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Recent lock-down worries high school students

READ MORE: Recent lock-down worries high school students
WILMINGTON -- After their school was locked-down three times in the past six weeks some New Hanover High School students say they're starting to worry about safety on campus. The school was locked down Wednesday morning after a New Hanover High School student shot a man, just a couple blocks away. Some of his peers Thursday expressed their concern. New Hanover High School sophomore Sarah Bilski said, "I don't really feel safe at all but there's nothing i can do about it." New Hanover High School Principal Chris Furr says the shooter showed up at school yesterday. But students say if he had been there, he could have easily brought in the gun he used to shoot a man in the hip in nearby neighborhood. Principal Furr says the school has considered installing metal detectors, but that it's not a practical solution to the problem. "There are so many different entry points to this campus and to our buildings," Furr said. Furr says he thinks the way to handle the problem is by teaching students the right values. Furr said it was his decision to lock the school down for more than an hour yesterday. He says he didn't want students wandering outside classrooms, and since police described the shooter as student-aged, he didn't want that person to come into the building.

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Times Have Changed

As a 1982 graduate of NHHS it saddens me to see how many people have declared open season on our schools. I never thought of being shot when I walked the halls of New Hanover, but now you almost need to supply your children with body armor to go along with their lunch money. I have 3 children now 2 in high school and one in the first grade we no longer live in Wilmington but violents in the schools is every where. Even where my two older children attend school, there have been threats of gangs and other disturbing events. I hate to see what it will be like when my youngest gets into the upper grades. I see parents who let their children run all over them and it seems more and more that students run the schools. Teachers lost control of the classrooms years ago because someone said they must not hurt a childs feelings by calling them down in front of their friends and you have to let them have their way because some parent might sue the school system. This day and age some parents have to be forced to look after their children and school officals who are weak won't let teachers control their classrooms. Metal detectors and police officers with dogs have become the norm in schools and guess what people with guns still get in it happens all the time. Knee jerk reactions don't work and they create more problems than they solve. Parents need to jerk a knot in their children when they get out of line and school officals need to step up and quit letting the ones who disrupt the classroom get away with it. Then maybe the students who are there to learn can without feeling like they are in a war zone.



It makes no difference how

It makes no difference how many police, metal detectors, fences of what have you that a school has. If someone wants to get inside to do harm, he/she will find a way. The bad guy always has the most important weapon on his side..........the element of surprise. You cannot protect yourself from the unknown. Ask anyone who has served in the military what was one of the first things they were taught about combat. They will say taking the enemy by surprise. Securing the building is only one consideration. What about when students are outside in the mornings or leaving in the afternoon? How are you going to keep them safe then? Unfortunately, school violence seems to be a sign of the times and something that we will have to learn to live with. I am all for teachers carrying concealed weapons. At least if someone were to get into the building to do harm, some of the "good guys" would have a means to fight back.

metal detectors

I'm all for metal detectors. Anything to keep this kids safe should be of the up most concern. I feel the schools are not trying to prevent problems, I tried to explain that the elementary school my children attend on awards day ANYONE can walk into the school, no questions asked. They keep continueing and nothing has changed. WHY? WHY are these so called teachers, principals, board of education not doing anything! WHY?????? I feel for these students afraid to go and like the girl stated she can do nothing but go everyday...sad,sad,sad...I'm sorry.

not their fault

Please do a little more research before you start blaming us teachers and principles. If it were up to us we'd have metal detectors in our schools. However, look to the parents of some children and there lies the problem. You'd be surprised at the number of parents that DON'T want metal dectors in schools because they want their kids to "be well protected just in case". They want their kids to have a gun, or knife if he needs it. Not to mention the school board sees no reason to fund this. NHHS has a particularly hard issue to figure out. It's in the middle of town, and not the best of neighbor hoods. How are they to keep unwanted visitors off the property? Fence it in? Not an option. This is always going to be an issue in today's time which is very sad. I remember going to school and having FUN and not having to worry about being shot. Where did all this go wrong? What happened to change things so drastically? The community? The raising of kids? Gangs?

Too late to teach them values

They were supposed to have learned values from their parents, family, and church.


Here we go again. How many more times this year will our children go through this? How dare you people blame the childs parents for this? How do you know what he was taught and not taught? I believe people are responsible for themselves when they reach an age that they know right from wrong. If he is high school age he should have know this for himself. Quit blaming the parents the church and family. Grow up on that issue. Now lets get down to the real issue, Our children are not safe at this school any longer. We all know that for a long time this situation has been getting out of control. The only way to keep them safe in that area is to throw up a fence. But, that will never happen. Metal detectors can't be put in place when there are over 80 ways to get into that school. The next thing to do is to close the school and put up another one far away from there. I believe that New Hanover and Williston Middle need to be closed and moved elsewhere. That neighborhood is going up in flames and only going to get worse. I for one hate that my children have to attend either school. If, this situation continues I am going to file a suit against the school board to have my children moved from those schools. So, school board get off your a**e* and do something about this NOW!!!!

