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Realtors help petition for Whole Foods store

READ MORE: Realtors help petition for Whole Foods store

It's a high end grocery store that specializes in organic and natural foods, and there's a push to bring a Whole Foods store to Wilmington.

An online petition is circulating to bring a Whole Foods to Autumn Hall. It's a new development off of Eastwood Road just a few miles from the Fresh Market in Mayfaire.

The new development, along with the Wilmington Regional Association of Realtors, is trying to sell the idea of bringing a Whole Foods market to Wilmington. At the request of Whole Foods, the WRAR started an online petition to bring the natural and organic market to the Port City. So far they have more than 2,000 signatures, but it takes 5,000 signatures on the online petition before whole foods even considers the request.

"It'll stimulate jobs," WRAR president Mary Martin. "More jobs, so that is a plus right there, and then people have choices. It's gonna be their decision. Whole Foods will decide and Autumn Hall area whether there's enough interest."

If Whole Foods decides to add a location, it would be the first and only Whole Foods in Wilmington.

The WRAR has until mid-May to get 5,000 signatures for its petition. Supporters of adding a Wilmington Whole Foods location even have a facebook page. So far they have 81 members.

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Organic/local product of CHINA. Chinese products are not certified organic by FDA. You have no idea if what you are buying is organic or not. We all know the toxic items and foods China sends the USA on a regular basis.

Grow a vegetable garden and learn to can.

You know...

when I was young that is exactly what we did! We grew basically everything ourselves and only had to buy some staples. I thought it was such a pain at the time. How foolish is youth! As soon as I can get out of this city, so I can have some land, I plan on doing it again. This time I plan to enjoy the rewards!

**Not city bashing here so nobody pop anything. Although I won't miss some of our taxes. I just grew up in the country and am ready to get back to the simple life again.**

Whole Foods PRO!!!

The need for Quality products at Reasonable prices is a HUGE necessity in Wilmington, NC!
I love that Whole Foods supplies the Now Brand and TCM is readily available for those of us who prefer to be PREVENTATIVE in their health path rather than covered with pharmaceuticals.

Here here to Whole Foods, come here here!!!

I second that!!!

I second that!!!

I'd Rather A Trader Joe's

I used to shop at Whole Foods. But after the CEO John Mackey made his statements against health care reform I won't be shopping there. As for quality food watch this news report on where their "Organic" store brand food comes from.

For the money, what Wilmington needs is a Trader Joe's!!
so go to the site an make a store request.

And btw WF's prices aren't "reasonable.

I agree

We go to both in Raleigh but our favorite is Trader Joes's!! That's what I would like to see come here. The Whole Foods is nice as well but.....

Trader Joe's!!

that's awesome!

I did not know there was a Trader Joe's in Raleigh! I am from California and Trader Joe's is known as the place to shop. Whole Foods is known as the place where yuppies who don't watch their wallets very closely shop. It is trendy and overpriced.

That is not accurate. Whole

That is not accurate. Whole Foods does have some very lovely expensive food, but it also has great prices and good sales on everyday food. You just need to pay attention to what you are buying. I can buy a week's groceries for $60 at the Philadelphia Whole Foods. I don't like Trader Joe's because they are not as careful about the quality of the products they carry.