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Repeat sex offender gets 11 years for failure to register

WILMINGTON -- Sex offenders are required by law to register their addresses. A repeat offender in New Hanover County found out about the consequences of not doing so Friday -- an 11-year prison sentence. Bobby Ray Benton Jr. was charged with failing to comply with the sex offender registry and for being a constant offender. Benton failed to list his address at 118 Heritage Park drive on the sex offender registry. This is the second time he's failed to comply: back in 2001 he was charged but it was later dismissed. Friday the court offered a plea bargain for 27-33 months but he declined. Assistant DA Connie Jordan pushed for a longer sentence. "This is a violent, habitual felon and he refused to plead guilty to the underlining offense. He was not truthful during his testimony this week, his family was not truthful in an attempt to cover up for him, and the sheriffs did fantastic job in proving this case," Jordan said. Jordan wants this to be a lesson to other sex offenders who do not register their correct address.

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I, for one am glad he is in prison. I searched the database and the last addrss was one in my neighborhood. If you, like I, had young children you wold not want him in your area. All of you who say he should not be in prison must not have kids. His is habitual and for chilren under 16!! They can not defend themselves, that is why they are minors and parents should speak up. Thank God one more low life is off the street. And as far as him having chilren goes, some sex offenders will never harm their own children, just others, but in case he would, his children are better off without him. If you want to defend him you are just as much as a low life as he is. Think of the CHILDREN who can not defend themselves. GET THEM ALL IN PRISON! DON'T LET THEM MOVE INTO OUR NEIGHBORHOODS NEXT TO OUR CHILDREN!!!

What is wrong with PEOPLE

I went to school with this guy.. If I am not mistaken he has kids of his own. WHY would you do this. and the system should let him walk. Go to jail and stay there

sex offenders

I'm a student in the middle school prepareing myself for a debate against my class mates. My topic is keeping sex offenders in prison!As for Mrs.Bobby R.Benton I don't agree with your comments. If the man didn't register what makes you so sure that he wasn't planning on repeating his previous crime again, and if he wasn't it still dosn't matter because its the law! Maybe noone does know his story, but think about what the previous pearson said, why should we let these monsters move to our neighborhoods and let them make sexual offenses towards kids!It's not even always towards kids woman often to!I'm sure if it happeneed to you or one of your family members you would think diffrently!It was not this mans first time not registering.If he was just trying to have a 'normal' life he should have thought about that before he went and ruined innocent kids lives!They'll remeber that FOREVER!This mans a criminal, and SHOULD be in prison!


did any of you know the whole story. i think not! did the media bother to ask his side or be truthful in telling the whole story,no they did'nt. he has a family and children and they should have been heard as well. heis not violent nor would he hurt any child. this man was sent to prison not because he failed to register,but he tried to live like anyone else and for those of you who don't know the whole story,why don't you get the facts first before' you go judging someone,for one day you will be judged! he has paid his dues and the da lied herself stating she was not making in example and look at the comment she made,what a wonderful system we have.Mrs.Bobby R Benton

Oh Please.......

(did the media bother to ask his side or be truthful in telling the whole story,no they did'nt.) The Court is where this decision was made, not in the media, thankfully. Would you rather have gone on Jerry Springer? (he has a family ....... and they should have been heard as well) They were, in the form of testimony. Much to his detriment might I add.

90 days not 15 months

We will give a street corner wannabe dope dealer fifteen YEARS for $40 worth of crack cocaine yet 90 days for someone who destroys a life.... ??? That shows you how screwed up the N.C. jusicial system is. I can teach my children to stay away from drugs, and not to bend to peer pressure.. I can keep them away from people who may harm them. But id something were to happen where some sicko FORCED his self onto one on my daughters when I wasn't around there is no amount of "teaching" I can do with the expception of sending my children to self defense to help protect them. YET...With drugs it is a judgement call of their behalf and I have to hope I did a jood job raising them to know right or wrong.. If they don't do right.. They serve YEARS.. If someone forces themselves onto them not by choice they are permanently scarred for life and joe schmo gets out in 90 days.... That is the most screwed up bunch of bullcrap I have EVER heard of! There should be a mandatory 50 years without possibility of parole for exploiting children.. THEN.. I bet it will significalnly slow down. Better yet... public hangings.. Yeah... now that is even better! I hope this guy gets what is coming to him in prison!!!!!!!!

