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Record number of travelers at ILM in 2008

READ MORE: Record number of travelers at ILM in 2008
The sky is the limit for Wilmington International Airport. New numbers show a record number of travelers flew in and out of ILM in 2008. For many, the choice was simple. The news in 2008 was not all grim. Wilmington International Airport reported a record number of passengers took to the skies. The airport served more than 800,000 hundred thousand travelers last year. That is an average of more than 100,000 additional passengers in and out per month. For frequent flyers like Kim Vikara, the ease of flying through ILM is what keeps him coming back. "It's convenient, and actually it's a nice airport. It's not a lot of long lines, it's easy to get through security so it's a pretty good deal," Vikara said. Robert Rivenbark, also a frequent flyer said, "The airport is small so usually check-in and check-out doesn't take a whole lot. It's very convenient." Not only is convenience a major draw to ILM, many say the airport is beginning to offer better deals and options for customers. The airport added the low cost carrier, Allegiant in February 2008, with non-stop flights to Orlando. It’s success prompted the airline to add another non-stop destination in September, Tampa/Saint Pete. Marsha Anderson, a Myrtle Beach resident said, "We live in Myrtle Beach and the availability of flights out of Wilmington is better and much cheaper." "Prices have come down, prices are good. It's a nice clean airport, why would I go anywhere else," asked Rivenbark. Even in a tight economy, ILM still managed to serve more passengers who are just looking for a convenient way to travel. Wilmington International Airport has three carriers, and offers non-stop service to five of its top ten destinations.

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Dear Ms. Bitterness

Dear Ms. Bitterness. I call BS. You did not say you flew 150 times. You said you pased through our airport on a holiday. Just another dishonest person trying to stir up the stink on a wway forum because you don't have a lige and hanve nothing (its obvious) but bitter feelings for everyone. You also said everyone was rude at ILW, except now you say everyone is nice and you bought presents. (Breaks out worlds smallest violin and plays a sweet melody.)Perhaps you are one of those individuals who thinks they are better than everyone else. Because allegent hasn't been open log enough at ILM unless you flew to Florida every day for the past half of a year, that makes you beyond wealthy, one of those indivuduals who normall complains about everything in life and to answer your final question or unfounded remark, no I do not work at the airport. If I did, I wouldn't be able to afford to fly your graceship.. Hugs and kisses.... It sounds as if YOU are the onle with an unhappy career at ILM. I hear kmart is hiring...

Disagree With Horrible

I fly out of ILM on the average of once per month. I have always found TSA and USAir to be exceptionally polite. The only rude staff at ILM are the ones in the concession court, aka the food police. In a year I was asked one time nicely on an early December flight if I minded stepping aside so TSA could search my laptop case. I told the TSA officer thank you, that she made me feel safer, and she did... I even got a slight smile back. Perhaps if you practiced a little kindness and compassion yourself, people would be nicer to you. By the looks of your post I'd snarl if you were 20' anywhere near me. Thanks ILM for your professionalism and politness, unlike Pheonix where I got off my flight and was greated with dogs, m16s and a less than friendly TSA. Be grateful ILM has a good TSA staff...

You obviousily work at the airport

From the looks of your comment you are an employee of ILM. In 1999 I flew 150 flights on USAir and 125 in 2000. The staff behind the counter always treated me with the utmost professional courtesy even when they were having a bad day. In appreciation I brought gifts for the staff. If you noticed my comment I was referring to Allegiant Air not USAir. Since you do not know me, you should not speak on a matter that you know nothing about. The fact that you got a slight smile from TSA doesn't say very much about you.

My family and I flew thru

My family and I flew thru ILM during the holidays. Allegiant's counter help were very rude and TSA were acting like Nazi's. I go thru alot of airports around the world and I've never been treated like that!


TSA are doing their J-O-B. They have RULES to follow to make boarding planes easier, IF all the passengers follow them. Counter personel have to put up with MORONS all day, the ones that think the rules do not apply to them. I would be ill at times if that were my job. I have flown all over the world as well and at certain times I have seen the armed military guards, dogs, full body searches (on me when I was 10)etc. way before 9-11...SO what?? I was doing nothing wrong so I had nothing to worry about. I would rather wait all day for them to do their jobs correctly than be blown all over the countryside.I guess you would rather have a bomb on the plane.


Sweet, now lets build a bigger airport and get those prices down.