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Questions surround Sen. Soles, who is giving no answers

READ MORE: Questions surround Senator Soles who is giving no answers
After trying to reach Sen. R.C. Soles for weeks regarding extravagant gifts he's allegedly given a Columbus County 17-year-old, he's yet to return our calls. Monday, WWAY’s Ann McAdams drove to the Senator’s office in Tabor City. Not only did Senator Soles refuse to meet with Ann, she was ordered off his property. It's one of the most unusual stories we've ever heard. Seventeen-year-old Allen Strickland drives around Tabor City in this Chevrolet Corvette, a car he says was paid for by his attorney, Sen. R.C. Soles. Strickland says the senator also bought him a brand new house that the teen lives in alone. Last Wednesday, the house caught fire while Strickland was sleeping inside. Fire investigators suspect arson. "This whole town is jealous of how I got that house, how I got my car, how I get money and all, and everybody just can't stand it. Somebody is trying to hurt me. Whoever did it, they did it with the intention of me getting killed," Strickland said. While it is unusual for a 17-year-old to own his own house, it's not illegal. Attorneys we spoke to Monday with the North Carolina Bar Association say minors can have property in their name. Senator Soles’ law firm actually prepared the deed. The 75-year-old Senator and 17-year-old Strickland have had a relationship for years, often a rocky one, that's required police intervention on at least a dozen occasions. Strickland is actually charged in an unrelated arson at the home of J.C. Phipps, the father of Soles’ former law partner, Bill Phipps. Strickland adamantly denies any involvement in that fire. He does have a string of other misdemeanor charges on his record. As recently as Friday, police were called to Senator Soles’ law firm after getting word that Strickland was there. The Senator recently took out a protective order to keep Strickland off his property, unless he's there for official legal business. This time, police didn't make any arrests, and Strickland says the meeting with the Senator was cordial. "He told me he was sorry to hear what happened, and he'd help me get it fixed back, and anything he could do to help me, just let him know,” Strickland said. "When I heard him say it, and he was crying and stuff, he convinced me that he didn't have nothing to do with it.” Although he is talking to Strickland, Senator Soles continues to refuse our request for an interview. It's protocol for elected leaders to make themselves available to the media, but R.C. Soles, the longest serving legislator in the state, seems to be going out of his way to avoid us. The SBI is still actively investigating the arson at Strickland’s home. Authorities think they may determine a cause by the end of the week. Once that's established, there are several persons of interest in mind in the criminal investigation.

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RC SOLES a wonderful man and Senator

I am behind RC in all he does. He has been a friend of our family for over 50 years. His parents have also been a part of our lives too. I think it was very nice of him to look after a young man who has nobody. ANN McAdams and the media should leave him alone. He is a wonderful senator and has helped a lot of people in NC . I will continue to support him and pray for him . Stay away from him and let him do his job. ANN how would you like for someone come to your work and bother you . Maybe we should go visit you when you are onthe air..... Get a life

wonderful to who????????

Excuse me........... SpongeBob Square Pants is wonderful to my grandchildren. Wonderful is a relative term. Now please tell me how he has helped the people of Columbus County. We are one of the poorest undereducated counties in North Carolina. Even RC himself said of his troubled clients that they couldn't get jobs here. Please.........nobody can't get jobs here. Our best and brightest have to leave the area so they can make a living. I challenge you to tell me how he has helped the people in Columbus County? And by the way I know of homeless people who work everyday trying to better themselves and I haven't seen RC running to help them.

JD hogg of Tabor City

Sounds like Senator Soles is the JD Hogg of Columbus County. Why are you people so afraid of him? I live in Ft Lauderdale and own property there in Columbus County. I have been following this story since it started weeks ago and it just keeps getting more crazy. I work for a law firm here and I have shown members of my office the stories coming out of your local news. Seems like channel 3 is the only one interested in this story. Whiteville News seems to be downplaying the whole story. Dose Senator Soles have any interest in that paper. They should be all over this story. Seems it is time for the Senator to come out of his closet and face his supporters before he has none. I can tell you from experience the more time will not equal less impact. Sooner or later Mr. Strickland is going to have to talk and explain what has been going on.

R.C Soles

Ann Mcadams coverage of R.C Soles has been outstanding.I hope WWAY_TV3 continues this aggressive coverage of a most unusual story.The other media outlets do not have the courage to pursue this story.Mr Soles is probably hoping this will blow over like a bad storm by avoiding Ms.Mcadams.The DSS office in Columbus County or any other authorities are not likely to get involved for fear of being strong armed by a man known to many as the Godfather and the Boss.

Impeach Senator Soles -

Time to start impeachment proceedings against Senator Soles. Either answer the charges and claims or start a petition to impeach him. Enough is enough.

Make him talk!

