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Queensboro is one shirt company that isn't folding

READ MORE: Queensboro is one shirt company that isn't folding
So often these days, we're deluged by news of what isn't working in our economy. It can get downright depressing, but here in the Cape Fear, all is not doom and gloom. For a business that hangs by a thread, this one is quite successful. Set far back from Marstellar Street in Wilmington, you'd be hard pressed to find it. There are no signs outside or anything to attract your attention. The world headquarters for Queensboro shirts is about as unassuming as you can get. And that's quite by design. "You won't see any Taj Mahal marble bathrooms in any company I ever run. It's all about trying to keep your costs down, your flexibility so you can survive any situation that's thrown at you,” said Fred Meyers, Queensboro president. At Queensboro, they do custom embroidery on shirts, hats, jackets and just about anything else you can put a needle through. Success rule number one at Queensboro? "Well the main thing is you gotta take care of your customers. That's the bottom line,” Meyers said. "We do the small runs,” added sales manager Corey Crewswell who said their customers are often the little guy. The minimum order is four shirts. The little guy and the big can be fiercely loyal when he's treated well and gets good value. That's how this business has been built -- first by phone and mail order, and now online. You won't see any suits and ties at Queensboro shirts, not even on the boss. "I like working here. It's kind of laid back,” said Queensboro employee Nicky Brooks. There are 153 people that work at Queensboro, a work force that has held pretty steady. Fred Meyers still considers this a small business, but it's about to get bigger. By May, Queensboro will expand into this 30,000 square foot building next door. Why in the world would you expand in this economic climate? Meyers sees opportunity amidst the dark clouds. "As the economy decentralizes, when you see these big companies that seem too be breaking into bits. These are a lot of smart people and they're going to go out and start small businesses. And we feel these people are going to be customers for our products. They need those custom shirts. They need those custom shirts." And Wilmington’s Queensboro shirt company wants to be ready when they do. Meyers said a key to Queensboro's increasing revenue has been the company's embrace of an internet business model. The vast majority of business comes via the website.

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What Started with a Positive Twist

I know Fred casually,have been to the company,took a tour and met many of the workers.No doubt the inside is 'low-budget" but I do not know the financial position and is not a new home to be soon?
I wish all the employees well,but with all these comments,and have been there myself I have no idea who is right or wrong?

Queensboro on Craigslist

I have a degree, years of experience in my field and I want to work. I scour all the sites, all over, every day. A couple weeks ago, Queensboro put an ad on C/L under Marketing / PR / AD and I don't recall the exact wording of it, but I do remember being LIVID. The gist was, he wanted an experienced Marketer to INTERN with the possibility of the position becoming full-time. Then the next day I saw the puff-piece on how his business was exploding. I thought, "I guess so, if I could get a bunch of slav... er... INTERNS to work for me for free, my business would be jammin', too." I don't know him personally nor do I know anyone who works there, but after 25-years of dealing with good and bad people in the business world, this guy reeks... even through the TV.




There is one thing a good worker and a bad worker have in common..... They will both give the same effort, no matter what you pay them. I don't find anything being said here surprising. You can't make everyone happy. Just keep in mind that in every bad situation you have a choice. You have no one but yourself to blame for your happiness.

