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Rapper Lil Wayne to perform at New Hanover High School

READ MORE: Rapper Lil Wayne to perform at New Hanover High School
WILMINGTON -- Despite concern among New Hanover County School Board members, rapper Lil Wayne will perform at New Hanover High School on Sunday. The school attempted to cancel the concert after reports of gang violence near the school forced two lock-downs in one week. But free speech laws say the show must go on. Part of the controversy is over rapper Lil Wayne's admission that he's a gang member. And in the past, he faced charges for illegal possession of drugs and a firearm. But when the New Hanover High School attempted to prevent the concert from happening at Brogden Hall the school board was sued by the concert's promoters. Since the board can't prove the concert will be a threat to public safety members have no choice but to let Lil Wayne perform. Dr. Rick Holliday with New Hanover County Schools said, "When you are a public school and you're supposed to be espousing democracy, that means sometimes you need to allow messages you may not agree with." Wilmington Police say Lil Wayne's concerts have no history of violence and therefore cannot be considered a threat to public safety. Holliday said the promotion company agreed to pay for heightened security at the concert -- including a number of Wilmington Police officers. Sheriff's deputies will also be on hand. The promoters are calling the show a "stop the violence" concert, and hope it will prevent violent behavior, rather than promote it.

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well, well A NO SHOW

I think the kids that the station showed on TV that were waiting for the NO SHOW TO COME. What for lanuage they were using?? They didn't look like should be down there at 9 pm. and if the police weren't worried about voilence then why did they have so many officer on duty. I mean Lil Wayne is a known gang member (not a gang for the PTA, or Cub Scouts) SO now Here is the real kicker. He will make more money now from a no show. Than he would if had come and play THAT IS THE GAME AND HE IS A PLAYER.

No show

Weezy didnt even show up. Glad I didnt buy a ticket. I dont see why people thought he would show up to a highschool when he could just go to Charlotte and sell out Erricson Stadium. The worst part is that my friend died over a concert that didnt even happen. R.I.P. Sam Flinn

u guys crack me up

omg i love americans but ur so funny god this god that tell you something for free the rest of the world is pointing there fingers and laughing because ur all so deluded and over protective god ha and it a concert bible bashers ha i could read these replys all day i send the best ones home

Lil Wayne Show Prediction

I predict a single metal detector booth and a hand held wand will cause a line 2000 people deep trying to get into the show. Weed will be lit up in line, 100 cops will be there aching to bust heads, once inside the lights will come on at 9:18, the plugs pulled and the show will be canceled. 3,000 ticket holders who never got the chance to see much less hear Lil Wayne will refuse to leave without a fight. The place will be gassed to drive out the protestors and helicopters will chase a couple of kids who fire shots into the air to no avail. A 15 year old white girl will get grabbed by some black kid and a major fight will break out causing 12 people to be hospitalized. For the next 3 weeks groups from both sides of racial hate groups will dook it out in the media saying whitey did this, black folk did that. the promoter will sue the city for lost money and the taxpayer will pay out 100k to have Lil Wayne drive by in his tour bus and thumb his nose at the spectical. From here on out there will be no more Harlem Globtrotters, no Christian revivals, no Big Buddy basketball, no nothing on school property. And all the people will say, "Thank God we have a convention center being built." All in favor of the Convention Center cost overuns , full speed ahead, damn the torpedos... ramming it right down your throat. Mm-m-m-mm yummy! That's one way to get the masses on your side, race riot headlines. But will the media buy it? Of course. They will have a blind eye to the Sid Causey slight of hand forgetting how he caused it all in the first place by over reacting and shutting down the show. How quickly we already forgot the whitewash of Sam Flinn's murder over Lil Wayne tickets. Didn't want to stir that pot of stink then but are ready to dump a truck load of it right now in the laps of the taxpayer in a well orchestrated riot caused by the "man". Don't say I didn't tell you so.

Say What

What exactly are you talking about. You are rumbling on and on about nothing

Why Dont Yall Old Heads Just

Why Dont Yall Old Heads Just Shut up " White Folks" Its LIL Wayne The Best Rapper Alive Yall Dont Know Anything About Him Lil Wayne In Da Port Lovley Enjoy I Am I Dropped 25 of them things to see him If u dont approve of him dont Go Dont Let your Kids Go But Stay out of Other People Buisness Trillz

is this supposed to be a

is this supposed to be a poem? haha. what dont white folks understand?

