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Race for Wilmington mayor starts early, Knight announcement Tuesday

The race for Wilmington mayor is getting started early this year. Paul Knight, vice president and general manager of Sea-Comm Media, which owns several radio stations, is expected to announce Tuesday he will run against Mayor Bill Saffo. His formal announcement will take place on the steps of City Hall at 6:00 Tuesday night. Business owner, Justin Lanasa, also plans to challenge Mayor Saffo for the seat. Lanasa also ran for mayor in 2007.

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Justin Lanasa is a joke.

Justin Lanasa is a joke. Seriously. He cannot even hold his own at any public speaking event and his lack of knowledge is laughable. His "campaign platforms" are ill-advised and not at all in the best interest of our city. I am not surprised that Ricky Meeks got more votes than him. I would vote for Ricky any day over Mr. Lanasa.


We need to decide where we want our city to be ten, fifteen, twenty years from now; and that's a choice that must be decided by us all, not by those who think only of an elite few. Remember these words as you go about your daily life, as you truly look around you and see what's there. Remember these words as you consider who you wish to help lead you into the future and ask yourself who you honestly feel has the determination, and the integrity, to take you where you want to go. Thank you.

No Way

Well I can safely say that neither of these two will get my vote. One is just a joke and would be nothing but a total embarassment to the town. The other is involved in an industry that has little to nothing to do with real estate which of course is one of our biggest industries. No reason to vote for either.


Well Saffo has to go,he has done nothing but raise taxes after taxes.Tired of him, anyone be better then he is.

No Way, MAJ?

I agree but which one is the joke & embarrassment and which one is involved in an industry that has little to nothing to do with real estate? Seems either of these descriptions could easily apply to either candidate...

Paul ditch Curtis

Then you may have a chance. The motor-mouth will turn against you anyway if elected.

Who is running?

Justin Lanasa, the subpar tattoo artist who got less tham 500 votes and choked up during the mayoral debate at UNCW is actually running again? Wonders never cease...

The Voice

Justin Lanasa.. "The voice of 400" is running again? ComeOn buddy.. Ricky Meeks got WAY more votes than you did... Good luck.

Ricky vs. Lanasa

Yup - and Ricky had to share his votes with a lot more people! Justin only was running against two others and Ricky still got more votes... Have to agree that neither of these guys will get my vote. Can't stand Curtis Wright (oops, I mean Mr. Knight) and I'm sorry, but Justin, I just don't think a lot of the folks in Wilmington are ready for a tank-owning outspoken tattoo artist as their mayor. Anyone else out there? Ricky, are you going to run?

If he's running against

If he's running against Saffo, he has my vote.

AMEN! Mine too!! I'd even

AMEN! Mine too!! I'd even vote for Ricky before I would vote for Saffo!!

Lets Hope

If Paul winning the election is what it takes to get Curtis off the radio I will move to Wilmington and vote for Paul. I sure miss Marty and Dick haven't listen much since Curtis started can't stand the drama


What will happen to Curtis Wright if Paul Knight gets elected? Will he still have a job if he continues to bad-mouth the city/mayor/council? Will he still have a show if he doesn't? Hmmmm... this should be interesting.

Curtis Wright bores me

Hey, I'm a Republican. I believe in most of what the party stands for. However, Curtis Wright is silly with his constant attacks on local republicans, Democrats, and callers who don't agree with him. He's slowly pushed me away.