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Reavis' mother opens up about son's problems

READ MORE: Reavis' mother opens up about son's problems
The jury is deliberating in the trial against Brian Reavis, the man charged with robbing, raping and beating a 95-year-old Wilmington woman. It's now up to them to decide if he's guilty, or not guilty, by reason of insanity. WWAY's Margo Gray sat down with Brian Reavis' mother, for an exclusive interview. For the mother of Brian Reavis, sitting in a court room for a week and testifying in the trial against her son has been her worst nightmare come true. Reavis faces life in prison or in a mental facility for the robbery, rape and beating of a 95-year-old woman, charges Sylvia Colbert said aren't 'completely' accurate. "I do believe that Brian is guilty, but I don't believe he raped anyone," she said. Earlier in the week, Reavis' defense attorney moved to reduce the rape charge to sexual assault, but that motion was denied. The defense's case is based on the notion that Reavis was insane the night of the attack. Reavis has a long history of mental illness, and drug use. Sylvia Colbert said her son was a product of a rape. She says he is not crazy, but is sick, and has been since he was six months old, and that's why he needs medical treatment. "I would love for my boy to go into a mental hospital for the rest of his life. You think that's what he needs. That's exactly what he needs," Colbert said. Colbert said Reavis needed medical intervention back when he was arrested for armed robbery in 1996 and spent 11 years in jail. She said he only received medication for the first 4 years of his sentence. "When I begged the system to help my boy they threw him under the carpet. The first four years they helped him. For five and a half years they stopped." Shortly after his release from jail in December of 2007, he was prescribed medication for schizophrenia and depression. In April of 2008, just four months after his release, he attacked the now 96-year-old woman. "I don't want what happened to that lady to happen to anyone else in life. That was horrible and I am truly sorry," Colbert said. Whether the jury decides to send Brian Reavis to prison, or to a mental hospital Colbert said this difficult week has prepared her for the news. "I love my baby and I can love him from a distance."

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The fact that this mother is

The fact that this mother is making excuses for her son is disturbing. She doesn't believe he raped anyone? Yea right. She probably has been making excuses for him his entire criminal life. Maybe if he had been held accountable for his actions earlier in life, he would not be here today. I am pleased with the verdict and am gald he will spend the rest of his life in prison. He got exactly what he deserves. This "he is such a good boy" attitude makes me sick.

I wonder

I wonder if she had made it apparent to Reavis from an early age that he was a product of rape? This is something that I've been curious over since she made those statements in court. If she did tell him this from a young age, does she and he see it as an excuse for all of his wrong doings and shortcomings in this world? Either way, telling a child something liek that is a selfish act and nothing more than an excuse for the kid to misbehave all of his life. He did not need to know. I could care less what makes criminals do the things they do, the fact of the matter is we all know the difference between right and wrong in this world. He has committed crimes against the elderly before, the fact is he sees them as an easy target that cannot defend themselves, the same concept as a child, but older. Thank you to all who brought this man to justice. My condolences to those who have intentionally or unintentionally suffered at his hands.