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R.C. Soles interview with WWAY

CLICK HERE TO WATCH THE ENTIRE R.C. SOLES INTERVIEW We have been trying for a month and a half to interview State Sen. R.C. Soles about some concerning allegations regarding his personal and financial relationships with young men in Tabor City. He has failed to return repeated phone calls, and asked us to leave his office when we tried to go see him in Tabor City. But Friday, he sat down for an interview with us during an appearance in Brunswick County. Sen. Soles has been accused of child molestation by one young man and questioned about extravagant gifts, including a house and a Corvette for another 17-year-old. Friday he answered our questions. Due to the high profile of this story, we have decided to air our raw interview in its entirety.

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In an

August 23rd article update, The Raleigh News & Observer reports the young man who alleged Senator Soles molested him has now stepped forward and retracted the allegation claiming he was under the influence of the drugs at the time of the interview. Go back to the interview and look at his eyes. Interesting twist. Does this explain the lack of follow up articles?

Something really stinks

Something really stinks about this whole story. A 74 year old man who freely gives money to thugs and drug addicts? There should be a line a mile long outside of his house. It took the IRS to bring down Al Capone. Cant wait til they dig into all of these transactions. And the FBI needs to go ahead and interview the key players in this story!


Why didn't the Senator speak with the news right away ? Why were local reporters asked to leave his office? I feel he finally said yes to an interview because the media wasn't going to go away and they shouldn't... The area is growing and you can't sweep things under the rug anymore...


Has R C Soles ever been married?

R.C.Sole Interview

I can not get over any of that whole situation but what blew me away listening to him was how many references he made to people he has represented in the past. This ones mother and father and sister and brother and there no confidentiality to those people? I haven't seen so much dancing around since Gene Kelly dancing in the rain! I hope you folks will not let this just drop!

Senator Soles

In the interview Senator Soles comes across as a man of fine character and integrity. I am inclined to believe that the troubled young men he represented misinterpreted Soles' generosity with "weakness." Soles, a rich man who could easily afford financial gifts, was trying to help them get their lives on track. Their appetite for his handouts increased, and Soles refused their greedy requests. Then they turned on him and are now trying to destroy his reputation. I don't think the young men, emcumbered with their criminal pasts, would be very convincing in a court of law.

Something's not right

I agree with your premise that they may have gotten greedy. I dissagree with his "generosity" statement. If he was really trying to help these young guys out, we would've heard about the 'job' he helped them get. Or maybe the deposite on a rental unit, bought groceries, or maybe help pay a utility bill. But a new house and Corvette. NO, I'm not buying it......something's wrong with this picture

OK now lets think about

OK now lets think about this, he has been buying young men gifts for a very long time and not just regular items. I understand helping people, but come on now he brought a young man a car and not just a regular car it was a vet.. I guess a Saturn wouldn't get that young man around. Come on people. wake up..


I'm not buying it. For one thing, financial gifts to young men in trouble is not the way to help them get their lives on track. Wake up! He bought the kid a house, atvs and a Corvette. There is more to this story and you know it. Soon enough we will all know. ;)

Yea right!

Yea if R.C. was interested in helping the less fortunate, he should consider helping our seniors that live on a fixed income and have to make a choice every month rather they want to eat or buy their medicine that month. But no, he has always had a appetite for the "boys" and apparently still does!! And you are foolish to think he is doing that to "help" them get a better future.