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Referees suspended after incorrect call in North Brunswick vs South Columbus game

A local high school football officiating crew has been suspended. The crew made an incorrect call on the game deciding play in North Brunswick's 27-21 overtime victory over South Columbus Friday night. The rule for overtime states that a fumble cannot be returned by the defense. The officials at the game allowed North Brunswick to return a fumble for a touchdown. That is apparently reason enough to suspend the officiating crew. “We just checked the rule book. If that was a rule, I wasn't aware of it,” said North Brunswick head coach Garry Bishop. “Neither was their staff or the officials. I think, from reading the rule book that the play stands as it was called.” Despite Monday's ruling regarding the officiating crew, North Brunswick will keep the overtime victory. Coach Bishop said he will not let this dampen a great win by the Scorpions.

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mad granddaughter


We as a unit played our

We as a unit played our hearts out!! We were going to win that game no matter what! Thats Scorpion Football!! NBHS!

Did anyone say anything

Did anyone say anything during the game.or right after the play was over why is everyone acting childish these are only kids the nb player did what he thought was right he got the ball and ran it back maybe he did not understand the rules himself people please grow up............................


This crew is absolutely horrible. I have seen them officiate several games and they are pathetic.At a recent game At West Brunswick they were so bad on both sides people couldn't belive it. The worst job I have seen them do was at the recent Hoggard/Laney game.They were absolutely horrible to both teams.Missed calls,blatent bad calls, you name it. After the game I actually commented to them, which I NEVER do, and told them they should be ashamed of themselves and the crew chief with the white hat smiled and replied he would sleep just fine that night. This crew shouldn't even do a Pop Warner Game!

do you know?

Yes the referees messed up on this game but you are so perfect right, you never made a mistake in your life? I know that hurt that head referee past the point that you could imagine. He has 30+ years in officiating and coaching teams himself right here in New Hanover County, that speaks for his experience and this is the first time he has had to suffer because of a wrong call in 30 years. Wow! I know that this is the start of many kids' bright futures but they also suppose to be enjoying themselves out there and loving what they do. Sounds to me as if many of the parents wish they could go back and correct possible mistakes they have made through their own children. I'm only upset because of the negative postings about this game. For the ones saying that they do such a horrible job in other games and pop warner games lets see you get out there and do it. You ever heard dont knock someone for something you may not be able to do yourself. Alot of these men have a passion for sports and its genuine. Imagine your passion for something and how it would eat you up inside by making a mistake and letting those kids down. Not only letting them down but also yourself. Just remember how perfect you are in anything you do and how many mistakes that you have made people dont know about and it directly affected them! Yes they do need a refresher course, maybe more than one. They take in alot of information and sometimes things slip through. If you say it never happened to you, that's a lie. Those same kids out there on that field will prevail believe it because true talented can never be taken away by anyone,anything, or dissappointment, but only by God! I'm sorry to both teams because I know the call was bad, but I also know every official on that team wishes different and regrets that night!



I think the ones that got

I think the ones that got suspended are some of the ones from pop warner in wilm...and they dont do any better there either. I know they are the ones that do new hanover county high school teams , and they suck here tooo

Whoever made this comment

Whoever made this comment about these referees ,your the one the needs to stay away from any football fields,because people like you are why football has soo many rules right now.Get a real life & grow up.


I think that the booking agent is at fault for sending referees to games and not knowing if they know the rules. My question is, can these referees be trusted to officiate another highschool game? Who is to say that they won't make the same mistake again. I think they need to be suspended for the rest of the season and be made to take a refresher class on officiating football on a highschool level before they are allowed to referee again.


I dont remember when a school can handpick the referee's for a game, I think it is sanctioned by the Athletic Association. Some on here think it was NBHS's fault for a referee's call. wow, get a life. Yes it is a game, will kids run around and commit suicide over it? Only if you make it seem like the Nation Championship.


I'm from out-of-state , but I have kids! Wonder where kids acquire the skills for violence?At football games?

UMMMMMM, What????

UMMMMMM, What????



Score still remains (NBHS) 21-21 (SCHS)

You need to add in the true TD to make it a (NBHS) 21-27 (SCHS) VICTORY

False TD

Did anyone besides me see the referee tell the player to run the ball for the FALSE touchdown for NB? Since when can a referee tell a player what to do??

i do agree the ref did give

i do agree the ref did give a little srugg (playin and saw it)


How can we get a rematch going on the Stallion Turf? It is obvious that NBHS don’t know how to call a FAIR game!!!!

