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Public kindergarten starting age to be increased

RALEIGH -- Four-year-olds will soon have to wait to go to school. Beginning in 2009 a new state law says a child must wait a bit longer to start public kindergarten. Under the new law more than 15,000 children in North Carolina will have to wait until they turn five to start school. The current birthday cutoff is October 16. In 2009 the new school age cutoff will be August 31. Education experts say it's hard for four-year-olds to keep up physically and academically with classmates who are up to two years older. The extra year will give kids more time to mature. Some local parents responded to the bill with mixed reactions. Some of those opposed worry keeping kids out of school means another year of child-care costs. Cathy Bland is against the bill. She said, "I work shift work, so it's hard to find, and I work 12-hour shifts. So it's kind of hard to find childcare to accommodate a 12-hour parent… It would take a lot out of us financially -- it'll be a financial burden." Jessica Eason is for the bill. She said, "It would be best for the mother to keep them home as long as they can since childhood doesn't last long. They can get them prepared at home." Some lawmakers hope the new law will raise kids' test scores and lower teacher frustration. The senate voted unanimously for the bill Thursday. Gov. Easley says he will sign it into law.

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This is one of the most ridiculous things I have ever heard. What is wrong about letting a child be a child instead of pushing him/her at the age of 4 to start school? Children get burned out so easily, and for what reason. We as a society want to compete with places like Japan whose children are in school early in life and achieve so much more? Give me a break!!!! Children are burned out by the time they reach middle school because of the pressure put on them to achieve. The sad thing is many of them know how to use a computer, but couldn't add 20 plus 20 if they had to. Believe me, I know. I have worked with some of them in high school and they can't function without a computer or cell phone for that matter. Let the children be children for as long as they can - they grow up too fast!

I too am frustrated by this

I too am frustrated by this new law. My son was more than ready to start last year, much less this year and now, because of the new law, he has to wait another year. He turns 5 Sept. 15th. He's already reading, writing, adding, subtracting, etc. I tried to get him in - the principal pushed to get him in but the superintendent wouldn't budge. What aggravates me the most is the biggest reason there is an issues is because so many parents CHOOSE to hold their child back - in turn, widening the age gap and making the so called "younger" ones suffer. It's unfair that some parents have the option to choose to hold their child back yet for those of us with children who are more than ready have absolutely no choice or options for doing what is best for our children. The choice is stripped from us. There really should be a mandatory assessment for all kindergartners and if parents feel their children are ready, then they should be able to put their children through those assessments and start based on readiness!


This new law is for the best. For those of you who feel that you cannot afford another year of daycare, that is your problem. It is not our teachers problems and certainly should not be the problem of your child's classmates. The truth of the matter is most educated parents are waiting until their children are 6 to start them in kindergarten. The law of the new date, is simply the minimum. The expectation level in our schools is very different from the way it once was. Our kindergarten children are on computers and reaching limits we never dreamed imaginable when we were younger. Our educators jobs is to teach our sociecty, not to babysit your children because you don't want to fund childcare. I urge you to visit a kindergarten classroom of a school with high scores. I believe you will find that the overachieving kindergarten children of those schools are older than they used to be years ago. Allowing your child to begin his or her school age years later is only a benefit and the way that I look at it - you get one more year with your child.


There are a lot of arguments from both sides (advocates of earlier or later admission). No one should forget, that parental care, especially in early years of young human, is something that could not be overestimated. It is not only the matter of education, but also emotional development of child.

Kindergarten entry age

IT'S NOT A MATTER OF WHO CAN AFFORD DAYCARE. My husband and I have no problem with the cost of daycare. Yes- we have kids and yes we can afford them. I find that a total insult. The problem is - -our choices are being stripped due to the choices of others. If a parent feels their kid was not ready and decided to hold them back..........that's their option. Don't make a wait another year b/c they chose to have a 6 yr old in kindergarten. If you are going to allow those parents to chhose, allow ALL parents to choose. Another option would be to force them to start their kids at 5!!!! The schools could place the 'older' kindergarteners in a class just as they do with daycares. That was a rude comment and inconsiderate comment. It surely does not apply to all. Regards

we managed

"It would take a lot out of us financially -- it'll be a financial burden." You should have thought about that before you had kids. My husband and I managed for me to stay home with our child till he was in 4th grade and then I only worked while he was in school. It was a struggle at times but it can be done. If you can not afford daycare then do not have kids.

school age 5

My granddaughter is very smart at the age 4. She is ready for kindergarten. If she is delayed another year she will be bored with the class.She will lose interest because she already know the work for the class. She will be 5 Oct. 6 2009. This is not fair to her because some children are not ready. Why should she suffer and be punished for her being exceptional?

Kindergarden is

Kindergarden is MUCHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH Much Much Much more than the 'work' (how much work do they really do in Kindergarden, seriously). Its about social interaction with their peers. And if they get frustrated and feel alone and isolated in their first educational experience, their self-confidence could hurt for years to come.

