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"One Tree Hill" fans make Port City pilgrimage

READ MORE: "One Tree Hill" fans make Port City pilgrimage

"One Tree Hill" fanatics came to the Port City from all over the world today to see where their favorite show is filmed. The trip was organized by one of the show's biggest fans. She's from miami, and used social media and one tree hill fan websites to spark interest.

Dozens of fans in matching T-shirts came to Screen Gems Studios to see the set of "One Tree Hill." They watched a trailer highlighting all the movies and TV shows filmed in Wilmington. Then they hopped on a tour bus to see other filming locations throughout wilmington.

"It was just neat to see how everything is put together and how long it takes for them to set something up and tear it down and just the lighting," said Tanya Mustard of Edmonton, Canada.

"It doesn't make it lose it's magic," Stephanie Hicklin of London, England, said. "I think it makes it a bit more special because you sort of know how much effort they put into it."

If "One Tree Hill" has an eighth season, these die-hard fans say they plan to come back for a reunion. The fans are eating dinner at Hell's Kitchen in Downtown Wilmington, a popular set used in "One Tree Hill" and "Dawson's Creek." Then they're headed back to their hotel to watch tonight's new episode of together.

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Biggest fann everrr!!!

Every Night I feel like crying ! just because I want to watch One Tree Hill and meet them etc.

I wish there was a way but theres not because I live in canada!!!!! :(

I am suchhh a HUGGGEEEEE fan I dont even wanna watch other shows because I just wanna Watch One Tree Hill!

They DEFFITNETLEY have to make a season 8!
I cant stop watching One tree Hill!
They should think of all there fans and stuff ! It would make sooo many people happy and yea sure there may be a fre haters but thats life! But theres also A MILLION lovers of One Tree Hill so let those haters be haters! Oh well! Yea sure they can be mean but I just think they also wish they could meet the actors/actresses or something! But it would make soooooo many people soooooooooo happy to have a season 8 of One Tree Hill!
I think they should Make Lucas and Peyton come back and that Derek (Ian) guy gets outta jail and trys going after her again but only to say he wont be going after her anymore and that hes sorry but nobody knows that so Peyton trys to protect the baby and Lucas protects peyton again! because he is just so awesome!!! And then everything between Julian and Brooke works out and so does her clothing line but then there should also be a problem and same with Haley and her sisters it should be there mom dosent really have cancer.. it was a mistake ! But all the good things should be shown in another episode (A few after some other episodes of a season 8)

But thats just my opinon!

Really hope theres a season 8 of One Tree Hill


One Tree Hill

I see the cast all the time.
Would you like autographs next time I'm there?

Must not be

You must not be the biggest fann everrr!!! since Tanya Mustard of Edmonton, Canada made the trip down. Don't forget about Stephanie Hicklin of London, England that made the trip. You have been pwned.

Didn't know

I didn't know that Canadian's were not allowed in America. Guess you have to be from Mexico to come here.


You two got nothing better to do than to pick on young girls? Shameful!

So much more

Not only do I pick on young girls, I also pick on the naacp, criminals, welfare sponges, dimocrats, generally useless lazy people and inept politicians. Don't feel left out, I would be willing to bet you fall into one of the above categories.

Ad Hominem

Ad hominem means against the person in latin. It is a tool that many people who are unable to back up their opinions with facts or statistics employ. They attack the person who had an opposing opinion rather than their ideas. I see it all through these comments and it is a tell tale sign of a weak minded opinion.

Lets look back

I can back with facts and often do. 1)She claimed to be oth's biggest fan but couldn't make the trip because she lives in Canada. 2)That falls short since there was at least one person there from Canada. Prove me wrong.


You would lose again.I work,never took a penny from the goverment,I'm white,law abiding and would never run for office.I also call myself an independant.I know their's some categories I can include you in but I don't think they would let me post them here.

Are you by chance?????

Are you in Wilmington NC??? Cuz I think I know who you are...there are only so many people out there with SUCH Biased opinions...and the "I'm white" part, it has to be you.


Give it a try, I think wway has finally opened up their posting. Don't worry, you won't/can't offend me.