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"Scents for Soldiers" Comes to Wilmington


One particular vendor on Front Street was on a special movement to help our troops.

Its called “Scents for Soldiers”, a group based in Myrtle Beach that provides help to soldiers undergoing treatment at Walter Reed Medical Center.

They raise funds by taking donations and selling goods at festivals such as the Azalea Festival. With that money, they visit wounded soldiers and try to buy them things they need.

“We go room to room, we take requests, we get their wish list or their want list,” says MaryAnne Daugherty. “With donations we go out and purchase the things that they have asked for or if they're able we take them shopping.”

MaryAnne Daugherty is trying to start a Wilmington chapter for scents for soldiers, but needs more members and community support. If you'd like to help you can visit their website:, or you can contact MaryAnne Daugherty at (910) 620-7054 or

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It's not that I'm against this but.....

....doesn't our tax dollars already go towards funding the military? Doesn't the government have a responsibility to assist the wounded that so bravely fought for our country to at least ensure that "basic needs" are fulfilled?
I'm not a wealthy guy, but I am lucky enough to be employed and can make my debt obligations, but between the necessary debts and outlay of a substantial amount of my pay for taxes, it doesn't leave a lot for all of the different needs that people have their hands out for.

Funding our Wounded Warriors...

You are correct that some of our tax dollars are suppose to go to funding our military. It is the medical facility's job to rehabilitate and treat ill, sick and wounded. It is our job to express our gratitude for their sacrifice. As simple as the smell of something sweet can make the difference in a Wounded Warrior's outlook. The simple things we take for granted, are not provided to them. Isn't it our job to ensure they know we appreciate what they have done and make them feel welcome when they come home? We all have debts, but we pay nothing compared to the triple amputee who lost his hearing to ensure we can voice our opinions as we do here.


you scents for what you are doing for our soldiers. So many people here go day to day without any idea what our military has done for us.


It's really simple, if you don't have the money, then don't give it.

I am sure the gov't pays for

I am sure the gov't pays for all the medical costs for the soldiers, or at least I hope they do. Even with that I am sure they don't get a whole lot for books to read while in the hospital, maybe a treat here or there or just any small item that may not be medically necessary but would make them feel better while recouperating. Some of these soldiers may not have family near by or may not have access to funds in there condition and would like something. If 3 or 4 dollars is too much for you, and it appears that way, than don't give I'm sure they will still get better and again go out to the front lines for your freedom.

It isn't the 3 or 4 dollars...'s the 25 thousand dollars I paid in taxes last year. Where in the hell did it go?
The presidents entourage every time he makes a trip?

And Missy, don't preach your freedom crap to me. My father was a retired veteran of WWII and Korea and I was one of the first in line to sign up after the 911 attack on this country. Neither he or I have ever asked this government for a dime. So, the next time you want to throw your "freedom" card out there, I recommend that you do it to the media that so flagrantly demeans the actions of our great sevicemen and women that protect that right for you!

My point is that this country absolutey rapes and pillages it's citizens by reaching into their pockets and pulling out what they want with nothing to say about it, but they always have a "budget shortfall" and need more and more and more...never ending. Yet our elderly and our veterans get pushed to the side and forgotten, while we feed, clothe and medicate millions of illegal aliens along with the other lazy do-nothings. Is any of this starting to ring as bell with you?