Actually, they do a lot of

Actually, they do a lot of work in kindergarten. They learn to read, do basic math, study social studies and science. It's not all play, nap and storytime that it was when we were kids. I also agree that Sept. 1 is too early of a cutoff date. My daughter will make it by 10 days this year. I'm really glad she wasn't born 2 weeks later, because she's very smart and is already bored with Preschool. Maybe they should change it so that they could do some sort of evaluation of the kids born between, say Sept 1 & Dec 1. Some will be ready and some won't. I don't think it's right to make them wait another whole year if they could possibly be ready.

I am upset with this new

I am upset with this new law. I understand the idea of a child who will be four most of the school year, but in my daughters case she will be 5 one week after the cut off date. Is it fair for her to be held back an entire year over 1 week? Why should any child in this situation be held back? It demonstrates that not all situations are the same. I think there should be more guidlines to this law.


I complete disagree. I know there some kids there are not ready but there are a lot of kids that are ready and their mothers help them to be ready for next year. Like my daugther she is 4 and sould go to kindergarten next year, she already had a preschool year and they wanted to give her two years more on preschool. By the time she would be able to go to Kindergarten she is going to be bored because she know all the material. That is not fair for her and the other kids that are so ready to go to school next year. They should be an assement that they could take and see wich kids are ready and wich kids is not. And what happend with this kids in the transition they are going to be affected with this.


One - I understand Ms. Eason's belief that mothers (or fathers) should stay home with their child as long as possible. HOWEVER, in todays economy and society I think it is unrealistic to say that parents should stay home with their children until they are school age. It is just impossible for some families. Two - I do believe that some children are not ready for kindergarten but I also believe there are some who are more than ready. When my children were starting school they were tested before entering a K4 program. Two of my children were ready and one was PAST the expectations and could have started regular K5 but was too young. I do not agree with this bill and I feel the parents who are forced to pay additional child care cost but I think putting your child in school should be about getting an education, not saving money.

my child is ready

I completely disagree with this bill. My child should be starting school next year (before this bill) and now because one month he is going to be held back. I think in order for a kindergarten to start school he should be tasted frist and then see if he's ready or not, not just based on his age some childern are six months older and they maybe not ready acadmically

Children should not start

Children should not start school until they are 7, they should be allowed to be children, run around outside and play. They should not be stressed with waking up at the crack of dawn to go to school and they definitely should not have to go with children that are too young that would most likely end up holding the whole class up just to suffice the younger one. Just for the record, of those that say your children are ready, please take the time to check your spelling when writing in. It is very hard to believe the children of these parents are so ready for school when the parents themselves are having difficulty spelling the easiest of words. The school system is for teaching children, not to keep you from having to pay daycare cost.


I completely disagree with this bill. My child should (before this bill) start school in 2009, however now my child is going to be held back another year. I feel he is being punished b/c of his birthdate. My child is much bigger than children his age and has been preparing for kidergarten since 2. I feel that him being held back will cause him harm rather than leading to any benefits. I am scared that he will either be picked on b/c of his size or intelligence level if he is held back.

Disagree, I disagree with

Disagree, I disagree with the bill because I have a 3 year niece who started preschool August of 2009 and her teacher noticed how intellegent she was the first day of school. Her mother started her with preschool books when she was 2 years old and before she started preschool they had already started her with kindergarten books. Her teacher gave her a preschool book her first day of school, she had a week to complete the assignments in the book but she finished it in 1 day. Then her teacher gave her a kindergarten book to do and she did it within a week. Then she was tested for K4 and she passed with flying colors. By her only being 3 she has to stay in preschool, but her teacher gives her kindergarten work because she finishes her preschool assignments before all the other students. Her teacher says she's finished with her work first and she looks around the class wondering whats taking the other students so long to do there work so the teacher gives her work from the kindergarten class and she seems to do that with ease. My neice is 3 years old and she asks lots of questions, her grandmother asked her why does she ask so many questions and she replied by says "because she's trying to learn" where did she get that from, no one in my family knows. She's very advanced for age, she started talking at 1 years old and her mother began educating her before she entered school. She was able to spell 10 words at 18 months, I was in shock when she did that, they were all three letter words, but I was still impressed. She can read, spell her name, write, add, subtract and she knows her D.O.B, her address and her phone number. If she were every get lost, she could tell a stranger her address to get her home. She reads kindergarten books at home to me everytime I visit. Know is it fair that this very intelligent child be held back because of her age, or should she be advanced to another grade. She gets board very easily and she's always into her books and drawing. Might I add, she draws very good for her age. My job allows people to bring in drawings from their children and they put them in picture frames all over the hospital and her work of art was selected the best in her age group and she signed her first and last name and dated the picture all by herself.

This is an exception it

This is an exception it sounds like. We have to do what is best for everyone, and then deal with the exceptions. I have an August the 4th and I wish he missed the deadline. Read the book outliers and see all of the benefits of being older and more mature.