It has nothing to do with

It has nothing to do with NBHS making a bad call it is the officals I think what it all boils down NBHS beat SCHS FOR THE FIRST TIME. And why punish the kids for the officals mistake.....................


Just wanted to say that I think this is not fair to either team. They need to do a Monday 1 quarter game. This is the job of the referee to know all the rules and he was not doing his job but I don't think the kids should have to pay for his mistake. This is a W for a team that did not truly deserve it and a L for a team that fault back and truly won the game. Is this what we are teaching our kids to cheat to win. This is a disgrace and we need to correct this.


We should pressure the NCHSAA to stand up to this farce and correct what can be corrected. It is a shame that 5 sanctioned NCHSAA refs, made this blunder that impacts so many. Lets do the right thing NCHSAA. I can see the NCHSAA now, "no body is gonna make us redo something, we are all powerful"

NBHS Lost!!

You did not win that Victory, you stole it! It was an unfair call because the ball was dead and the play was over. I could count the minutes of silence when the whistle should have been blown to end the play. Number 7 for the Stallions made a touch down and the referee’s called it back. THAT IS WERE JUSTICE SHOULD BE!!! You may think you won, but you DIDN’T South Columbus won that game and North Brunswick hates the FACT to admit the LOST !! Regards

Who knew what??

This sounds like a bunch of grade schoolers fighting over who actually won "Red light Green light". If the so called Scallions hadnt had the holding penalty called then they would have won..but guess what, they screwed up to. And by the way, didnt the, "Scallions" have coaches and faculty on the field??? ummm where was their infamous wisdom on the call?? Guess they were in the dark like everyone else.. I mean how do you actually "steal" a win?? Does this 1 win mean that they will go to the playoffs or win some kinda speacial prize??

Um, it's Stallions not

Um, it's Stallions not Scallions, no need to get ugly with the name changing. Go SCHS!!

Reply to NBHS Lost - Anonymous

Calm down anonymous. First it was only a high school football game. Both teams played there best and it was a game to the end. But after witnessing the call back of the td, there is only one person at fault. The Stallion player the holding call was made against is the reason the TD was called back. He was wrong and he also knows the rules of the game. Now for the referee's not knowing about the rule in the rule book, that is if it is a rule. Well that is on the NCHSAA for them not knowing and should make sure other officials are made aware. Furthermore a refresher course on the rules would not hurt and really should be made mandatory. Now the only question I have, what was the experience of the referee’s?


NBHS clearly stated over there PA system at the game that each team gets 4 plays. NBHS clearly called the game after there TD. Its OK, We know who was VICTORIOUS!! STALLION PRIDE ALL DAY!!!!

Calm Down need to calm down. This is a HIGH SCHOOL football game. Is this life or death? Is this the Pro's? NO. Loosen up your panties and RELAX. This is about the kids having fun...will lives and careers be ruined by this? Absolutly not...but it seems that YOURS WILL.

No, You Clam Down

Regardless of the children playing football in high school, this is real Life. This can make you or brake you. No it is not life or death, but this is what makes our children have a small chance of going to a great college. This is where the Pro Status begins. They are showing their ability of athletic skills and the ability to play a Fair game. It shows that NBHS can’t stand the fact that they were beaten once again by the DOMINANTE STALLIONS. You must be from NBHS. If it was your child and you knew the other team cheated for a victory, then you would feel the same. You don’t have to steal anything from SCHS, win it Fair. Regards


Sounds like a parent with a plan. A plan to shove their kid into a profession and get retire of it. :)

Well you cant spell to begin

Well you cant spell to begin with. My question is, where is it NBHS's fault? The ref's made the call and they arent hand picked by either team. So people are yelling at NBHS, they just played a game. Wow, some need a life.

About having fun?

Well yes BUT they keep score for a reason! The officials need to know what they are doing. Of course it isn't life or death, but as much as any sport is played for "fun" it is played to be won. This isn't "pay to play" sports. The silly notion that it doesn't matter if you won or lost but that you had fun is gone by age 10. You ever play? You liked to lose? Any real athlete with tell you that it is about the win. I guess you also think they should all get a trophy because they are all winners as well.