I am a current employee

I am a current employee here, and though it is not the perfect job, or where I saw myself when I moved here to Wilmington, I am ever grateful to wake up every morning and come here to work. Everyone knows that finding and keeping a job right now is difficult, especially in this town. I myself have been laid off from a job that I poured my heart into everyday, before coming here. Even though he working conditions may not be the best, or I may not even have a real desk, I am amazed everyday at how a group of people can come together and work in harmony for a common goal. I am very empathetic for everyone that has found themselves without a job, whether you were laid off from this job or another one that is unrelated. It puts a real damper on the American Dream, so to speak. But you have to realize, that while you are or were a part of this company, it is up to the owner of the company to run it. Bottom line is he has to do what is best for this company, and run it how he sees fit. He may not always make the best decisions, and some people may be out on their luck because of it, but he is only a man trying to keep his dream alive. No employer likes to have to let anyone go, even employees who stand less than par. Believe me, I used to be in a position where I had to lay off and let go individuals from a job they relied on. To see the look on there faces,and then later to experience the feeling first hand, it is overwhelming. But life keeps going, the sun rises everyday, and it is up to you to make your life what you want it to be. Do you want to sit at a computer complaining about how imperfect life is and how unfair it may seem or do you want to chalk it up as a learning experience and move on towards a better you. Feelings may be hurt and I understand that, and no Queensboro is not the perfect company,but I think that we should all be grateful that even for a little while our bread was put on the table by a check from here. I think it's time to move on, to begin fresh with a new attitude. It's hard yes, and in some cases it may seem impossible to take anything positive away from this experience. But know that we are made and formed by our experiences whether you let it make you stronger or weaker in character is up for you to decide. Let go of the anger and the frustration, I mean really does it make your day any better knowing that you have hurt someone? If the answer is yes than some of the posts are correct maybe you do need to reassess where your life is going, if the answer is no then it is time for you to move on and begin making your own life better. I have had to work for everything I have, and even though it's not much I'm proud that it is mine. Life is what you make it, and it's time to make yours something wonderful and beautiful. Only you can take charge of your life, only you can make your choices. Life throws bad situations and hard times at you often no matter what your position or background, it's what you make of it that makes the difference. I wish you all nothing but he best in your search for your place in this beautiful mess we call home. Make it happen for you, be happy with yourself and know that you cannot control the thoughts and actions of others. Chin up, my friend it's a beautiful out there a day full of wonder, now go out there find it, and make it your own.

Just out of curiousity ...

Is "Still Here" "Still There" at Queensboro Shirt Company? ... or did you also eventually get laid off? Reason why I'm asking, is that there is another "round" of hiring notices on Craig's List ...
I sure would hate to work for a company that would replace me at any sudden whim just to save a buck or two. I have a friend who is interested in working for Queensboro, however, I'm not sure that it would be the right move for him. Job stability is a VERY important factor for most people.

You are a current employee?

Well, then I have two questions for you: Are you currently at work? I'm willing to bet you are. And if so, how is it you have the luxury of writing such an extended response to all of what has been said while the rest of us are busy working? If I can't account for every minute of my day, I have to explain myself. Funny, I don't think playing on the computer, typing my opinion on wouldn't suffice is the eyes of one Mr. Meyers. But then again, I'm not one of his precious-es. Long story short, this company has one group of employees that do most everything and are paid next to nothing and another group that does next to nothing and are paid most everything. Same story every where you go, 'cept here they prefer firing the actual workers rather than the professional sitters. Wait---nevermind, same story every where you go.

so funny

I still work here,it is so funny how everyone is up at the desk trying to read all the comments posted on here.if they had to do so much cutting back why didnt the company let any of the csr go,this would have saved some money but instead all of the people in the back had to was more than a few employees that should have stayed and the supervisiors know whuch ones i am talking about, they just dog their employees out,use them to get the work done then dismiss them after using them.yes i would have to agree with the whole reputation issue this is just bad business for the company name, everyone is talking about it like crazy.and for nicky to get on television and lie about this company being laid back,yea right we all know she isnt laid back, she must had to say that to ethier suck up or worried she will be on the next laid off list

Big Company stomps on Little People

I do not work at Queensboro nor have I ever. Nor would I ever want to. But I have had a few friends to work there and some that continue to work there. I have NEVER heard anything positive about this company. It seems like Fred has come on here making comments or pressured some of his workers to come on here to make comments to save face. From what I understand, he's let about 50 people go within the last 5 months. Let's say that the average pay is $11 per employee for an annual salary of $23,000. That's just over $1.1 million he saved by firing people. Maybe that's his "increased revenue" he's bragging about to WWAY. What a coward way to make money! Someone previously mentioned about looking at your character, referencing past employees making comments on here. Maybe Fred should look at his own character. Before he renovates a new building to expand, he should renovate his own self. The reputation this company is getting around Wilmington and the surrounding better be careful keep firing good employees and you won't have anyone who will be willing to work for your company.

