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Reasons to not delay your child's vaccinations

The American Academy of Pediatrics has updated the Childhood Vaccination Schedule. A yearly flu shot is now recommended for all children aged six months and older, and the academy is now calling for a second dose of the rotavirus vaccine to protect children against the leading cause of severe diarrhea. The academy also published a special article in response to concerns from parents about the safety of vaccines. It says that parents should not delay vaccinations, or withhold vaccines from their children. A large study previously found no additional health risks for children who received vaccines. Children who don't receive vaccines on schedule are at an increased risk for catching infectious diseases. Young children who are not vaccinated can also suffer severe injuries and even death. Before the pneumococcal vaccine became part of the schedule in 2000, there was an average of 200 deaths of children under five, every year in the US.

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Parent's Rights

Parent's have a right to decide for their kids whether they get get vaccinated or not, which is great. But it's a decision that's not going to affect their life, it's going to affect their kids lives. It's the daughter who catches polio at 30 year that has to stand by her parent's decision. It's the 17 year old who dies from meningitis that has to suffer because of his parent's decision. I have read both sides of the debate. Some vaccines, like MMR, I would delay until school if not forever. But the face is this world is a lot smaller than we imagine and as long as these disease exist anywhere in the world, they exist in our world. They're only one plane ride away.

"Since travel makes the world a much smaller place, a recurrence of polio is merely a plane ride away. For example, polio virus was recently brought into a Canadian province by a child traveling back from India. Because Canada has a high rate of immunization against polio, no one caught polio from this child, but the potential was there. Because IPV has no serious side effects, the benefits of the vaccine clearly outweigh its risks."

Vaccine debate

I have 2 wonderful children. My son is 8. He was an early devopler. Walking by 10 mos, potty trained by 18mos, 3 word sentences by 21 mos. At his 2yr appt he was 2yr and 1month. He ended up with a very high fever after his MMR. He started throwing up and having diaherra and of course we brought him in doc said "Nothings wrong just a virus". Well the sickness lasted about 4 1/2 weeks. The doc kept saying "Everything is fine". Well he had stopped going potty, stopped walking and was barely saying 2-3 words a day. And was falling over everything. The doc said "regression is completely normal". This continued he was barely potty trained by 4, stuttering but restarted speaking 1-2 word sentences, and started walking again about 3. The doc was still saying completely normal. Finally at school they strated saying he had ADD or ADHD, then it was high sensory threshold a bunch of other stuff. Finally his doctor retired and we mentioned things to new one still no response. A therapist then pointed out at the school he should be tested for Autism. Well finally after he turned 7 they decided to test him we found out he has Aspergers. I am not saying that every child that gets vaccinted will end up Autistic or other, some children are just more sensitive to medicine and react to things differently. Maybe the way their body responds to the extra stuff they put in vaccines. You can also get your child tested to see if they are immune to the dieases before the shots. SOme children after the first shot or some without the first shots have a chance of being immune. Also think about the fact that at the hospitals they give newborns "before they leave the hospital" a shot for an STD. Also they have reduced the "perservatives" in many of the shots not completely eliminating them. The flu shots still have Mercury in them. And to get a child their first flu shot under 2 they get one shot and then a month later they have to have a second. My son is now a pretty much normal child. Still has a few accidents at night maybe 1 a month or so. His vocabulary is far beyond his age "gifted and talented" program, he still has problems with running, and he is not very good with social interactions with children. There are other points of problems but I am not writing a book. I say get the children vaccinated but not more than one at a time. Leave a few weeks to months between shots. Give their systems a chance to have one work into their systems. Kat

DSS...are you kidding? NOPE

First of all I find it very funny when people have to get UGLY about other people's post. I am not an ignorant person. Just a person with an opinion just like you and every other person that post things on here. My post may not be of any value to anyone on here and that is ok with me. Dont get so offended when another person post their opinions that shows ignorance.