Stories Don't Match According to WECT "The potential for problems became an issue after chaos erupted last year at one of the musician's concerts" However you suggest their are no past records of violence at his shows "Wilmington Police say Lil Wayne's concerts have no history of violence and therefore cannot be considered a threat to public safety". So which is right?

Lil' Wayne

Just curious. Who invited and approved the concert in the first place?

Gee, aren't we ones to preach?

Look at our heroes.... I seem to recall both Paul McCartney and Mick Jagger having some (ahem) minor legal problems with drugs.... I was at the Filmore East when Pete Townsend kicked an NYPD detective in the crotch as the guy came on stage to warn us that the building next door was on fire.... Jim Morrison exposed himself on stage....I saw Janis Joplin at Stony Brook, so drunk she could hardly stand up. Iggy Pop used to exonerate us to get out and burn down the establishment. James Brown used to cuff his old lady around like she was a punching bag. Ditto Sly Stone (who was usually too loaded to even show up for shows) and Ike Turner. ...but Lil' Wayne is a bad influence? I'm an old, conservative, White Libertarian. Lil' Wayne and I exist in different universes. If Martians landed and changed Lil' Wayne into a large head of cabbage, I couldn't care less. I'd rather face root canal without Novacaine than listen to his music, but you know what? I'm not so forgetful.....or so hypocritical that I'd ever say he should not be allowed to play.

Kept Real

Thats wazzup!!


Well, I was in Bethel that weekend and I don't remember hearing Jimi Hendrix singing about ho's or capping a M*****F****** N*****. As a matter of fact, I seem to remember the concert was geared more towards a non-violence theme. There were drugs, but out of almost 500,000 people, I don't think any were carrying guns either.


Hmmmm.....I seem to recall The Who singing about "..we forsake you, gonna rape you...." in Tommy. Do you remember Jim Morrison singing to meet him at the edge of town, and you'd "better bring your gun" in the Soft Parade? How about the Jefferson Airplane dedicating an entire album (Volunteers) to open revolution? Yet almost forty years later, we're still here. The Republic (and New Hanover County) will survive Lil'Wayne.

lil wayne

Why is everyone pulling their hair out about one concert. For pete's sake this little wanna be gangsta town is really in need of more concerts or something. Think about it how many rap or r&b or country concerts have wilmington had in the last 10 years? We all can probley count on one hand.My thing is give the kids more things like this to enjoy maybe they wont be so bored that they get themselves into trouble.And for people who dont know anything about rap, they say what sells.THAT DOES NOT MEAN EVERYTHING SAID IS TRUE!!!!!! PLEASE TAKE NOTE OF THAT.AND ALSO REMENBER THAT GOD HAS ALREADY WRITTEN OUT OUR LIFE SO KNOW THAT WHEN ITS YOUR TIME TO GO ITS YOUR TIME .GOING TO SEE LIL WAYNE IS NOT GOING TO KILL ANYONE.PLEASE BE EASY. YOU PEOPLE ARE MAKING SUCH A MESS OF THIS ,IF ANYTHING THING DOES HAPPEN IT WILL BE BECAUSE THEY ARE PROVING A POINT TO ALL THE NEGATIVE PEOPLE LIKE (SINCE THEY ALREADY THINK SOMETHINGS GOING TO HAPPEN THEN LETS JUST SHOW THEM)

Whos fault do u ask??

Your wondering who is a fault for this?? I really dont know BUT ill tell you what happen. So this promoter or someone else Found someone at the school board and/or the high school........ and said they wanted to hold a concert and im SURE offered a BUNCH of money to hold it there. I bet they didnt even think about researching who the singer was. I mean lets be honest......... Who would think a singer by the man of "LITTLE Wayne" would be so much trouble. What happen was that someone saw dollar signs, and signed a contract before the did there research! THen after they found out who it was, they realized that the money they got for the concert would not even cover the cost of the needed security! HOW STUpid Can u be!! BUT Atleast the promoter is paying for the extra police and not the taxpayers!! IF ANyONE Gets hurt of god forbid killed as a result of this concert, whoever signed the contract should be held accountable.

i bet the promotion company

i bet the promotion company does not pay one dime for the added security. further more i would like to know just how much money the school board will make. i would venture to say it will not be close to the monies needed to cover the added security cost. and guess what that means we the taxpayer will foot the bill for the school boards stupidity.

Lil' Wayne

I think parents still have the right to tell their children if they can go to this. I say parents rise up and set boundaries to protect your children. I guess the 18 plus crowd can go if they want to. I think 18 plus year olds are less likely to be negatively influenced by this than those younger. I still don't agree with having it at the high school. Those public buildings are designed for specific uses and this seems in conflict with what the buildings are to be used for.

