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Recreation could be cut from unhealthiest county's budget


COLUMBUS COUNTY, NC (WWAY) -- Just three months after being named the unhealthiest county in the state, Columbus County may cut funds for recreational facilities. The proposed county budget will be unveiled tonight.

Several towns in Columbus County, including Tabor City and Chadbourn, currently receive funding from the county for parks and recreation. That funding may be eliminated. Also up for discussion: school funding, raises for county employees and funding to overhaul Emergency Services' failing radio communication system.

Commissioners hope to avoid a property tax increase.

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Get Ready

to wield an even sharper machete on the budget.

When Senator Soles steps down, you won't see the state dollars flowing as freely into the county. Not when the next Senator is from Brunswick County.

So if you wanted him out of office, take it all in stride and with pride. You'll have gotten what you whined for.


take some of the money the police are spending on cars and cut that, that makes now sense to have that many cars in columbus county and get new ones every year


If the residents obviously aren't using the facilities, then why waste money keeping them open.


maybe if law enforcement stop getting new rides every year and having so many different cars we could save money right their, instead of getting new stuff how about rebuild, the police have a brand new car lot!!!!!


Interesting that it matters if one is killed by a drunk from another country or a huffin local girl. Also interesting that the bonds....

Columbus County Budget Cuts

This article weakly attempts to link recreation facilities to the health of the residents in Columbus county. This is a ridiculous basis.I guess the article implies that since the county residents can't use their recreation facilities, they are banned completely from exercising or using healthy diets? Unfortunately, when things get tight, cuts have to be made. And the cuts are not always popular.