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Rapping firefighters teach kids

WRIGHTSVILLE BEACH -- What's the best way to reach today's youth? Rap music? Firefighters rapped about safety during a visit to Wrightsville Beach Elementary School Wednesday. The rapping fire fighters say they have fun and so do the kids. They're safer because of it. Wrightsville Beach Fire Department Fire Prevention Coordinator Sunnie Vann said, "Sometimes the kids let the parents know more than they do. And sometimes you can hear the kids outside saying, 'Hey, mommy, why don't you have your seat belt on? I learned today in risk watch that I'm supposed to have mine on.' So it's a good community program." Among other valuable lessons the presentation taught children how to avoid starting fires and what to do in the event of a fire.

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What a disgrace to Hip Hop

I'm all for the fire fighters teaching the kids but this is just plain CORNY! Do you think the kids buy into to this as hip or cool? Gimme a break they see right through this. As a fan of hip hop from the old school this is corny and hardly news worthy I guess nobody got shot in Port City today I guess it was a good day .....Cube

Hey Scally....

If you are for the firefighters then why don't you support them especially when they are trying to teach kids about fire prevention instead of saying their FP tactic is corny...uhh didn't the word "corny" go out in the 80's....get a life loser....

Let me Guess

I'm all for the firefighters, friends with some of them and donate to them, but let me guess you must have been one of the "Rapping Firefighters" or someone who felt this was a "fresh" new way to teach the children about fire prevention. Fire prevention is a good thing yes, but the whole firefighter rapping thing is pretty cheesy corny whatever oh well you wouldn't understand you probably listen to Michael Bolten anyways


It is not possible to disgrace hip hop. It is not even music and most of the people that do it are untalented gangsta wannabes. My point is made when just good ol'e fire fighters can rap out songs on a whim. If you think it is so corny why don't you go fight some fires.

Some people just don't get it.....Literally

Well Zippy seems you completely missed the point I was dissing the methodology used not the firefighters or the message. Then you turned it into a whole Hip Hop is not music thing. Let me guess you are old, white (as am I) and not much action with the ladies in years huh, that notates all the bitterness. If you cannot see the merit in all forms of music then you are simply closed-minded. Enjoy your ensure for breakfast tomorrow.

This is really great. Wish

This is really great. Wish we had something like this in our area to teach kids.