Sheriff's Department

The Sheriff's Department is doing their job. My former brother-in-law Shane Holloway was comming up for trial for failing to regester when his girlfriend Betty Malpass shot him to death. His sister my ex-wife who plead guilty to molesting my children is living in West Virgina and has regestered up there where the State Police tracks them. Like clock work her information is updated every 3 months and up there she must regester until she dies. I'm all in favor of some type of tracking device being used on them maybe a micro chip under their skin or a number tatooed on them that they would have to give in order to get a job so they would never be around children again. It's hard to track a criminal since their whole game is to try to out smart the "cops." They don't regester because they think they are above the law and they can do what they want to and to who they want too. Another solution would life without parole. This would mean speical prisons around the state or the country where only sex offenders of the violent nature or the ones who failed to regester and the ones who keep doing it over and over again are put. Not everyone will qualify for this type of treatment but the ones who do lets put them there ASAP.

Benton sex offender

1 . 10-16-1997 COLUMBUS 01-13-1998 14-202.1 INDECENT LIBERTY MINOR 90D 30M If oyu look at the sex offender website you will see that he was convictd on 10/16/97 and released on 1/13/98. He served roughly 90 days of a 30 month sentence. And now he has 11 years. Thats crock and a waste of time and money when he gets an appeal. The DA cant punish someone for not going along with a plea. 11 years for failing to register. Thats 200 times more than he got for touching some kid.

He got what he deserved

The only thing you are correct about is how much, or should I say less, time he got in the first place. He should have been locked up for life. Maybe he should have taken the plea deal. But no, he decided to fight it and make lies up on the way. It may not have been done correctly, but he got exactly what he deserved. If it were my child, we wouldn't have to worry about the court system

Repeat sex offender gets 11 years.


registered sex offenders

I live in a state that has the toughest sex offender laws in the Nation; Georgia. HB 1059, passed in 2006 and recently struck down as uncostitutional, forced many registrants underground and out of sight of law enforcement. Even our own county sheriff's has stated that if the state's registry and residency requirements are too restrictive, they will ultimately force sex offenders underground who would otherwise register. So, my question is, how productive is the registry and residency requirements if it is actually making children less safe? Would it not be smarter to pass laws that allow sex offender treatment to be mandatory, to have a 5 tier risk level assessment in place, in order to truly separate the dangerous ones from others, and to make sexual maintenance polygraphs mandatory. This tripartite system would allow low risk sex offenders to earn the right to reintegrate back into society, it would allow higher risk to earn the right to progress to a lower risk status through successful treatment and passed polygraphs, and it would allow law enforcement to concentrate their efforts on sex predators, those who pose the highest risk to re-offend. Please visit: for more information on the 5 tier system and why it would work.

Do the same for other offenders

I believe habitual DWI offenders and narcotic offenders should also have to register. This would help to know who is within your neighborhood. If you know of a situation you know how to take precautions. If you knew of a drug offender living w/in your area you know more of how to keep your kids or self safer. Just as sex offenders have impacted someones life so do the DWI and drug offenders. I think this is an important issue. You can turn someone in on for fraud in using government money so why can't the DWI and drug offenders be listed as well. Or for that matter, be able to anonymously give a tip of suspected drug activity?

Do the same for other offenders

Yeah,like me.I'm a habitual DWI offender.Iv'e been clean and sober for 11 years.Done my time paid all my fines,held the same job for the past 10 years,watch my lil boy get on the bus in the morning,help him with his homework at night,attend PTA,pay taxes,sit and talk to my elderly neighbors "cause I like to hear old stories",and play in the yard with the neighborhood kids "cause i'm still a kid myself sometimes".Today I wouldn't trade my worst day sober for my best day drunk, even knowing that i'll never see a nc drivers license again.,..Yeah better register me fast. Shoot might as well put my little boy and baby thats due in april down on the list too."Future demons",..or try this,..Imagine that you live in an imperfect world,and everyone in it aren't as perfect as you think you are.,..Oh yeah thanks for comparing me to someone that sexually preys on others. GOD Bless you and your children,...ill be praying for you.

"Jordan wants this to be a

"Jordan wants this to be a lesson to other sex offenders who do not register their correct address." (Unquote) _________________________________________________ Let this be a lesson to the law offices for letting this man OFF the *first time.

Let him roam free now

This hits way too close to home. I live real close to the address published and I think we ought to let this guy get out and walk the street now that we know what he looks like and what he has been guilty of. What good is the Sheriff's chopper going to do about this. Or what about the child molester in Landfall and the convicted murderer that lives there now with his parents? What point do we the public start having to look out for our own?

