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Rapper Lil Wayne to perform at New Hanover High School

READ MORE: Rapper Lil Wayne to perform at New Hanover High School
WILMINGTON -- Despite concern among New Hanover County School Board members, rapper Lil Wayne will perform at New Hanover High School on Sunday. The school attempted to cancel the concert after reports of gang violence near the school forced two lock-downs in one week. But free speech laws say the show must go on. Part of the controversy is over rapper Lil Wayne's admission that he's a gang member. And in the past, he faced charges for illegal possession of drugs and a firearm. But when the New Hanover High School attempted to prevent the concert from happening at Brogden Hall the school board was sued by the concert's promoters. Since the board can't prove the concert will be a threat to public safety members have no choice but to let Lil Wayne perform. Dr. Rick Holliday with New Hanover County Schools said, "When you are a public school and you're supposed to be espousing democracy, that means sometimes you need to allow messages you may not agree with." Wilmington Police say Lil Wayne's concerts have no history of violence and therefore cannot be considered a threat to public safety. Holliday said the promotion company agreed to pay for heightened security at the concert -- including a number of Wilmington Police officers. Sheriff's deputies will also be on hand. The promoters are calling the show a "stop the violence" concert, and hope it will prevent violent behavior, rather than promote it.

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practice what you preach....

Please proofread your comment..In other words clean your own backyard before you jump the fence and try to do someone else's....

007, you forgot to use proper syntax

You forgot to use the proper syntax, punctuation and sentence structure to provide a meaningful answer. "your comment..In other words " Should have been 'comment... In...' 'Comment', 3 dots, 2 spaces and then the next sentence word. Go back and take some basic ENGWISH before you talk crap about others. Don't you hate it when you call the kettle black? Bwahahahah!

Way to "Go On Promoting

Way to "Go On Promoting Violence" will the Board of Education. Be attending this show.

Lil' Wayne

ok, the school board members have shown their concern now what about the parents. Lil' Wayne has admitted to being a gang member. He's been in trouble with the law for charges for illegal possession of drugs and firearms. He has no respect. His language is volgur. As far as a rape scene in a movie? He's doing the same thing with the innocent minds of our youth. Gang banging, shoot em up violent lyrics. And he's trying to do a "stop the violence" concert???? He is a part of the problem. He represents violence. How does he expect to stop what he stands for? Who booked this concert? How did he get invited to do a concert in Wilmington? Where is that person who brought him here in the first place? And if that person is reading you have any children? And if you do, would you want your children around Lil' Wayne and his violent songs? I understand freedom of speech...but what about a mothers right to want her children protected from this crap! Or a father to want his son to be a well educated, successful, intelligent man who will live long enough to be a MAN! If Lil' Wayne was the type of person to speak out against violence, then his lyrics and his life style should show evidence of it.

Lil Wayne

This is what I came up with on his music (I use that term loosely).....trash. The "N" word was used at least 19 times not to mention MF'er and other profanities. NICE one whoever booked this trash. Here is one small part of a song. ~~~~~~~~ "I hate the law for what they done did they broke in N***** cribs wish I woulda caught'em I'dda split they F****** wig. 3rd ward let me claim my fame I put it down uptown I'ma gonna do my thang beleive dat. My N***** keep talkin that s*** that you talkin and we gon' have to get into some gangsta S***. We hustlin from Sunday to Sunday and we grindin everyday like the money ain't comin N*****, yeah we ridin wood grains and minks Got the dope in the Hummer cold case for that thing."

I agree in a way but if you

I agree in a way but if you don't like the words that he is using then don't buy the CD or go to Walmart where you don't have to hear all the cursing.Obviously people liked it long enough to listen to his lyrics.

Thats birdman rapping that

Thats birdman rapping that not lil wayne. get your artists right

SAM: Wayne

Verse 1 - Lil Wayne "sang" ,also chorus's by Lil' Wayne .....Birdman did a verse and so did FatJoe. Don't try and make it look like Wayne had nothing to do with it, it is all on his album. That was a small portion of their C-RAP music, some of it is worse. OUR public schools are not stages for this trash. Listen to this c-rap and you see why some younger people are so screwed up. It is violent. Us "OLD" people had our music that was said to be edgy BUT it was NOT full of cop killing, murdering, N words and gang crap. Do not even try and compare it. I am not that old deary and I have way better taste than you.

concaert? SURE!

But the attendees should be limited to the students from all area schools, and then those that make the grades and requirements to play sports or other extra activities. They are the one that work hard, or harder than others, and so should be able to reap the rewards of what they sow. They should be given a chance to get somewhere that the ones that don't work for anything should not. It don't take a brain surgeon to see this is a system that rewards the ones that want to be better people. And excludes 99% of the riff-raff that would cause trouble in the first place. That would end the discussion right quickly would it not?



This is just a preview of

This is just a preview of things to come for the new convention center in the future folks. The city will grab anything to try and make it work, even garbage such as this. If the block on this Rap Crap show would have continued as at first, guess the Rev. Sharpton would have stepped in any way and would have seen to it that the "Show must go on". {And they talk about a rape scene in a movie filmed here with what's her name?} Who invited this garbage to Wilmington in the first place???? There is where the real problem is. Hope the police here will be on guard for a real "Ho Down" during/after the show. Isn't New Hanover High the same school the big "lock down" took place several weeks ago due to potential gun violence??? Come on and Egg it On some more........


how hard is it to report on who the promoters are? Do they have criminal records? so if it is ok to have lil wayne then can i do a concert starring those two 14 year old white supremicist chicks and call it "Stop the Violence or we will Shoot"

Somebodywill have to explain

Somebodywill have to explain how you can have a confessed gang member who has weapon and drug charges hold an event to stop the violence. kind of an oxyMORON DON'T YOU THINK.

Oh good

Wonderful, just what we need here, more thug infulence. Maybe the sheriff's office can do warrant checks as the people arrive. Anyone care to take a bet that there will be a shooting shortly after it is over?

lil wayne

have we all lost our minds? how can this be justified when crime is on the rise and gangs are evident in wilmington? do they have a permit???

crap rap

Think of the cost to the tax payers for the extra security to be provided. Who is going to pay for the all of the sheriff's deputies and the police officers. Does anyone think lil wayne will pay all of these officers, when he raps about then breaking into his house and spliting their wigs. I think not, this is nothing more then a way to have a legitimate gang rally and promote the thug lifestyle to our children. Maybe they will set up a booth and let the kids sign up for the gang of their choice. When will this end. I really hate to think of the amount of money that will be spent by the city and the county to pay for the security and and to staff the event. And how much of the ticket sales will the school board get. I would be willing to bet the cost of the event to the tax payers will eclipse the money given to the school for hosting the event. Good call school board look like its time for a change. We neen people on the school board who are willing to stand up for whats right and not be walked all over.

Maybe parents will stand up

Maybe parents will stand up to their kids and tell them they can't go! I doubt it, but that would be a huge step forward in fighting this problem. I heard the tickets were being sold for $30 or $40. Parents are probably giving them the money. Oh well, when someone gets shot, then maybe someone on the school board will have enough guts to make a stand


Good luck! Kids are giving favors away in bathrooms for tickets to this. How bad does your daughter want to go?

What would you do and how many times?

Ok- tell them they can't go and they go anyway, then what? kids are off the chain now- a-days!