Positive Comments

Boy you can def tell which comments are coming from the CSR's. I'd be positive too if I had a lucrative desk job.


they are too many workers who are smoking illegal drugs on our job i wish someone would step up to the plate and stop this madness i can name a few off hand that everyday step right outside the building and smoke marjuana and lord knows what else on their breaks maybe an authority should check into this matter using drugs on the job can affect your work perfomance and its not heathly please stop it just isnt fair to the rest of us doing our job the right way thank you



front office

well i am still an employmee at Queensboro shirt co. and this topic is bothering seems like the workers who are still here are doing nothing but just taking up for this co. But in all reality I think they are scared express how they really feel about anything(speaking for myself i know am i afraid) Right now how the econmy is I am frighten to lose my job so i just come to work just to get the bills paid and i do what is told. All the employees who are getting up here posting excellent comments knows how they feel about this but they are just like me scared to be let go next!I have seen it happen before. You just never know who's going to be gone the very next day!!!It has been plenty of days that I have came into to work hoping that I will still have a job.Sorry but it is the truth


i think that everyone should just drop the topic..its over ppl are laid off so therefore they can sit home and get umeployment until they find a new job and for the ones of us who are still at this job, we have to keep busting our butts picking up all the work running 2 machines everyday packing 100's of orders and hooping like crazy this is just getting outta hand.The ppl who got laid off should be happy i wisthey'd do another lay off so i can sit home and get my umeployment benefits.Honestly this isnt the best company to work for and everyone thats still here knows the truth.And the thing about 100dollars bonus? yea right we dont get one last yr or x-mas dinner? what about this yr? How many of us are getting raies?Lets all just let it go EVERYTHING HAPPENS FOR A REASON. THIS WAS NOT THE RIGHT PATH FOR THE ONES WHO WAS LET GO. IT IS SOMETHING IN STORE FOR ALL OF YOU. MY PRAYERS GO OUT TO EVERYONE AND YOU WILL BE BLESSED WAY MORE THAN THIS COMPANY!

Sorry to you all

All the people on here know that what they are saying is wrong. Fred is a good man and he's good to his customers and employees. He always did for us, The economy got bad he looked real sad when he had to cut back but he held strong to all that stood strong for him and worked hard now we are doing great, and that's great for what the economy is doing right now. He is still going strong. We have a lot less mess ups and everything is going out on time. All because he got rid of the slackers, Sorry if the shoe fits wear it.

Thats not right to air out your prob on this company

I am really sorry that you all were let go. I wouldn't wish that on anyone but your not making yourself look good at all. All you look like is someone who are mad at the fact that you got laid off. Fred is a good man and he does do a lot for his employees. He gives 100 dollar xmas bon every year to his good employees. Had dinners for us every other month with prizes. He treats his employees good to the ones without the attitudes and the late every days and and taking days out just because. You say that the customer didn't get the work on time that the work was bad well that's way your mad because they got rid of the ones who where putting the bad work out instead of truck loads of bad work. now we got to boxes. So I am really sorry for your pain and we know misery likes company but putting a company in your pain wont get it!!!!!

Interesting Because?

Maybe the layoffs are response to economy or quality of work. But the racist comment is uncalled for. How many ethnic (other than white) people have been to Queensboro applying for an Office position. In actuality the majority of Queensboro employees appear to be of the African American persuasion. So if the majority of the employees are African American, therefore it is highly possible and statistically reasonable to assume that the layoffs will consist of the majority of the employees. If this complaint is simply a result of getting laid off, maybe you should consider your options, and consider your time at Queensboro a learning experience. This place offers a great place to work with really smart and interesting people. One must work hard and have a great attitude, just like in any other company. Motivation and determination can take you anywhere. In conclusion, many people really enjoy working here. And of course one man can not make everyone happy! So we all must keep in mind - We only have options, and that is all they are! Opinions

i have ordered a few items

i have ordered a few items myself from this business and when i got it it was so wrong but also it was like 2 weeks late and i had to send it back. This was totally not accepted from me


There has been a lot of negativity on this site mainly from former employees of the company. It doesn't matter the timing of a layoff, it is never a good time for the company and certainly not for those who are losing their jobs. Those employees that do not work at this company may want to take a moment to do a personal inventory of themselves and their contribution to the company and ask themseleves did they give it their all? In several instances, that answer would certainly be no and if you were being honest with yourself, you would know that. Move on. Move on!


how can you say it is former employees that are says all the negativity when there has been a couple of customers comments that is not happy with them. and for those people who got layed off how can you say that they didnt give it there all and worked hard for that company it was said it was the economys fault for the lay offs not the former employees peformance.