MMR Vaccines are dangerous

I have a four year old child that lost his ability to speak, lost eye contact and was ultimately diagnosed with autism right after his MMR. My child used to tell me. "I love you" as he looked into my eyes. It's been more than two year now and still no "I love you" The doctors say my son received a virus, more than likely the measles virus, that infected his brain and damaged the temporal lobe causing his developmental regression. $86,000 later paid out in medical bills and no one can prove what caused it. Within weeks of my son's MMR he regressed. Coincidence? FACT The government does not have long-term, scientific studies proving that the combination MMR vaccine is safe. So what do you do? Parents should consider these four things: 1. Vaccinate only when your child is healthy (Not battling a cold, fever or diarrhea) 2. Take a closer look at your health problems and talk to your pediatrician about your child's immune system. 3. If you have a health concern, Dr. Berger says talk to your doctor to see if it makes sense to give one vaccine per visit. 4. Some kids may not need the MMR booster shot before kindergarten. Dr. Berger says a simple blood test can see if your child still has immunity. 5. Pray.

I think that as a parent we

I think that as a parent we reserve the right to choose whats right and wrong for our kids until they are capable of doing so for theirselves. However there are health and safety guidelines put in place to protect everyone. We start with our children when they are young to give their immune systems a boost. FYI if you were vaccinated when you were young which is highly likely your child was concieved and born exposed to the vaccine's anyway. You can belive what you want to but it has to help in some small way. Its better to get it all over with before they are schoolagers anyway. Im pretty sure most schools require your child to be vaccinated anyway in order to attend their facility. Stop trying to get attention for being the odd man out. Get your kids the reccomended healthcare, do the right thing. You have every right to research it and ask questions but you have no right to put others at risk because of your "cockamamee" issues!!!

I agree with fisherswife

What happens if you do not get your children vaccinated and they get sick from something that shot could have prevented? My guess is DSS paying you a visit........

DSS...are you kidding?

Your post is a joke, right? DSS, are you kidding me? Why don't you post something with some value to debate, instead of ignorance.

Wrong, Wrong, Wrong

Sorry, but you couldn't be more wrong in regards to children and vaccines. All of these boosters are C-R-A-Z-Y. You should read more studies than just the one's published by the FDA. Wake up people...PHARMA is BIG BUSINESS for our government. You need to take control of your children's health, educate yourself to the risks of these vaccinations by reading non-bias studies. You will be very surprised by the FACTS. I waited until my son was TWO before I began his vaccination schedule, and then only gave SINGLE DOSE vaccines when my son was completely healthy. Can you believe that my pediatrician tried to start my son's vaccinations when he was at a non-well check because of a fever?? Know your child before you start loading there little bodies with all of the preservatives that are not naturally absorbed by the body. Also, ask yourself this question...why do children and adults receive the same amount of flu vaccine? READ, READ, READ, and then READ SOME MORE!


First, common sense and the doctors themselves tells you that you know your child better than anyone. Second, any GOOD doctor knows that you don't vaccinate a child who has a fever. That is what my pediatrician has always told me and I have followed that. Third, if we wait around long enough, I am sure there will be a study that tells us that anything we've come in contact with at any given point in our lives is bad for us! This is when we have to weigh the lesser of 2 evils. I chose vaccinations for my kids and I'm glad I did. I would rather 'risk' a 'possible' development of autism than to know that my child contracted some horrible disease and there was something I could do to prevent it. Fourth, this comes down to personal choice just like most things. Do you feel comfortable doing it? Do you feel as if it is a good choice for you and your family? WILL YOU FEEL GUILTY WHEN YOUR CHILD CONTRACTS ONE OF THE DISEASES THAT THESE VACCINES WERE DESIGNED TO PREVENT??? Choices.......

No Guilt Here...

WILL YOU FEEL GUILTY WHEN YOUR CHILD CONTRACTS ONE OF THE DISEASES THAT THESE VACCINES WERE DESIGNED TO PREVENT??? A child has more of a chance of contracting autism than they do these diseases that are suppressed within our society. Sorry, but you didn't read my blog entirely. My son has started his immunizations, just on MY schedule, and I do not have them given all at once. Look, my decision may not be the decision for you and your family, but what people need to realize is that it is not a "one shoe fits all" type of thing.

