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Replacemant for Jason Thompson coming in January

Jason Thompson is one of the newly elected county commissioners. Thompson's leaving the Wilmington City Council to serve the entire county. He will resign at the end of this month. The person who is filling his seat will be appointed by the city council. To apply, you have to fill out an application and speak at the next council meeting. Jason Thompson believes the person to fill his seat should have previous experience serving the community. “It should be somebody who's been active in the community, or maybe served on some boards or commissions. Needed is a willingness to work on the behalf of the citizens not just somebody out of the blue that can do a good job.” Thompson said the council will discuss the applicants at their next meeting and will have his replacement by January.

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Good riddance!

Good riddance!


No question, the winner is the City of Wilmington, the loser is the county. This person at a minimum is not very stable and a loose cannon. I cannot believe the voters did not pay more attention.

The city of Wilmington was

The city of Wilmington was the winner in this contest to get rid of him!




Nevermind sorry for my ignorance i was unaware he was going to be county commish.

He ran for, and won a seat

He ran for, and won a seat on the County Commissioners. He is resigning his seat from the Wilmington City Council. Two different jobs.


I cannot believe you people elected this clown. At least he won't be on City Council anymore.

Berger for Council

If the City Council was concerned about doing the right thing, they'd appoint Bryan Berger to fill Thompson's seat. Berger is a fiscal conservative opposed to higher taxes and forced annexation, has a good handle on crime and other issues plaguing the city, and probably has as much knowledge about city budgets and plans as anyone in the community. They'll never consider him because he stands up to special interests, and i'm sure whoever the Council appoints will be either a real estate lawyer or developer. But Bryan Berger would be the greatest addition for the people of Wilmington and I hope the Council will do the right thing and add someone who won't go for groupthink and will bring new thinking to a homogenous board. my two cents (taxes and the sewer authority took the rest)

Interesting but Unlikely Choice

Berger would bring needed debate and independent streak to wilmington government, but thats exactly what the powers that be don't want. they want to make decisions in secret, line pockets. They want to annex more land so they can double people's taxes and have more money to spend on waste. the choice will be a supporter of lots of spending and taxes. Berger would actually stand up for taxpayers and affordable housing and all us little people.