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Recycle those electronic gadgets

READ MORE: Recycle those electronic gadgets
WasteTec in Wilmington is hosting an event Saturday for the public to bring electronics so they can be recycled. Many of you are probably like Alice Jamieson. "I've got a couple of printers, and a couple of scanners and they're still just sitting there," she said. Instead of leaving your old electronics at home to collect dust, you can put them to good use by recycling them. "The metals are going to be used in almost any metal product that's made out there, with plastics, that could become a dashboard on a vehicle, it could become another computer, it may be some of the toys you buy for the kids on the holidays," said solid waste planner Lynn Bestul. By recycling your electronics, you're not only keeping them out of a landfill, you're also preventing the hazardous materials that are in those computers and TV's, like the lead and the mercury from entering our environment. Kevin Woodward knows this all to well. He treats the water that soaks out of the bottom of the landfill, called leachate. "It has potential to leach into the water, in to the leachate that I deal with directly so there is some of it in there and the more of that type of material that ends up in the landfill, the worst it's going to be for the leachate." If the electronics are inoperable, you can feel good about bringing them to WasteTec and giving them new life. "I would never tell somebody don't donate it to an organization that can reuse it, if they have that possibility, by all means, reuse the computer, recycling is the bottom of the list,” said Woodward. “It's reduce the volume that you have, reuse whatever you possibly can, and at the tail end, recycle it." The electronic recycling event takes place Saturday at the Waste to Energy facility just a couple miles north of the battleship in New Hanover County from 9:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. You can bring anything with a power cord except a/c units, refrigerators, and washer and dryers. Accessories like a computer keyboard and mouse are also welcome.

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A little notice would be welcome

Would it be hard to post a schedule on the county website in advance of the events? That way, people could plan for these events. Still, this is a welcome event that should be repeated.