You must be talking about

You must be talking about the "skyrocketing" rates of autism the media keeps talking about. There is much misdiagnosis - for instance Rhetts syndrome misdiagnosed as autism. There is no objective medical test (brain scans or blood work) to diagnose autism. A diagnosis is based on cognitive tests and parent/doctor observation. Now we have Austism Spectrum Disorders (ASD) which covers everything from profound austism to very mild symptoms. In short, any child who is a little "different" or has behavior issues is at risk for being diagnosed with autism I have a cousin who has never been especially outgoing, likes science fiction, excelled academically, never really had a girlfriend. At 40 years old he was diagnosed with Aspergers. Basically, being a nerd now means you suffer from ASD, and that's one more number added to the "skyrocketing" autism rate.

Let's say who that doc is

"Can you believe that my pediatrician tried to start my son's vaccinations when he was at a non-well check because of a fever??" Care to name who that pediatrician is?

Let's just say...

Let's just say it is one of the offices within the huge network here in ILM. You know, they have 100+ docs working for them...they have every specialist known to man within their group. They have two pediatric offices, one located in NorthChase, but I'm not dropping any names... :)


I have considered going elsewhere because of this one nurse practitioner there. She is the only one who gives me a hard time about delaying vaccinations. There is one lady though that had no issues at all with it but I forgot her name =(

How do you know?

How exactly do you know that what you are reading isn't cockamamee bull? I understand the new reports are now claiming that some of these vaccines are being linked to the increase of autism. I also understand that measles, mumps, rubella, influenza, and all other various vaccines that have been developed have saved far more children from very painful deaths all over the world. Pharma is big business in this country because it saves lives and prevents the death of generations of people. Ever heard "better safe than sorry" Apply common sense and we will all be the better for it. As for me, My children will be (and have been) vaccinated.


It will never end. First I want to know of generations of deaths that BIG PHARMA has saved??? If you need a history of the pharmaceutical industry let me know. The big problem is the MANDATING and DISCRIMINATION against those that question vaccine safety and efficacy. To have a govt. involved with your choice of healthcare is beyond scary. You have a choice people, question everything. The MD's are educated to treat the way they do. Their treatment is based on pharmaceutical or surgery intervention. Those that can not think outside the box are masters of the sick care system. Managing sickness is BIG business. Getting you healthy is not as lucrative. There is risk with any treament. I encourage making educated decision about any treament. has some useful information. Please someone tell me if my kid is not vaccinated, but goes to a school full of children that are. Then how is my kid a "threat" to contaminate all these vaccinated kids?????? I do not think ANYONE can answer that, and EVERYONE should question it. Most likely some of the same kids will be on methamphetamine for their ADD. Now lets talk about the next generation. That is scary!

Methamphetamine for ADD? You

Methamphetamine for ADD? You are so lame.

How do I know?

Read my comment if you want to know how I know. It's called EDUCATION, not taking what is told to you by someone just because they have a prefix of DR. to their name. And if BIG PHARMA was all about saving lives, then why are millions of americans not able to afford the medications that are needed such as diabetic insulin and blood pressure medicine? I respect YOUR decision to vaccinate yourself and your children. I just feel that it is just that, YOUR DECISION. Just keep an open mind, along with your common sense. You still don't vaccinate a child with a supressed immune system...what does "your" common sense say to that?

My common sense

Apparently you didn't 'read' my post either. I know my child shouldn't be vaccinated if they have a fever. In fact I don't allow vaccinations if they have a cold, but at the same time, my doctor doesn't allow it either. I know who group you are speaking of, regarding your pediatrician. It is the same one I go to; however, there are only certain ones within the practice that I allow near my children. Again, it is about knowing your doctor and knowing your children. There are some incompetent doctors in that practice, I agree, which is why I am very particular about who my children see, even on an emergency basis. And if I have a problem I speak up about it. I don't stand by the wayside and allow them to make all the decisions as some parents tend to do. It is my responsibility to fight for my children as they are unable to fight for themselves. As for the poster who mentioned polio. There was a very good friend of my family who survived polio as a child; however, his legs were forever disfigured. He used crutches most of the time. He wishes he had had the vaccine available to him when he was a child. If you want to NOT vaccinate your children then that is something you have to live with, but unfortunately, you are making the rest of us live with it as well. Your child, your decision. Just don't want to be in your shoes if and when later in life they are exposed and don't have the antibodies to fight it because you decided not to give them the booster shots.

about research...