Harsher Laws On Sex Offenders

We have seen many news stories telling of a child suffering at the hands of a sex offender, when it could have been prevented, this should be galvanizing our law makers, to enact. Think, this could have been your child, just imagine the anguish any parent would have to live with, if this happened to them. One such parent that suffered this horrible anguish was Mark Lunsford. His daughter, Jessica Lunsford the 9-year-old girl had been sexually abused, kidnapped, and buried alive in Florida. Jessica Lunsford came from Gaston County, North Carolina before moving to Florida. In the memory of Mark Lunsford’s daughter Jessica, a law has been introduced to enforce stricter laws pertaining to sex offenders called Jessica’s Law. "We should all work together to make sure that Jessica's Law is passed in all fifty states. There are presently 18 states or so that have not yet passed any form of Jessica's Law, it saddens me to think that my home state of Tennessee and North Carolina where I grew up are included in the list of states that have not passed Jessica's Law. I do not know why, but I intend to find out." God Bless, Charlie Daniels Since Charlie Daniels made this statement, laws have become stricter in Tennessee for sex offenders. Tennessee now has a version of Jessica's Law. North Carolina is one of several states that has not step up to the plate for Jessica's Law. Taking a non-political stand various individuals, groups and organizations have formed an action group called, “Jessica’s Law Now North Carolina.” The Group formed in response to the apathetic lawmakers, who are dithering about Jessica’s Law rather than making a solid difference toward protecting our children. This formed coalition is tired of all the prolonging games and excuses our lawmakers make when it comes to our children. The laws pertaining to Sex Offenders has been lacking in North Carolina. Still, North Carolina state lawmakers and officials' priorities lack the necessary emphasis for stricter guidelines pertaining to North Carolina Sex Offenders. Our children are not Democratic or Republican; they are children and should be innocent and free. These days, children cannot play outside nor do anything without close supervision; parents are in fear of them being abducted. Many situations have occurred through out North Carolina, where Individuals that commit sexual crimes abducted children; these crimes against children need to be stopped. These individuals need incarceration or strict comprehensive monitoring North Carolina has many sex offenders, who have fallen through the cracks. By sex offenders changing their identity and not re-registering once moved, these offenders manipulate the system. This has been an on going problem through out North Carolina often; administration has failed to let law enforcement know of the placement of paroled sex offenders in their communities. Allowing violent sex offenders to go free and notproviding mandatory hearings, stricter penalties for non-compliance, has allowed dangerous parolees to remain free, even after they violated parole. Psychological damage inflicted on a defenseless child lasts a lifetime, if they survive. Sexual predators are always looking for their next victim. North Carolina has 111,000 children yearly reported "Abused" and "Neglected.” Presently, 10,000 registered "Sex Offenders" move to a new address or jobs daily. Children, women, elderly, incapacitated or handicapped people are especially at risk from sexual predators. Charlotte is no different; our city has a large number of registered sexual offenders. The Basic Statistics: 1. 95% of children that are molested know and trust their molester. 2. 90% of sex crimes are committed against someone the perpetrator knows. 3. 20% of girls and 17% of boys are molested before their 18th birthday. Sexual Abuse of Children from Internet: 1. 1 in 5 children is solicited on line. 2. 50 thousand predators are on line. 3. Web sites that exploit children are a $57 Billion Dollar Industry. Our direction is simple, seeing the passing of Jessica's Law for North Carolina. Many states have strengthened their sex offender laws like Florida, Maryland and South Carolina, it is sad that North Carolina has not joined in. Here is how you can help make a difference by being heard. Please contact the members of the North Carolina State Senate Judiciary I Committee and ask them help make a difference by supporting HB 933, Jessica Lunsford Act aka. Jessica's Law. See our Web sites: Mark A. Palmer Jessica's Law Now N.C.


Its about time the sheriffs office started arresting these sickos who dont follow the law once they have been released. I had a neighbor that was listed as living there but he didnt. i called to report it and no one did anything.


don't forget to throw the key away, scum like this should be executed, but since we don't do this anymore.....let him rot in prison

Innocent Ones

what abotu the innocents like my husband who were wrongly accused when they were just a CHILD and yet have to register for the rest of their lives???? my hubby was 14 freakin years old when he was accused of something he did NOT do and they marked him guilty anyway. he was only supposed to have to register for 10 years and yet its stretched longer than that...... i for one think the laws are too harsh adn people too judgemental.......