Convenient timing

There is no more convenient time to layoff space-wasters than during difficult economic times.

this company sucks!

i suggest no one to buy anything from this company

As someone that runs a

As someone that runs a business in the similiar field, I have to say that people like you should really not make these sort of comments on this website...your petty opinion is pretty much pointless as Queensboro probably has thousands of satisfied customers! If you have a complaint, file it with the BBB or actually explain your issue with the owner. You are probably one of those impossible to please customers. How many pieces did you order from them?...I'm willing to bet it was less than 50! One of those customers that you're better off telling to go down the road and take your 20,000 stitch count design elsewhere. You people whine about setup prices, whine about production time and anything else you can imagine...

and also

if they are doing so much hiring then why was this their second lay off? just think about preparing for x-mas gifts and giving your children a nice x-mas...he laid off so many ppl the friday before x-mas if the company was doing so well why did he have to do a second lay off? i have kids,a house and car but fred didnt even care who he let go, i put in my time and was very experienced but he must be trying to come out cheap by hiring new ppl thats unexperienced..thats goes to show he doenst care about the quality of his work. Fred can be very uncaring and nasty towards ppl. the tv and newspaper interview was just to etheir make his self look good or to do promotions!!!!

i am an employee laid off

this is coming straight from someone who has worked for this company for yrs. Fred is on tv broadcasting like the company is all that and he knows it not. He is just looking for a quick dollar,he doesnt care bout the customer quality or his workers.half the time he was never there to even see what was going on he just wanted his work out in shipping and plenty of times customers has sent back so many orders. How can he just lay off the dedicated ppl and hire new ppl? He said he was expanding but since i've been there he's been saying the same thing and hasnt done anything new yet.this is a really bad company to work for.i am glad they laid me off i dont wanna be apart of anything like this

This company treats their

This company treats their employees like garbage. It's a glorified sweat shop. They need a union.

It is a sweat shop. Are

It is a sweat shop. Are there still ginormous cockroaches running around the walls, floors, and desks? Are there still toxic drips from the ceiling? What about the electrical system? Any wiring/electrical fires lately? The place is a joke, I think you have to be from NYC or the northeast to get an office job.

Not all Roses

Ahhhhhh... Good ole Fred. Queensboro Shirt Co. sure is an interesting company to work for, I speak from experience. But as you can tell if you watch the video, Fred is ALL about the customer, not about the people who work hard for him. He has no loyalty to those people, and often will drop workers on a whim. Take a look at the working conditions. Fred mentions not having Taj Mahal like bathrooms, but how about ones that dont have cockroaches by the hundreds (I kid you not). You will often see Queensboro on Craig's List. Why? Because he'll hire you, then cut you loose a few months later. In these economic times, you best know that before accepting a position in that company.

how can they have 153

how can they have 153 people working there when they did a newspaper article on feb 6th saying" of the more than 160 employees many operate machines". now they say they have 153 how could they when after the newspaper article came out they layed off around 25 people. the numbers dont add up .I think they are just after the free advertisenemt from the newspaper and the tv to make them look good.

This story really makes me

This story really makes me sick. For a business owner to give an interview promoting his business and it's "success" and it's "steady workforce"...yet he's laying off people left and right. I'm sure his bottom dollar has gotten fatter...particularly when he's laying off good employees; some who have been with the company for years. That's what's wrong with some corporations...they hire people, use them to build a strong company and then fire them to rehire other employees; probably at a lower pay rate. I'm sure that one employee is going to say "I like it here..." She is probably scared that she's going to get fired next like the other employees around her have been. What a one-sided, completely fabricated story!