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Registered sex offender caught in Hugh MacRae Park

New Hanover County's new ordinance making it illegal for a registered sex offender to enter a public park has yielded its first arrest. Jerry Lee Hill Sr. was picked up Saturday for trespassing in Hugh MacRae Park. Police were called after a park employee recognized Hill. A few months ago he was told to leave because of suspicious activity outside the bathroom. “We depend on the people out there. If you see something that looks a little suspicious, looks a little unusual, you're not really sure of it, please call. We would rather it turn out to be nothing then have it be something and then you tell us later, or I saw it but I didn't think it was important,” said Ed McMahon, NHC Chief deputy. Hill was charged with second degree trespassing and cited for being a sex offender at a park. He was released on a $1,000 bond.

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I suppose if he's banned from going to parks, then he is owed a tax refund for the taxes he pays to support the park.

He's getting off easy

He deserves everything he gets plus some...the way I see it sex offenders should be in jail for life and we wouldn't even have to worry about these issues. He's getting off easy if you ask me

fairness/tax refund

i have a wife and kid that uses that park i'll give him a tax refund, if he'll leave the state and not come back why would you defend the right for this person to troll a park as a convictied sex offender with kids all over the place?

Sex Offender

Your assuming that he pays taxes in the first place.....He's a convicted sex offender, so he probably doesn't even have a job and is living comfortably off the government. But that's just my opinion. I could think of a much better punishment then jail time, and it would a whole lot of tax dollars. I bet you (CCPK) hangs out at parks to don't you....

sex offender in hugh mcrae park

what a great job guys!! keep the parks clean and safe for our kids! I know it makes me feel safer.

quick fix

Chemical castration will solve this problem.

why chemical

Physical castration would work better, and deter other sick individuals from doing the same thing. Its also cheaper, all you need is a sharp sword heated red hot, and a block. Done

because the bleeding hearts will fuss

We have to coddle and cuddle the criminals to keep the bleeding heart cry babies happy. Otherwise the ACLU and other tree huggers would have a fit. Don't you know criminals have more rights than you or me?

Actually, all that will do

Actually, all that will do is keep him from having sex with someone. It will not get rid of the urge, nor will it prevent him from harming a child/person in any other physical way.