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Remains of infant found buried in Leland backyard

READ MORE: Remains of infant found buried in Leland backyard
Acting on a tip, the State Bureau of Investigation, along with Leland Police unearthed the body of a baby buried in the backyard of a Leland home on Maplewood Court. Neighbors are understandably upset, especially those who have children. "It upsets you,” said neighbor James Nelson. “I couldn't ever do something like that to one of my kids. How could someone else do something like that to their kids?" A neighbor who would not go on camera told WWAY the young man who lived at 1045 Maplewood Court was painting their living room on Sunday, and said his girlfriend had a miscarriage. Police will not confirm when the baby was delivered, or buried. “Any time you have a case involving something like this it pulls on the heart strings of the community and the officers working the case,” said Leland Police Chief Tim Jayne. “Again, until we have a good analysis of what was collected we really don't know what exactly we have and I don't want to speculate.” Chief Jayne said autopsy results will determine the course of the investigation. That is when we will know more about the infant's age, and cause of death. The SBI and Leland Police are questioning several people. So far, no arrests, but police are considering concealment of the birth of a child, and concealment of death as possible charges. According to Brunswick County tax records, the home is owned by a Howard Payne. Neighbors said Payne passed away and his son was living in the house. No one in the house would comment.

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Nowhere in any article did it say anything about these people murdering their baby. This is the US...innocent until proven guilty remember? Well the autopsy showed she had a miscarriage, meaning the fetus died before it was born. I agree it is a little twisted that they buried it in the back yard and that they obviously need some psychiatric help. No charges were filed, end of case!

i dont think they should be

i dont think they should be let off with that if they are going to let them off with that then when someone goes out there and murders someone then they might as well let them off too theres no difference to any of that i have kids and i couldnt do anything like that to any of them its just wrong they need to be in jail


how sick can people be?? why is it that the people that want kids cant have them but these people that will kill them or abuse them or anything can have all they want. it dont matter what happened the point is they shouldnt have buried it like that. that poor baby atleast its not going to have to suffer or get hurt anymore R.I.P lil baby :(

How sad

Until the investigation is over, it won't be known what happened here, but I do know one thing. That precious child is resting in the arms of Jesus Christ and will spend the rest of his/her days in Heaven. No suffering on this old earth. What a blessing for that child!