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Real Wilmington Gun Show set for this weekend

READ MORE: Real Wilmington Gun Show set for this weekend
The Real Wilmington Gun Show is this weekend on Holly Shelter Road at the New Hanover County Law Enforcement Officer's Club. Organizers said the Real Wilmington Gun Show will focus on safety and background checks required before a purchase can be made. “We know we're selling guns legally and to people who are legal to possess them,” said show promoter Alan Tiller. “Of course there are other ways guns fall into the hands of criminals that we can't really control, but there are laws on the books to take care of that also.” Doors open at 9:00 a.m. both Saturday and Sunday morning. Admission is $ 5; it's free for children 12-and-under as long as they come with a parent.

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Here's to you FREEDOM... You

Here's to you FREEDOM... You go and "hug your tree", I'll embrace my gun's!

Gun Controlled

If you check your history you will see that Japan could have invaded the USA. One of the top advisors stated that the only reason they did not was because the citizens had weapons. I just feel that with this new gun bill floating around, you will have your guns but no ammo.

People buy guns because we

People buy guns because we can. If we don't exercise our rights, they will slowly wither away. If you don't trust yourself with a firearm, don't buy one. That is your prerogative, but don't talk down to those who are merely exercising their constitutional rights.

Only in the USA...the Real

Only in the USA...the Real gun show as opposed to the FAKE gun show... call it what it is... the Real GUN SALE and SHOW. WHy do people need guns...?? Oh.. FEAR... thats right>>>sorry I won't BUY into it!!

been there

i've had a pistol since college. came in very handy (back in '81) when the apartment off kerr ave i was leasing was broken into in the middle of the nite. he saw the 38 and left. if you're against owning a gun, great. don't buy one. maybe your midnite visitor will wait while you dial 911.


Are you serious?'s called EMPOWERMENT. Gun ownership is a RIGHT given to us by our forefathers who were MUCH MUCH smarter than we are. While others might sit back and allow themselves to be victimized by criminals as well as the government...I have a means to protect myself against BOTH!

God given rights

Our forefather did not give any rights! Our creator gave us the rights, and no Man has the right to take them away!

Our forefathers were smart

Our forefathers were smart indeed, yet never likely beholding the power of guns in the future (hello-our current time period)...have your muskets please and be ready to un-victimize yourself!! And are you implying that owning a firearm will protect you FROM "the government"? Explain this please oh great gun owner....oh great EMPOWERED ONE!!! Are you loaded and ready?? Are you paranoid?? Think someone is out to get you??

Gun show

To Freedom: How ironic that you sign your comments as freedom. To answer your question "Why do people need guns?" How long do you think you would have freedom if citizens did not have the right to own guns? Germany before WWll is a good example, when Hitler confiscated all of the guns, the citizens had no defense to his demonic demands. Hopefully we will never be faced with a maniac like that in this country, but I am sure the Germans did not see Hitler as a maniac at first either. The criminals will always find a way to have guns. I want my guns so I can defend myself and my property. I also pray that I will never have to use my gun for that purpose. I am aware that there are those out there that would do harm to another human being, I for one would like to think I could protect myself if I encountered someone like that. That does not mean I live in fear. There is need of guns for hunters. Because deer have very few natural prey, to keep the population under control, man is now needed to keep the population of deer from taking over everything. They are quite destructive, talk to the farmers if you don't want to take my word for it.

Your name holds the answer

You may rely on 911 to protect you, I and many others don't. When you call the police, do you expect them to arrive carrying sticks? Why do people need insurance? If these ships being hijacked by the pirates had weapons on board to protect themselves, four armed pirates wouldn't have been able to overtake twenty others and would probably think twice about trying to hijack anyone else. They prey on the ones they know are unarmed as you obviously think we all should be.

Check them out, support local business

The Real Wilmington Gun Show is always a class act. Great atmosphere for sportsmen, hunters and families. Nearly every dealer is a local business owner who contributes to our community and all actively support safe and responsible firearms ownership. Check the show out! Take I-40 to exit 414 for Castle Hayne. Turn onto Holly Shelter Road in the direction of Hampstead and go 1 1/2 miles until you reach the New Hanover County Law Enforcement Officers Association property...follow the signs. Plenty of free parking, refreshments for sale in the meeting hall. Come on out!