No, you got it wrong.

Shutting down these schools is not the answer. Keeping them as "neighborhood" schools is the way to go. Why? Because if the only kids that went to these schools were the same kids that cause 90% of all the trouble in them anyway maybe a little more attention would get paid by thier parents, teachers, staff and board members. Bussing has been the downfall of Government education over the last 40 odd years. Keep it local and I bet you see a different story. I grew up 4 blocks from Alderman Elementary and was bussed to Snipes. You think I cared what went on on Chestnut St. when I was not around?

Argue all you want to, but....

....he was SUPPOSED to have learned values from his parents, family, and church, but he obviously DIDN'T learn them, did he? That is a neutral FACT, not casting blame on anyone.


It is a fact yes that he SHOULD have learned this. My only concern is that my children are down there and could be harmed. I hold my breath every day until they call me and tell me they are home. I hate feeling this way everyday. Yes, I know that it could happen anywhere in the US. I don't have blinders on people. I am just saying that these schools have now become a part of the war zone. It is time to get control or leave there.

Ever thought of private school?

Thankfully, my children are grown but if they were still of school age I'd do exactly what several of my co-workers do: Sacrifice whatever is needed to put them into private school. One woman I know skips lunch (as does her husband) to help pay the tuition. If you can't afford private school, have you thought about moving?

Private Schools, are u kiddin...

What in the world are you thinkin? What private school do you know of that the kids get to interact with one another? That they actually learn anything? Did you send your kids to private school?I did until they went up on the tution by 1,000.00 a month. That was for one child. I have two children. Even if my husband and I skipped all meals and got three jobs apiece that still wouldn't be enough. I shouldn't have to move or send my children to private school to be safe and get a good education. Moving wouldn't help. They would just change the districting again and again and again. I live in a really safe and good neighborhood and have been here for 20 years. The problem lies on that side of town. As for making it a neighborhood school, I am for that. That would mean my children would go to Roland Grise and Hoggard. Bring it on , i would love that chance for my children. I wouldn't have to drive way across town to get them and i could be there at the drop of a hat if they needed me.

Private schools and learning

Check the statistics - on average, private school children consistently score higher on every achieviement test, from early grade school to the SATs and ACTs. Additionally, they are free of the big-government, Socialist brainwashing that is now the standard curriculum in our public school systems. I'd suggest you investigate all your options. I have a friend with two children in a local private religious school, and she pays less than seven-hundred a month.


okay what kind of job does she have that allows here to spend what i spend on rent a month at a private school? Even with my husband and I working 40 plus hours a week seperatley I can't afford a private school.

80 ways?

What the hell does a school have 80 ways to get in for? When I went to school (and get prepared it was in Jersey) times got tough and they had split sessions, also the only way in or out was through the FRONT door. ALL other door handles were REMOVED. So tell me, this can not be done with a metal detector at the front door? Running away will not solve anything!

Can't lock everyone out

Fire restrictions cause the school to have more than one way in and out of a school. You may not be able to get in the schools through side doors by yourself, but I promise you, there is someone inside willing to let you in. That's the problem. You can lock every other entrance, but the ones that are causing trouble have friends on the inside that are willing to open doors

lock out

I realize times are different I guess we did not have a fire code back then, it was all you could do just to go to school and the guns were not so bad then it was riots. This is becoming a serious problem but, there is one thing that puzzles me...why everytime one of these kids shoot up the school their BEDROOMS are always found full of weapons? I think in these cases the parents or whoever they are living with should serve time to! How do you not know what is in you kids room? I have 2 children "good kids thank God" But, as long as they live in MY HOUSE I will know what is in MY HOUSE.

"Running away" may be the best solution

You can't solve all the world's problems, and often the best solution is to find a work-around to get past them. Suburban flight won't solve the problems of the inner city, but it can solve a problem for you and your children. I lost my idealism a long time ago. I got out of the "saving the world" business, and realized that my obligations, first and foremost, were to my family. Anyone who can afford to escape "Lord of the Flies" but chooses to remain is placing their lives and their children's lives at risk simply for the sake of a failed sociological experiment.




You parents and law enforcement folks must destroy the gangs or they will destroy your schools.