If you actually research you will find that most of the diseases that kids are vaccinated for were already on a natural decline of instances BEFORE the vaccinations became the norm. Who is to say the decline is due to vaccinations? How can you be so sure the decline is not due to better living, health conditions and clean water? Also it is kind of arrogant to say that anything or anyone can prevent death. Death will reach all of us regardless of what we do. That is one thing no one has the power to stop.

How can we be sure that

How can we be sure that vaccinations have eradicated many terrible diseases you ask? Look up the occurrence of polio in the U.S. (where children are routinely vaccinated) compared to developing countries. ZERO cases of polio in our country this year - 546 in India and 783 in Nigeria. Last year there were 30 cases of measles on the U.S. - over 55,000 in the Congo, over 109,000 in China. Ask your grandparents how they felt when the polio vaccination became available. Even better, ask them how they felt BEFORE one became available. I asked my grandmother and she blanched on the spot. Of course parents have the responsibility to research what affects their child's health, but after reading your post I can guess where you've done your "research." Protection from these diseases depends not only on individuals getting vaccinated, it also depends on what is called "herd immunity." Parents who choose not to vaccinate are relying on those who do - and are endangering the rest of us in the process.


What are the living conditions like in the places that do have those occurrences of the diseases? I will state again that the lifestyle and conditions of a community ( i.e. clean drinking water, clean food etc) are a definite factor in regards to the occurrence of those diseases. And that is really just common sense. My baby did not have any vaccinations the first 9 months of his life and has only had a few since. He is 19 months old and is probably one of my healthiest children. I personally weighed the benefits and risks of getting any of the vaccines. I would rather not pump my child's developing body up with a bunch of harmful preservatives oh yeah and poison(mercury).

Point Taken, However

Your numbers are a little deceiving when they are compared to the TOTAL poplulation of these countries. However, PLEASE READ MY POST CAREFULLY...I began my son's vaccinations when he was TWO...very similar schedule to how Europeans do it. I am not putting them off indefinately, just started later and I chose to only do one at the time as opposed to 3-6, and certainly when he is 100% healthy. And yes, there are some good doctors at that clinic, but those doctors are pushing in numbers, they don't "own" that clinic persay. Also, what are you so worried about if you are vaccinated?

I am vaccinated (as are my

I am vaccinated (as are my children), and yes I am worried. If enough people are not vaccinated, that effects our herd immunity. Once this is compromised an outbreak in the community can occur, giving a disease time to mutate into a strain for which there is no vaccination. You've listened to these Chicken Littles that insist the sky is falling. Others will too.

about immunity

I was given all of my shots. My children were not only exposed to those diseases in utero but I breastfed all of them so that means they also got MY immunities for those diseases. Also do you realize how many "new" shots they are requiring our kids to get compared to when we were kids? And I wonder how often do YOU get boosters for those diseases?

Not worried

I'm not worried about my children or myself; however, I am worried about the ignorance that is spread around. There are many people who do not do the research and just take what others say at face value. People take studies at face value without questioning them, then they argue based on those studies instead of researching and thinking for themselves. It is this type of ignorance and arrogance that is partly to blame for where are country is today.


Some people live their life in fear and make their decisions off of that instead of FACTS. But then I am also the woman who home birthed after having 2(yes 2) c-sections. A topic that yet again goes unreasearched. I have had 2 VBA2C's and my uterus didn't blow up (which is what the doc's will make you feel if you want to VBAC)


I just think that everyone needs to research, and that includes researching both sides of the argument and then each person needs to come to a descision based on thier personal belifs. There aren't any vaccines that are scientifically proven to prevent any sickness, however, many parents want to be more "safe than sorry." Like everything, moderation and common sense can go a long way.

OH MY GOSH!!!!! The truth is

OH MY GOSH!!!!! The truth is we will never really know all of the answers and when we think that we do, it will all change. Do what you feel is right. What helps you sleep at night.