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Transportation Sect. clarifies Toyota comments


WASHINGTON (AP) - Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood now says he misspoke when telling owners of recalled Toyotas to stop driving them. Instead, LaHood says take them to dealerships to get them repaired.

LaHood told reporters it was "obviously a misstatement" when he told a House panel earlier Wednesday that he would advise owners not to drive recalled vehicles. The remark came during testimony to the Appropriations subcommittee on transportation.

Toyota's most recent recall in the United States affects 2.3 million vehicles with the potential for sticking gas pedals. Toyota announced on Monday they had found a solution that involved reinforcing the pedal assembly with a part that is being rushed to dealerships.

The problem, however, is that drivers are not likely to get a quick fix. Toyota told dealers in a letter on Tuesday that "parts and technical instructions will begin arriving this week for you to begin initiating repairs."

LaHood also acknowledged that the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration is investigating Toyotas not just for problems with gas pedals, but for problems with the electrical systems, as well.

"We will also be investigating the electronic components that are in these cars and if they're not safe, we'll have Toyota take a look at that," LaHood said.

He said that Toyota has been cooperative in the investigations.

Toyota has recalled millions of vehicles in recent weeks due to problems with sticking gas pedals that cause the vehicles to accelerate out of control and later halted the sale of the eight vehicles involved in the recall.

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Where was the Transportation Secretary on past recalls...

...and why is Congress conducting hearings on Toyota's recall? I can only recall Congressional hearings on the Pinto, when Ford WOULDN'T recall them. Why is Toyota being crucified when they are fully cooperating and conducting the recalls?

Ohhhhhh....that's right! The government owns GM and Chrysler now, so it's in the government's best interests to torpedo any other car company.

The best car I ever owned was recalled. The pickup I drove for ten years was recalled and my cruise control didn't work until the new part came in, about ten months later.

Lots of car companies discover problems and conduct recalls....

...but now that the government is in the car business, a recall by any company other than theirs is a "disaster to be taken advantage of." (With a nod to that slimeball Rahm Emmanuel)

As a mechanic, I don't think

As a mechanic, I don't think the gas pedal is the problem. Gas pedals have stuck, I have had it happen, but it was when the pedal was depressed to the floor and did not return. I doubt if all these cases were due to this situation. A more likely cause is an electrical problem maybe in the cruise control circuit or the computer. The accelerator is a cheap fix, so they obviously will try that first.

recalled cars

Read the IBD two days ago ...
Honda also is recalling cars.