Someone has to make Senator Soles step up and explain what is going on. And keep in mind - he really has no choice and should be forced to explain. He is paid by the people and for the people. Enough said!!!!!!!!!!!!! He was voted in and he CAN BE VOTED OUT!!!!!!! if enough people will stand up and say "we are taking it no more".

I would say this is

I would say this is unbelievable but because this is Mr. Soles, this comes as no surprise. How long will the SBI Investigation take? If they find a link to Mr. Soles, won't this become a federal matter? Where are the national Media outlets? Thank you WWAY, this IS the story of the year locally- stay on it! Did WECT even do any reporting? Looks like they just copied and pasted from your stories with occasional right-click synonyms. Good luck and God speed.

Soles Expose'

Keep up the good work WWAY. Your reporter is a skilled and tenacious young lady who is tearing into a culture of corruption in Columbus County. Please continue to support her in this matter. Please provide her with the moral and logistical support to stay on this.

What is going on here?

The story says that Soles has known Strickland for many years yet the boy is only 17. That they have had a rocky relationship. Is Soles his father or something? Who buys a house and a corvette for a 17 yr. old? What is going on here? Where are the boys parents?

Thank you guys for being the

Thank you guys for being the only ones bold enough to try and get to the bottom of this story. How can Sen. Soles continue to keep this under wraps? You should get this out to your national outlets. There's no way local or state law enforcement would ever prosecute him.

Ordered off his property?

Ordered off his property? Don't you mean the taxpayers property? The arrogance of these politicians never ceases to amaze me.

That would probably be is

That would probably be his private law firm property which would be private. None the less he certainly is arrogant!!!

R.C. Soles

A tempest in a teapot! All these swirling innuendos! I am afraid there is much less to this story than meets the eye. So Senator Soles gave "Frog" Strickland some expensive gifts. That was his perogative, and there is nothing illegal about it. Is WWAY going to continue to report on this matter--this tawdry little tabloid sausage? If so, may I suggest you send a competent investigative reporter to unearth the facts before airing more reckless insinuations.

They did send a competent

They did send a competent investigative reporter and she was ordered off the property. I think Ann McAdams is competent enough, don't you?

Only an idiot.....

Only an idiot would not look for fire when the smoke is blinding you! There is a lot of smoke in this story, and a thorough investigation could answer all of the questions, so why is Mr. Soles hiding? When someone tries to burn down a house when someone is still in it, shouldnt that be an attempted murder investigation?

Soles Expose'

There are a few variables, when you're considering filing charges of attempted murder. In this case, one might want to answer questions like: How did "Frog" burn his hand? Why did "Frog" stop halfway down the stairs while answering the door in the middle of the night, only to return back upstairs and go back to bed? Since "Frog" is facing arson charges already, could he be involved in setting this fire? You see, "Frog" is of questionable character, but then again, so is his financier.

Must not be local

You must not be from Tabor City. If so you would know that there is so much MORE to this story. You are one of the ones that has the wool pulled over your eyes, glad to see someone is believeing the lies dished out by Soles and Allen. I am sure this fine news team is not just going on a hunch. I tell you what you drive to Tabor City and the first person you lay your eyes on I want you to stop and ask them what they believe is the nature of Soles' relationship with his so called "clients". Then ask the next, the next, the next, and you will see that there is not a one that can tell you it's completely normal. Funny how none of these "clients" are women. Oh and by the way Allen says that he got these gifts by agreeing to finish school.. ha he is a drop out and never plans on going back....

Not Necessarily

If he gave gifts to this individual worth more than $12,000 in a given year he would have to declare them on his taxes. Did he? That is another unanswered question to this story. Do state representatives make their tax records public (like many elected federal officials)?

Spoken like a true

Spoken like a true politician, my friend.


WWAY has been the only one that had the guts to investigate until recently and they are very competent.Frog is not the only young boy to have received money and gifts from RC, there are more than a few. Frogs brother Sean was also one of them until he jumped from a second story balcony into a swimming pool in Raleigh and he didn't know how to swim!There have been many in the years all starting at young ages. According to Frogs statement he met RC at his brothers funeral which was 3 years ago. Best I can figure that made him only 13-14 years old. Would make anyone wonder why you would start to spend that much money on someone that age??


According to the Star News Soles met Frog when he had him arrested for stealing from his property. The point is Soles will not talk about it, wonder why?

You haven't watched Ann

You haven't watched Ann McAdams for very long, have you? She is as good as it gets in this area, and nothing I have seen thus far could even remotely be considered 'reckless insinuations'.


I think it is apalling that our "GREAT" Senator is not talking. I guess he figures that it's better this way. The other station finally stepped up!WOW! WWAY keep it up,some of us hometown folks are so glad that you have the will to investigate. There are alot of unanswered questions for Senator Soles, ones he would rather not answer.After all these years I think it's time.

I agree!

I totally agree with you. I think Mr. Soles silence says it all!

R.C. Soles

Please, please do not give up on this story.