in.



Is the $164 MILLION a typo?

Is the $164 MILLION a typo? Are they asking for $16.4 MILLION? If the reported number is corrct then this is dead in the water.

They need the money... seat the illegal immigrants who will be arriving shortly after Election Day - when the current policy will suddenly and magically change, like someone threw a switch. (Plus, how can they not need this money with Bev "Santa Claus" Perdue advocating free community college for everyone?) If our goal is to have tax rates equal to New York or New Jersey, we simply need to keep voting for Democrats and every insane bond referendum that shows up on the ballot.

CFCC bond referendum

Hmmm....some brilliant investigative reporter needs to take a hard look at the facilities plan. Let's see if in fact this desired money would be more of a gift to the local construction industry versus actually benefiting the students and classroom teachers. Seems to me what the college needs is not more "bricks and mortar" but higher teacher pay, more online/distance learning, and increased use of existing empty classrooms between 2 and 5pm. Further: I'll bet there's some un-used commercial real estate around town which could be rented and converted to classroom space - much more cheaply than new construction. Taxpayers need to really analyze this......

Hooray! Another bond referendum!

...and this one is a WHOPPER! Here's another opportunity to destroy one of the reasons you moved here - low taxes! Vote no - keep your taxes low.