The kids that will suffer

The kids that are influenced by rappers like this are the ones without strong parental influence' i.e. both parents involved. Kids WILL listen to this kind of music to be rebellious. When I was in High School I listened to N.W.A. which was gangsta rap but I never toted a gun, stole or sold drugs because both of my parents taught me better. The kids who don't know better will be the ones adversely affected, and seeing how the african-american out of wedlock birth rate is so high they will be the ones bearing most of the burden. These rappers glamorizing the "thug" lifestyle are mostly hurting their own people.


I thumped N.W.A also in high school. I got high, toted all kinds of weaponry, stole, sold drugs and did everything else that I felt I wanted too. You know what? My mom taught me better.I have twins that are both locked up for violent crimes. You know what? WE taught them better. WE- mom AND dad !! The things that I went through to try to keep my boys from constantly gettin trouble are incredible, but yet they had they're minds made up to do what they wanted to do -period! This generation has a lack of respect for ANYTHING or ANYBODY. In my case, I can say its not because it wasn't taught and my boys only respect ME because I demand it, but there is still an unwanted struggle. When your child makes up their mind that they don't care what you or anyone else says, what can you do? Really- think about it. What can you do when you've done all and reached out to all. NOTHING!! pray that what was taught to them as a child will return to them when they are older. It did for me!


I guess this goes back to the old saying " Money talks" that is all it boils down to. If parents were being parents then they wouldn't let their under age children go to this type of concert. Parents do have a say. Also, not let them listen to it or buy it for them. This guy is all about voilence. but, we buy right back into it. Look at what we are doing? Some will just go to be a part of all of it. Isn't that what he wants. And what about the EMS, police, firemen that will have to work this group of 4000. What a shame. That parents can't stand up and say you aren't going. What is the School getting out of this MONEY. They aren't doing it for FREE.... No we shouldn't stop making R rated movies. Just be parents and stop letting your under age child go to the movies, don't take them, don't buy a ticket for them. Raise them to live by the law....


who the hell got this concert what were they thinking Doesn't the school have enough problem

Some people

Some people hate to see black people having fun. What about when yall let mexicans have they day at Hughe Macrae Park, or the River Fest, Azlea Festvial nobody has nothing to say. But when there's a concert and black people are going to attend the only thing you can think of is volience. Stop being so negative all the time what ever happen is going to happen rather there be a concert or not.

Some People

Clearly you need to be in the school. Monday -Friday in every English class you can attend. Some people have nothing better to do than point at others colors and make it prejudice. When in actuality it is about safety and sending the right message to under age children in a place of education. The same place of education that has violence and drug issues on its own. It doesn't matter if the children or the rapper is black, white, green or blue. Your post is a clear example of the reason that prejudice exists even today. You draw the line and point fingers when no one was pointing at you.

guest 5888

Did any make you buy a ticket you are not going to the cocert so why are you so worried about this. The people who are going let them go and you take your money and buy you a life and stop telling others how to live theres whatever happens is going to if theres a concert or not.Lil wayne is not responsible for other people actions.

Youth's Have to make their own decisions.

I understand the criticism that Lil Wayne is getting and agree that it is mostly deserved. That being said, high school students are going to listen to Lil Wayne whether you like it or not and I don't see what the big deal is. If students can decide for themselves what is right and wrong or if Lil Wayne's lyrics are reality or a fictional show then Lil Wayne is not the problem, but it is their parents and the environment they are raised in. Are we to stop making 'R' rated movies now too? The fact is that young people are young adults who will have to face a world that is sometimes dangerous, but going to one rap show is not going to alter their minds or change a person. If a person is going to be violent this show has nothing to do with it.

to everyone



I am going to the Hoppers Concert in Odel Williamson Audit. in Brunswick county. If the lord comes thats where I want my family to be (praising his name) not at some drug, gang related concert.

omg i love americans but ur

omg i love americans but ur so funny god this god that tell you something for free the rest of the world is pointing there fingers and laughing because ur all so deluded god ha and it a concert bible bashers ha i could read these replys all day i send the bast ones home

Freedom of Speech

The N-word should be abolished. White's can't use AND blacks should not use it. As long as it is being used, racism will continue to thrive. No one race owns a word. Rappers seem to love using it. They are only hurting the children. Freedom of speech should not be a factor with this word period


Thgis is perfect example of why this concert is no good. You my friend can't even spell correctly. You need to be getting educated, where is you rteachers and your parents? Do they agree with you?