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Re-living old times

One-hundred-forty-three years ago today, Union troops were celebrating their victory in a landmark Civil War battle at Fort Fisher. On Saturday demonstrators at the Fort re-enacted what times were like there back then. Demonstrations included music from that time and the firing of a 32-pound cannon. The battle was a crucial turning point in the Civil War. Fort Fisher was the last major coastal stronghold for the Confederacy. Some who attended the re-enactment said it was an important history lesson. "All of us need our heritage and our memories preserved to know where we were, who we were, what we were, and where we've come today and so in the future we can hope to make more gains," said Jeanne Poole, a North Carolina native. After Union forces took Fort Fisher in 1864, it only took them another month to capture Wilmington. They won the War a little more than a year later.

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Fort Fisher

You wrote, After Union forces took Fort Fisher in 1864, it was January 16 1865. It only took them another month to capture Wilmington. They won the War a little more than a year later. We lost the war in April of 1865 not a year later. Just to let you know. Pye


what a bunch of losers. This wasn't as much as a history lesson for them as it was for a bunch of guys who share the common thought wishing the South had never lost. From a black mans perspective I was offended


from a white mans perspective, if you were offended that just goes to show you how far you've really came mentally.not very far. bet your parents and history teachers are ashamed at just how ignorant you really are. i'm gonna say this one more time to you and the ones that think like your dumba*s! your own people sold you, and the ships that carried blacks to the us mainland were flying american flags.... not the stars and bars.i highly recommend, that is if you can read, go to the wilmington library and get some information on slavery and find out really who sold you off. otherwise just keep hanging out on the street like the lowlife that you are and wait on a reparations handout. even if the south lost the civil war, they really won.if you don't believe that the south won just look at how ignorant you react to a reinactment. get a life....BOY....and get a job! truly you are the real loser!


History is history and who cares if you are offended.


Why has it always got to be to a black thing, you need to get a life

Sorry PMt you must have been

Sorry PMt you must have been one of those good ol boys out there reliving your glorious past

glorious past?

At least we have one. That's more than you can say. Always remember that many time, history repeats itself. Lets hope it does soon.

Scally Wagg

Even though it's no specified in the US or State Constitution's, just go right on and be offended, if you want to.

Scally Wagg

Ok. Rev. Wright. Great post! whatever?? Treebeard I will rule all of Middle Earth...and the squirrels!!

sorry poke maybe I'm slower

sorry poke maybe I'm slower than you but your comment made no sense to me.