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Report: Mary Easley rarely spent full days at work

RALEIGH -- A published report says logs of former first lady Mary Easley's everyday activities show she rarely spent a full day on the campus where she held a job she is now fighting to regain. The News & Observer of Raleigh reported Sunday that newly discovered time-stamped records indicate Easley was on the North Carolina State University campus for an average of about three days a week during the months she was working full-time. The records also show her doing other things during workdays, such as running errands. The university's chancellor, provost and chairman of its board of trustees have stepped down. Easley was fired from her job after details became public about her hiring - and an 80 percent salary increase. She has filed a grievance challenging her firing. (Copyright 2009 by The Associated Press. All Rights Reserved.)

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Fluff job!

Just another example of crooked political influence. I can't beleive she is stupid enough to go for re-instatement!


I believe it's fair to say that when a person steals from the public they are forced to pay restitution. Mrs Easley obviously owes the tax payers her previous salary (since she worked less hours than an bus boy at the local fish market). Let's get her salary for the last 2 years and create a few teaching positions at local public elementary or high schools! And by the way...wasn't it her husband Mike that was going to be tough on crime when he took office.....having NO sympathy for the criminal???? about this can of beans Mr "Hard on Crime?"

Do you blame her?

So she didn't work much and had a great paycheck.... Do you blame her for wanting to get back on the gravy train? I guess tax hike mike has cut her off.

Want to make a honest family

Want to make a honest family criminals, put them in politics. Time to pay your dues Mrs. Easley. You and your family need to repay the state what you owe since a lot of fraud is being found.

is this

a surprise to anyone who followed Governor Easley's tenure in office?


Really is anyone in NC surprised? I'd like that job, 3 days a week with an 80% salary increase!! Mike and Mary Sleazy is more like it.