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A real education lottery

READ MORE: A real education lottery

Usually a lottery means big bucks. But for some area families today, it was about getting their child a good education.

Today was the annual lottery for Charter Day School in Leland. The lottery system is needed because the state caps the number of charter schools and the students they can teach leaving some families disappointed.

Parents anxiously awaited the fate of their child's education. One-hundred-thirty new students got a spot in the school based purely on the luck of the draw. Chosen parents were grateful, but not everyone was so lucky...

"There's not a lot of options, good options, for my daughter to get a good education," Jamila Fogle said. "And I think that having it based on luck, is a little unfair."

With 16-thousand names on a waiting list for charter schools in North Carolina, a lottery is the only option. Parents for Educational Freedom in North Carolina invited state lawmakers to the drawing to try to get them to raise the cap and open more charter schools in the state. Rep. Frank Iler supports increasing the number of charter schools across the state from current limit of 100.

Families who weren't picked today now go on a waiting list for future spots

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Lottery is fair

I totally agree that Charter Day School does the lottery fairly - there was no way they could have been selective to a certain race, gender, income, or anything else you can come up with! They called all the names in the bowl (the ones that will get in first, then the ones who didn't get in were placed on a waiting list in order they were drawn) so there was NO way a name could have been doubled, favored, or anything like that.
I find it VERY sad that people are trying to play the unfair/biased game...

Lottery is preverse

Charter schools give priority to legacy families (siblings of currently enrolled students) and to the children of school staff making the lottery system patently unfair. Every child seeking admission to a charter school that is funded by state and local goverment funds should be given the same chance and equal opportunity for admission.

The existence of charter schools within a public school system is preverse. Students are denied admission to a public education based on a lottery? The number of students applying for admission to the Charter schools is testament to many parents desire for an alternative to traditional public schools however fairness and logic dictate either the the charter schools have sufficient fascilities to accomodate most or all applicants or the state should scrap the program entirely. A lottery to obtain admission to public school is unfair.

What could be MORE fair?

I can't believe that people think a random drawing isn't fair. How would they prefer the students be chosen?

Income levels?

Academic performance, or lack thereof?

Proximity to the school?

We have become totally unconscious of the fact that about ten percent of our life will ALWAYS be governed by luck, fate, karma, divine intervention, or whatever you choose to call it. Luck has a bit to say all the way from what parents you are born to, to the manner of your death.

So what this teaches children is that you can't always get what you want in life. Sometimes the cards just don't fall your way, regardless of how hard you wished or prayed.

That's a GOOD lesson, one that far too many ADULTS seem to have forgotten.


Charter Day School does the lottery fairly - there is no bias to race, gender, income, nothing. It is pure luck! Our child goes there and it is a blessing to be able to attend this school - everyone should be thanksful that Mr. Cramer and his staff provide for such a learning environment!

We should be thankful - there is no fairer way than a lottery -

School lottery

I agree this isn't fair especially for the children to stand & watch while their possible futures are decided by the luck of the draw. What does this teach them? I believe that when we put our focus on the best education beginning during toddler age no matter what their parents are/not doing or where they are living then we might raise our children to grow up into adults who can actually think for themselves and do what's right for others, make the best decisions for the future of our country & the planet. I don't believe gambling (or any type of lottery) on children's future education needs any place in their young lives.

school lottery and luck

How can Ms. Fogle claim that a lottery, based on luck, is not fair? A decision based on pure chance is the most fair decision achievable based on a diverse population. Everyone involved has an equal opportunity to succeed, or fail.

Ms. Fogel was referring to

Ms. Fogel was referring to the artificial rationing by the state's unfair charter law that forces schools to have lotteries.
Remove the statute's forced rationing of charter seats and schools, and charter schools will expand, at no cost to the tax payer, to meet the parents' needs thereby making such lotteries unnecessary.